I’m only yours ragsan part 18

Every time I’m saying I’ll end this ff,, but I’m not ending it, bad na …
Here v go

Shot 18

In car
San notices Ragini’s eyes are moist
San::holds her hand, nodes as noo
Rag::before I thought u didn’t have any expectation in this marriage ,,,but she cries.. ..

San ::wrdly Ragini Plz by saying it, he wipes her tears, ,
Rag:in cracking voice I had given oly pain to u,, how happy u will be, at the day Of our marriage but at that time itself, I hurted u,,,am I worth of u,?sanskar

San:immediately closed her mouth with his palm, If u speak like this, i dnt know Wat I’ll do, his eyes r welled up but he wipes it before Ragini could see it

To lighten her mood sanskar says,, k u want to know r u worth for me or not
Ragini sees him
San ::acts like thinking, ,again confess hw much u love me by action
Rag::confusing look,, again by action
San::mrng u only confessed na,, then do it again, ,after that I’ll tell u
Rag reminds mrng how she kissed sanskar
She starts to beat him but sanskar holds her hand and hugged her tightly. ..

San::u r only mine,, never ever think like this even in ur dreams

Rag breaks the hug and says sorry

San peck her forehead,

Both reached home
As soon as Ragini get down from car, sanskar holds her,, , ,

Rag::raises her eyebrow
San::be ready today
Rag :for wat
San::our sugahreet
San::yes today oly v r married na, so…
Rag::then Wat had happened between us yesterday
San::innocently Wat had happened
Rag::hits him and runs to home fastly in order to hide her blush


She gives Prasad to everyone, ,all the family members r teasing them but this time they r enjoying it


Ragini was arranging the cupboard. .,,San who came from downstairs,,,back hugs her

San :huskily Ragini
Rag::feels his hot breath in her ear,, she immediately close her eyes when she gets tingling sensation
San ::ragini
Ragini ::hmm
San::i love u
Rag turns towards him and says I know it
San::uff u r oly unromantic, ,
Rag::acts as y Wat happened
San::u really dnt know,, before he says further, he sees Ragini smiling,,
Bit loudly this is not fair Ragini, u r teasing me right,

Before Ragini could react, he pinned her to the wall

San::now tell
Rag::wat to tell
San:k then ready for the punishment, by saying this he bites her neck,, Ragini moans his name in pleasure.. .

San losses his control, ,he goes towards her lips and starts to kiss her passionately,, San hands are travelling in her waist,,

Suddenly they hear the door knock sound, ,they departed. …

San :little bit irritatly all come in wrong time
Rag blushes and goes to open the door
But San holds her and says I’ll open it, ,u go and wash ur face

Ragini rushed to washroom and sees her in mirror, shows her lipstick r messed up,, ,she blushes profusely

After she changed came out of the room

She sees Tarun and San was talking…
Tarun sees Ragini and goes towards her and says bhabhi thank u for accepting my friend and I’m leaving Calcutta now, ,take care of my sanskar

Rag::i have to say thank u to u because of u oly,v r together nownow, y u can stay for few days na
Tarun ::no bhabhi,,I have to go,, I’ll come some other
Rag nods
Tarun::come sanskar , I’ll wait down
San:ill drop Tarun in airport and come
Rag holds his hand ,,San looked at her questionly
Rag pecks his lips and goes

In the door end, she turns and says I love you hubby and runs

San passed his fingers on her head.. And smiles

precap:::sanskar death

I hope u people like this episode, ,,don’t worry guys I won’t separate them,, this separation is only be in two or three episodes, ,,becax being a ragsan fan I also cannot able to c their separation

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