I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 15


Ragini :wat happened to him??I called him many times, he is not attending my call, shiney (his PA) tells, he left office before two hrs itself,, now Wat will I do,, She Worries?

Door knock

Ragini :smiles after hearing the door sound… Thank god(she says to herself and went to open the door)

After opening the door

Rag:smiles and hugs him,, in complaining voice do you know how much i worried? ?y u didn’t attend my call,,She pouts
San:sry by muttering he hugged her tightly
Rag:smiles happily first but after few seconds she gets pain in her shoulder and back

In muffled voice San San leave me

San:hugs her more tightly…
Rag(not able to breath) :tears are coming in her eyes, ,Sanskar u r hur hurting me.. She sobs.. (not able to bare the pain)
San:left her immediately (in mind I want to give u pain but I can’t able to see ur pain)
Rag coughs badly

San::y u did it to me?
Rag:in cracking voice r u drunk?
San:i want answer Ragini, ,y u did it
Rag:i can’t understand sa
San:cuts her sentence,, don’t act.. .i came to know abt u,, all u want from me is not love,
Rag:looks at him with teary eyes
San:is money,, ,and I came to know u can go to any extent to get that money

Rag:shouts sanskar name in her peak Voice..

San:wat ,,if you shouts, do u think I’ll trust you, ,no never
San:holds her shoulder and shake it vigoursly.. Y u fooled me Ragini.. Do u know how much I’m longing for love since my childhood ,,u will never understand

Rag::in cracking voice Sans
San:no Ragini,, enough of ur acting,,, u married me for ur father and lived with me for 6 months and after I passed away,, u planned to start ur life with ur boyfriend but I collapsed it,, ,,everything is k but y u r still acting like u love me the most.. .y this acting.. .plz say I can’t able to think…

Rag:cries I really love you
Before Ragini completes her sentence sanskar slapped her hardly. …

San :in high voice,, u won’t change, ,he goes upstairs and brought some things and throw it in Ragini’s face…

San::these are my properties, whatever you want take it and go,,, live ur life but plz, he joined his palm together, don’t come into my life again,,,,,,,, I hate you too the core,,,, Good bye

By saying this he went to room and closed the door…

Ragini who is standing still like a statue, can’t able to believe her eyes and ears…

She cries by collapsing on the floor,,,, after few minutes, she wiped her tears

Remembers all his words and took all the properties, Went to their room,,, And kept it in a bureau

And goes towards sanskar who is sleeping in the bed… And sits beside him

Ragini in mind today my presence is making u to annoy.. And u told I can go to any extent she cries not able to complete her sentence,,, I’m going away from u sanskar not becaz u slapped me or not that u talked about me as characterless… I want ur happiness sanskar, if I go away from u, u will be happy,,,

She kissed on his forehead and leaves …………

Sanskar woke up ,,OMG it’s paining, Gayu I want coffee and shouts Ragini’s name
Ram(his servant) :sanskar ji, Ragini bhabhi gave this letter yesterday night and she told to give it to u, after u woke up
San:grabs the letter and reads it, it had only one line which is written I’M LEAVING…
San eyes became teary,,,, he remembers all his incident with Ragini and Tanya….

He cries,, thinking how he hurted his Ragini…and sees his hand, which slapped ragini

He angrily takes the knife and cut it….

After few minutes sanskar lyes unconscious. ….

Ram who came with coffee for sanskar,
Ram:shouts Bhaiyaaaaa….

Doc:nothing to worry,, it’s a small cut
Ram:bend on doctor knee,, ty doctor
Doc:holds him,, it’s our duty and went

Shiney:wat happened ram
Ram:i dnt know di,,Ragini bhabhi left yesterday with teary eyes, she told me to give one letter to sanskar ji and after that it happens, he cries
Shiney:where is Ragini Mam now
Ram:i called her but it’s not reachable… I don’t know whom to tell this so I called u..
Shiney:did u say to shekar ji.
Ram:no ,,
Shiney:k good… I’ll go to mam home and tell to her…

After few minutes ,Satya calls shiney
Satya(tanya’s PA) :where are you ??plz give some time to ur boyfriend
Shiney:im going to Ragini Mam home
Satya:y Wat happened
She tells everything to himm
Shiney:dont know Wat happened to both
Satya:i know
Shiney:shockingly wat

First of all very very very very sorry,,,,, for posting this ff after 1 month,, hope u all remember it,, I’ll regular here after,, sry once again

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