I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 6

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Ragini’s thought how he could forget me? ??how can he say that my love is fake? ?
she cries.. .
Her heart, Ragini, he doesn’t remember u but he can’t able to see someone marrying you, and he can’t able to see ur tears, (she reminds last night incident?)Wat it means.. .and do u remember Wat he said?? “my heart is saying to trust u but my mind is opposing u”his words echoed in her ears.. …

Ragini then wiped her tears, it means my sanku loves me even though he didn’t remember me.. ..she smiles with happy tears. …..

She goes and sees sanskar. …

San:immediately wiped his tears. ..plz leave,little bit angrily without turning
Rag::(in mind be strong ragu),y I have to?? I won’t ,said sternly
San::turns and saw her, both hearts aches when they see red eyes of each other

Sanskar starts to leave….

Rag:hold his wrist in order to stop him,,
San::leave me
Rag:Y r u going away from truth, u said u r having amnesia but u didnt even try to find Wat was happened in ur life ….u got conclusion that I’m just her throat chocked,
Just pretending love for u, by seeing single scene of me (her acceptance for second marriage)

K let it be,, ,u know that I’m pretending but y u married me.. . She cries. ..in cracking voice y ur heart is saying to trust me…becaz truth is even I can try to live without you as lifeless soul (she reminds how she lived without him) but u,, she collapsed on the floor ,,,stammers my my sanku cannot live without me. ….

Sanskar tries to go, ,,but his legs are not moving. .his heart is paining. .tears r continually flowing from his eyes. ..but with much difficulty he went….

in the terrace at night
Rag is admiring the moon..

San:backhugs her ,Wat r u doing
Rag::smiles feeling his touch, ,see this moon, how cute is it
San::kissed on her back, ,,mine moon is u
Rag::oo then who is stars
san::of course it me
Rag:smiles,hit playfully on his hands which is on her waist
San::smiles have u seen this moon, it’s always surrounded by stars,, like that my ragu is always surrounded by me,, I will never ever leave her..
Rag:smiles do u know moon hides behind cloud,, ,like that if I go away, Wat u will do? ??(
San::face fell, he immediately break the hug
Rag turns and c him and shocked to see tears in his eyes. ..
Rag:sanskar I by saying she tries to wipe his tears
But sanskar holds her hand, in cracking voice I know the moon will hide but god creates a wind To Help stars to get moon becaz he knows moon is playing with his star, but the moon doesnt know if it continues the play, The Star will die before he completes , Ragini placed her lips with his …and kissed all over his face.. .And hugs him

San::tightens his grip.. .never ever say that
Rag:nodded her head
BOth at a time I love you

They smiles.. …
Fb ends


Ragini is crying. ..

I don’t know whether u like it or not, I wrote whatever comes in my mind,

Sry frds

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