I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 epi 2


All r worried for Ragini. …..at that same time all r shocked and happy that sanskar is alive… ..

Shekar”:in cracking voice beta, do u know how much happy I’m?? ?at last my ragu got u.. He cries but …
Sanskar ::he cuts his words by saying I knew papa, Wat u want to know,

I’ll explain

Sanskar’s car was mistakenly got hit by the trunk and he fell down beyond the mountain along with the car.. .

All thought he was dead but he got saved by the tribal people who lives there. ..

And I was in coma, ,for the past few months…after I got conscious, ,I came here but. …he stopped

Sujatha ::plz beta dnt think in a wrong way actually Ragini doesn’t likes the marriage, v can’t see her like that, after u leave her, ,so v oly made her accept for this marriage ….

She cries. …..

San ::its k maa, I can understand.. ..

Sheksuj::u came, here after nothing will happen to our ragu

After few minutes. ..

Doctor came and said.. .nothing she is shocked. …thats y she fainted. .Now she is alright. ..

San in mind so my arrival is shocking news for her.. He smirks

Doc::one person can go and see her without disturbing her

Shek suj: u go beta,, she needs you oly

San enters into the room unwillingly, even though he didn’t like to see her,, his heart pained to see her in unconscious state.. .

He goes towards her and sits beside her,,, lost in her cute innocent face.. .
He is about to touch her, he sees eye movement of Ragini, so he jerked his hand

As soon as she opened her eyes,, first thing she is seen is her sanskar, ,she smiles widely and tries to sit

San who sees her struggling to sit, helps her to sit comfortably by holding her shoulder. …when he is about to take his hands,, suddenly Ragini hugged him tightly. …..she is pulling him closely towards her becaz of scariness that she will loss him again,,, ,,sanskar was lost in her hug

She was smiling with happy tears in her eyes,,

Rag::i love you hubby, ,,cries
San was abt to hug her but something strikes in his mind and composes

Rag::in Complaining voice do u know how much i worried ????

San::bit rudely oo that’s y got ready for second marriage? ?
Rag::was numb, she breaks the hug,, and looked into sanskar ,,she can’t believe her ears, Wat she heard, a tear escaped from her eyes, ,in calm voice sanskar, ,do u think I’ll do it

Without saying anything he silently goes from the room


Rag::laksh I can’t marry u,, plz say no to this marriage. .
Lak:no Ragini I want to marry you.. In fact I love you. Y r u spoiling it life, he won’t come back..ur husband was dead, ,,

Rag::angrily laksh if u say like this, I don’t know Wat I’ll do, ,he lives in my heart, ,u understand it,, I love sanskar, , u will never get me,, if u want to marry me then k marry me at my funeral,by saying she leaves that place by leaving shocking laksh

Laksh told all the conversation which was happened between them to Shek suj

Sheksuj::plz v beg u laksh, don’t worry v will make her understand but u don’t change your mind

After few days Ragini accept the marriage because of sheksuj suicide drama(becaz they can’t able to see Ragini ‘S state as lifeless soul)

One day before marriage, Ragini was continuously crying in her terrace, ,remembering her moments with sanskar

Rag:y u left me
Laksh see her in long distance and in his mind I want to give u happiness Ragini that’s y I’m doing it, sry
He leaves

At the day of marriage mrng

Laksh saw Ragini in the terrace. .OMG from yesterday night she was there till yet…

He goes towards her worriedly and sees Ragini was sitting lifelessly

Laksh::wat happen to you
Rag:plz Laksh,,I dnt want this marriage. ..i love my sanskar my hubby. She cries

Laksh::u have to move on
Rag::y no one is understanding me,, he is living in my heart, ,then how I. ..she cries
Laksh ::he can’t able to see her like this, k ragu,wen u r this much strong ,,I’ll stop this marriage, ,
Laksh :its my promise I’ll stop this marriage, if I can’t do it, I’ll elope from this ..
Rag:forwards her hand
Laksh:plaxed his hand over her and says promise (in mind my love toward u is increasing now but I’ll stop this marriage for ur happiness)

Fb ends

@sanskar home
(guys San is orphan but rich person)

Both enters the house. ..
Ragini in mind I have to clear this misunderstanding ”

Sheksuj :.k v will go .

San goes to his room, Ragini follows him. ..

San sees her bit sternly Wat happen to you, y r u following me
Rag immediately hugs him, in cracking voice plz sanskar ,I can’t able to tolerate ur hatred, plz listen to my side, she cries.. .

San who can’t able to see her crying, breaks the hug and cupped her face,, both lost in each other eyes,, suddenly he remembers something, he jerked

San:leave from here
Rag:confused stammers bu but san sanska
San:angrily I said leave..

Ragini cries and leave from the room.. ..She goes down and started crying

FB starts

Rag::plz sanskar leave me,, I have to do many work,she said in pleading tone
San:kissed on her cheek and tightenes his grip on her waist and pulls her, never ever think to leave me even in ur dreams, ,
Rag sees his eyes and lost and hugged him. ..
Fb ends

Rag:now he is saying me to leave him,, I don’t know whether from the room or from his life, she says to herself and cries. ..

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  1. Amazing dr poor ragini. This time make this story longer one dr don’t end so soon

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      Thank you dear. ..i will try to make it longer

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    She drank poison right then how come doctor said fainted because of shock

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  8. Awesome… But wht happened to sans?? I’m sure there’s something fishy.. Pls post long updates

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    1. Vinu

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  9. Awesome and she drank poison right?

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      Yes she drank poison Oly but doctor said some other thing ….

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  12. Fabulous dear, loved this update. Feeling bad for Ragu, feeling something fishyfishy. Waiting for next part

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