I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 17

San:shockingly wat
Tanya:angrily yes I hate him, I Want him to suffer that’s y I did like it
San :??
Tanya:cries u always ask me, y I hate my father, ,do u know y,, becaz of this shekar, ,he loved my mother but left her,, after my grandparents compulsion she married the great business mam praneet(my father) but she never lived happily sanskar,, ,she cries,,, Do you know how I spent my childhood days,,by seeing my father’s torture towards my mother physically and mentally. …She cries ..

San:feels bad for her and touch her shoulder
Tanya:immediately hugs him,, now I had no one sanskar, ,,both left me few yrs before in a car accident. ..she sobs.. .

San:breaks the hug and wipes her tears, ,,but tanya
Tanya:cuts his sentence,, I love you sanskar, ,,
San:widened Wat
Tanya:always my fate is like this,, my lovable one will not be with me,, see how unlucky I’m,, u didn’t even know that I love you …..u gave me a invitation card for ur marriage when I thought to propose u.. .
San::doesnt know what to tell, ,,after few minutes of silence. ….

San: Tanya I love you as a friend but
Tanya Smile scarcitically:i know it
San: whatever u did I accept it but Wat Ragini did in this? ?for shekar uncle mistake, y u punished me and Ragini
Tanya:i dnt know sanskar I thought shekar will suffer but I didn’t think about u and her
San:then it’s the same mistake Wat ur father did to ur mother.. By saying this he walks. …
Fb ends.. .

San:cries sorry Ragini I hurted u alot and I don’t want u to suffer alot, ,,,,u deserve better person than me… .

After 1 wk
@sanskar home,@evng
Tanya:sry sanskar plz
San:looks away
Tanya:cries I know Wat I did to u was a big sin,but at that time I think I was right only
But u made me to go in a good path..
Plz she bends on his knees
San:immediately holds her and hugs her (friendly hug) (Santanya are frds since childhood) ,,I’ll accept ur sry only on one condition
Tanya:i will do sanskar,, whatever u tell
San:do u remember goutham
Tanya:ur college mate, he is doing business in Mumbai na
San:nods u have to marry him

Tanya:shockingly wat no
San:then I’m angry on u,, I’ll not accept ur sry
Tan:kkk but he
San:who doesn’t like my bestie?? He is crazy for you
Tan:happy to see his frd back, feels bad for her doings,, in cracking voice San I have to ask sorry to Ragini,, plz call her
San:i will tell but dont think I did it because of u

San:i didn’t deserve her Tanya,, I hurted her alot but she has given only love to me… So I freed her by giving divorce
Tan:shockingly sanskar,,, Wat u did?r u crazy? Do u know how much u love her,, so plz go and call her or else I’ll go and tell her everything (she starts to move)
San:plz tanya
Tan:no sanskar she can’t live without you,, u know one thing y she fainted in her marriage
San looks confused
Tan:becaz she consumed poison,,I paid money to doctor and asked him to say like this…..

San:wat r u saying…
Tan::nods and cries………

San remembers Ragini,, how he hurted him, but still how she pours love on him,, his betrayer towards him, he remembers everything and faints…….

San became consious
He sees Ragini in front of him
San:smiles ragini u always use to come on morning but
Wait y I’m in hospital then he remembers everything…

San:tears formed in his eyes, im sry I hurted U alot,,, I want to hug you and I want to cry on ur shoulder but if I does, u will disappear, ,,
Rag:came towards him and hugged him tightly…….
San:??,tears continousely coming in his eyes is it true
Rag:immediately breaks her hug and wipes his tears,, do you want me to repeat, these eyes are only mine so u r not allowed to cry
San:immediately hugs her
Rag:cries and hugs him….

Both cries with lost in each other embrace

Precap:last episode

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