I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 16

Satya tells everything to shiney,wat had happened yesterday night (which was happened)

Shiney::no Sathya, how Sir will trust this, which is against his wife?? ?and do you think becaz of this they got separated, ,no ….do you know how much they love each other? ??? And do u.. .
Satya:cuts her sentence and holds her hand, ,shinu do u know one thing? ?
Satya:sir is having amnesia, he doesn’t remember Wat had happened in his life for past 1 yr
Shiney :shockingly WAT
Satya:nods his head,
Shiney:it means that’s y Tanya Mam is playing in their lives, ,how can she stoop low
Satya:im also thinking that only,,
Shiney:come v will go and tell this to sir

Ram:worridely bhaiya y u did like this,do u know how much i worried?? , Wat will I tell to Ragini bhabhi ,he cries
San:consoles him
After few minutes
Ram :I’ll go to canteen and bring coffee for you
San in mind ::i want her to go away from me, it happened but y I did like this, ,is I’m having amnesia or bipolar, ,,
His heart it’s love sans
His mind yeah it’s love but she loves laksh
His heart do u think u can live without her
His mind I know I can’t but ,…..his thought get disturbed by shiney… .


San::shiney satya
Satshin:says everything Wat had happened……

After 3 days
@sheksuj home
Ragini opens her room door by knocking sound…

Rag:stammers sa san
San:may I come in
San:thank u
Rag:looked confusingly
San:thanks for leaving my life but
Rag:tears filled in her eyes,, ,but
San:i want it officially,, by saying he forwards some papers to her
San:divorce paper,, I signed it now u have to
Rag:one minute excuse me
She immediately rushed to rest room and open the tap… And cries madly thinking of her love going away from her (she remembers her marriage, his love towards him, his cute antics, his possessiveness, her second marriage with him, his love even though he didn’t remember her and at last his hurtful words)

After few minutes
Rag :sry I took more than a minute
San:simply nods and forwards
Rag:signs it and gave it to him
San:thank u and turns to leave
San turns
Rag:thank u and sry
rag:thank u for marrying me without knowing anything about me,, and sry ,I hurted u..
San simply nods and went

Rag cries seeing his disappearing figure and she immediately locks the door and throw herself on the bed and cries……..

San sits in the car and cries… …remembering his Ragini,,,,,, he opened the divorce papers and smile mildly when he see RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI name on the paper (she has signed with her husband name)

San::kissed on the name,,, I didn’t deserve u Ragini. ……

After shiney satya tells everything to him…
He angrily goes to Tanya’s home…

San:tanya in high voice
Tanya:wat sanskar
San::do u know how much i value u in my life but u,,, y u did this to me
Tanya nervously wat r u speaking
San: enough I know everything,, Satya told everything to me
Tanya:san plz plz listen
San:y Tanya y (in high pitch voice I want the answer damn it
Tanya: in peak Voice Becaz I hate shekar
San:shekar uncle
Tanya:ha ur shekar uncle

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