I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 5

Ragsan lost in each other embrace. …

Rag: I know my sanku, can’t able to hate me….she smiles with teary eyes
San: breaks the hug and looked her
Rag:blushes,kissed on his cheek and turns to go
San:holds her wrist and came in front of her and goes close to her
Rag:breaths heavily becaz of his closeness.. .
Stammers San San sans. ..kar
San::placed his finger on her lips,,
Rag :lost in his eyes
San:bends his head to kiss her. .
Rag::closes her eyes tightly as soon as she felt his hot breath on her face…after a fraction of second she felt sanskar’s head on her shoulder. She fumbled ,immediately opened her eyes. …and sees sanskar in her shoulder in unconscious state. ..

She couldn’t bare his weight but with much difficulty she carried him towards the bed by hugging. …

And placed him on the bed…

Rag::kissed on his forehead. ..love u dear,,she smiles And slept beside him.. .

As soon as sanskar wake up, feels head ache..he holds his head and tries to remember Wat had happened

Rag::Gud Mrg dear, ,get up . It’s already late. .have this lemon nade. ..she forwards with smiling face
San:bit irritatingly I already told, I didnt want anything made by ur hands
Rag::wrdly Wat happened to u
San::plz get out from my sight
Rag:cries..yesterday incident is coming to her mind.. She stands there itself
San::angrily k u stay here,i will go by saying this he goes down


San:ram Bhaiya Ram bhaiya (his servant)
Ram:do u need anything sanskar ji
San:ha..plz bring coffee. .my head is paining
Ram:wat ,,u r asking me
Ram:am I dreaming
San:wat bhaiya? I use to ask u only na
Ram::fake angrily it was before 1 yr.. After that u changed
San:confused look
Ram:continues,after u married, ,u said u will have only ur wife made foods and drinks
San more shocked
Ram::u also said that Ur wife Is cooking well than me.. U will ask me and afterwards u itself tease my coffee is bad.. So now I won’t give u..
(guys sanskar is friendly to everyone)

Sanskar remembers Tanya words

San in mind is she lieing
He again goes to his room

As soon as he entered, he saw Ragini was crying. ..

San::don’t care about her sanskar, she is just pretending, trust ur Friend says to himself and goes towards the cupboard

Rag:who sees him going towards the cupboard, holds his hand and dragged him

San:angrily Wat r u doing
Rag :sobbing same question Wat r u doing
San::was silent
Rag:wat is bothering u?
Rag:then where is my sanskar? Who always wants me to stay with him? Who always makes me happy?who always loves me? Who always gives me smiley tears with his antics? Who always wants to have my handmade food? Cries
San::feels bad and tries to go
Rag back hugs her tightly. ..plz don’t leave me,, ,I’ll became mad if u do like this or else I’ll die.. .

San::shouts Ragini
Rag got scared
San:angrily do u want the reason right,, k I’ll tell.,,I didn’t remember anything which was happened in my life for the past 1 yr
San::and I don’t know who r u?? Whether u really love me or just pretending to love me . He said with teary eyes and left the place.. ..

Rag::shouts sanskar

Rag cries madly thinking that his sanskar doesn’t remember her and by thinking his words ,whether you love me or just pretending to love me ”

San was in terrace, he cries by remembering Tanya words, she married for u for money

Epi ends with ragsan crying face.. …

Ty for ur comments frds. .i will not end it till u people like it.. .when u didn’t like it or when u feel bore just tell it, ,I’ll end it.. ..

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