I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 4

Sanskar angrily sits in his chair and looked the wall which has Ragini picture. ..he was shocked

San::shiney shiney (his PA) almost shouted
Shiney:sir Wat happened
San:angrily who hang the photo here?
Shiney::stammers si sir
Shiney::u only
San : shocked, me

Shiney::sir Wat is this parcel
San::u will know, by saying he untapped the parcel
Shiney::OMG Ragini mam, wow she is soo cute in this
San:smiles I know it,,my rage should always be with me by saying he placed the frame over the wall
Shiney::sir u r awesome, ,Mam should be blessed to get u
San::no shiney,,Im only blessed to get her,he blushes
Shiney::she teases him,
San smiles, Now enough of teasing, go and do the work
Fb ends

Sanskar ‘S was more shocked, he silently goes out from the room

His heart, I loved Ragini,,but y Tanya said some other thing, is she lied to me

His mind, she is ur childhood frd ,don’t u trust her

His heart, ,no no I’ll trust her but I can see love in Ragini’s eyes

His mind, Ragini is just pretending, trust ur frd, ,u know her from ur childhood but Ragini u didn’t even remember her,

His heart, ya right I didn’t remember her,, Tanya Says many things about her inspite of it, I married her, y I did it.. .

He is moving on the road while thinking, and when he get sense by car horn sound..

He sees hihimself who is standing near to the pub.. He goes towards it and starts to drink alcohol by thinking Tanya words.. ..

On the day of RAGLAK marriage

He gets down from bus, he sees Tanya, he goes behind her and pats her shoulder
Tanya turns and shocked to see sanskar

Tanya:stammers San San Sans.. .
San:#arey yes I’m ur sanskar ,he hugs her and cries (friendly hug)
Tanya::shocked by his behavior,
San breaks the hug ,,I’m back Tanya and smiles
Tanya::stammers but u got accident. ..
San::yes but I got saved by tribal peoples who lives there and I was in coma for past 6 months and.. ..
Tanya ::and
San:#I don’t know Wat had happened in my life for the past 1 yr
Tanya ::shockingly was
San:nodes his head, ,I’m having retrograde amnesia

Tanya :was very happy ,in mind, it means he doesn’t remember his wife,, OMG I have to use it, she evilly smiles

Tanya:sadly but it’s good u have forgot ur present memories
San::eagerly y
Tanya ::do u trust me?
San:wat is this?u r my frd..i will trust u more than me
Tanya::smiles evilly inside and says sanskar do you know shekar ji
San::yeah, ,I did one business with him ,two years back, y Wat happen
Tanya::u were married to his daughter 1 year before
San::shockingly Wat? ??
Tanya::yes,shekar uncle business became loss, u married his daughter for his sake, but she married u for money and 6 months u lived with her but not happily becaz u came to know her evil mind. ..
Sanskar eyes filled with tears
Tanya:day before of ur accident oly,u shifted all the properties to her..so she thought, her work is done, therefore she cuts the breakwire of ur car and rest u know. ..she cries fakely

San::in cracking voice y she did like this??
Tanya::today is her second marriage, ,she is marring another rich guy
San::no this cannot happen ,,I’ll teach a lesson to her
Tanya:”Leave her, sanskar, u were alive, that’s enough for me
San::no Tanya, at least v should save the guy

Fb ends

San remembers the incident and drinks more alcohol. ..

At home
Door knock
As soon as Ragini opens the door, she was shocked to see, sanskar in drunken state

Ragini :her :eyes became moist, in cracking voice have u drunk
Sanskar: can’t able to see her moist eyes, his heart pained, ,but to avoid it,, he says, it’s none of ur business, and enters into the room. .

Ragini holds his wrist ::wat is troubling u sanskar
San:It’s all because of u, ,,:angrily turns towards her,, his heart melts when he sees tears in her cheeks which is continuously coming from her eyes.

Sanskar immediately hugs her, when Ragini hugs him back, ,he get sense sanskar tries to break the hug

But Ragini doesn’t leave him.. .

At one point sanskar give up and hugs her, ,,

San::do u really love me??
Rag::breaks the hug and looked him.. .u really didn’t know it
San:i want answer…
Rag::feels bad,, true love doesnt need words sanskar,, look into my eyes, u will know how much i love you, ,She cries

San::looked her eyes ,,both lost in each other eyes
Rag::i want my sanskar back
San::even I want him back …..i don’t know whom to trust, ,my heart is saying to trust u but my mind is opposing it
Rag:sanskar she again cries…k sanskar hereafter I won’t disturb you, ,,I will stay, her throat chocked, ,I will stay away from you. .
Before she complete, sanskar pinned her to the wall

San::never ever think to go away from me,, bit angrily
Ragsan has eyelock

San goes towards her and wipe her tears by rubbing his cheek with her’s. ..
Ragini clutches her Saree
San again looks into her eyes and smiles.. .

San::he kisses her eyes and says this eyes r only mine.. .so you should not allowed to cry.. ..

Ragini smiles widely and hugs him tightly


In kitchen
San backhugs ragini
Rag::leave Me hubby,,I have many works
San::always saying this only,, I will not leave u today by saying this he turns her.. ..
San worriedly Wat happened ragu

San::wat nothing, ,u were crying right
Rag::my dear hubby, ,y should I cry, ,see clearly I’m cutting onions
San::took the onions in his hand and throws hit
Rag:sanku Wat u did
San::i didn’t want any dishes made by onion. ..i hate that onion, ,it’s making u to cry
Rag:hits her forehead sanku whoever cuts the onions, gets tears,fake angrily turns to other side
San::Makes her to see him,, encircled his hands over her waist and says this eyes r mine ragu,, so u should not allowed to cry,,
Rag smiles ,hugs him. .
Fb ends

Both r hugging each other

Hope u like it,, if u didn’t plz comment, ,I’ll end it

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