I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 18

@home.. …
Tanya::im sorry Ragini because of
Rag:hugs her, I can understand Tanya,,,
Tan:r u not angry on me
Rag:how can I b angry on u tanya??u r my sanskar’s bestie,
Tan:holds her hand. .
Rag:nods her head,, shall v forget that thing ,, plz, ,,and u too should move on(to forget sanskar) and u should never lie to me
Tan:yeah…i will leave now..

@ragsan room
As soon as Ragini entered the room see her sanskar standing near the window. …

Rag:smiles goes towards him, ,sanskar
Rag:(saw his red eyes) wrdly Wat happened
Rag:how many times I should tell?? ?forget it plz

San:simply nods
Rag:(feels bad to see him like this so to change the topic ) naughtily goes towards him,y sad my dear hubby by saying this encircled her hands around his neck …
San:immediately jerks,,
Rag feels bad( by his act but console herself )faintly smiles I’ll go and get food for u….

By saying this she goes Out of the room and headed towards kitchen
Her eyes are moist, but suddenly someone backhug her,, ,
Rag:closed her eyes by knowing her husband’s touch
San:Placed his chin on her shoulder and his hands around her waist, ,,,in cracking voice always thought not to hurt you but I’m doing that only. ..
Rag:holds his hand on her waist,, sanskar

San:let me complete,, I promise I won’t repeat my mistake, ,I’ll
Rag breaks the hug and turns towards him
Rag:true love doesn’t need words sanskar, ,,I know abt u, ,let forget all our bad memories and hugs him. …
Both hugs each other. ..
Rag :i’ll bring food
She turns,, ,sanskar is about to hold her but she again turns towatds him,, wat should I prepare
Rag:sanskar Wat do u want for dinner

San(:hugs her) you
Rag:blushes and hides her face on his chest. ….
San:smiles by sensing her reaction. …
And kissed on her head
Rag:blushes and turns s to leave

San:immediately pull her on him,, both had deep eye lock.. ..kissed on her cheek,ragini clutched his shirt and says I love you,and kissed on her other cheek and says ILU and then on her forehead and then on her nose and atlast on her lips. ….

And carried her in his arms and headed towards their room..

After 1yr
Rag got ready in beautiful Saree and sitting in the bed by holding the big teddy on her lap,,,
San:who came from restroom after bath,,, OMG u r looking beautiful today
San:lost ,goes towards her

Rag :closed her eyes
San:moved closely to her
Rag:clutches her Saree by feeling his hot breath near her face,,and parted her lips like let him kiss…
San kissed the teddy which ragu is holding
And control his laugh by seeing Ragini
Rag:opened her eyes when she hear kissing sound
San:omg ragu she (teddy) is cute na,,,he smiles teasingly

Rag:hits him continuously
San:holds her hand sry sry sry
Rag:go ,,me and baby won’t talk to you by saying she starts to move by holding her tummy with her hands,fake angrily (she is 7 month pregnant)
San:immediately holds her wrist,,, really u and baby didn’t talk to me,,, let me ask to our baby itself,, by saying it he placed her ear near the tummy(womb)…

Rag:smiles by seeing his antics
San: k dear I’ll do like that
Rag:wat baby told
San:baby told ,she will apologize only if I give kiss to her and u
Rag:before Ragini speaks,, San placed his lips on hers…. After they broke,, this kiss is for u by saying he kissed on her womb…

Rag blushes and hits him
San smiles and pulls her to stand in front of her
Rag:wat happened
San:i want to hug u
Rag:for that y u r asking me to stand infront

San:our baby is there na.. That’s y,,
San back hugs her…
Rag I love u
San:i love you my dear moti wifey
Rag:fake angrily mein moti,, hits him and goes. ..
San smiles and tries to holds her..

She escapes…

San again tries to holds her, she escapes again…Walks fastly
San:i will catch you wifey…
Rag:shows her tongue,, try hubby….

Very sorry I forgot my plot,, sry if you don’t like this episode….
I’ll end it in one more episode…

Thank you for ur support……

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