I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 4

Shot 4
Sanskar jerked the bed when ragini patted him in his shoulder
Ragini ::vo vo mom told me to give this to u( by saying this she handed over a coffee to him)
Sanskar:ty frd
Ragini:she lightly smiled and turns to go
Sanskar:but he holds her hand (ragini was shocked by his action).plz bare this things for few days after that everything will be alright
Ragini :in mind y is he this much good.. .
It’s k sanskar,its a simple work that to I did it for my friend only na
Sanskar::(he was happy when he heared a word friend from her mouth) he just smiled..k ragini be ready v r going out by saying this he went to rest room

After few minutes
Sanskar::shall v go
Sanskar::whenever I’ll tell you to do something u should do it without asking any question.. Is it clear?? He told it bit angrily(to tease her)
Ragini::her eyes became moist and she almost scared
Sanskar :: by seeing her like that his heart pained.. Sry sry I thought to tease u that’s why I said I like that, he holded his ears
And says v r going to meet lawyer regarding our DIVORCE ..
Ragini ::her thought how he can be so casual ,,may be he didn’t had any expectations in this marriage
Sanskar patted her shoulder to come out from her thoughts
Sanskar::wat happen shall v go
Ragini:: just nodded her head
Both came joined with everyone for breakfast ..all had breakfast but all r silently teasing them
Sanskar ::mom me and ragini r gng to out..shall I take her mom??
Ap::wen u already decided y u r asking me
She giggled
Sanskar and raging (at the same time they said) ::mom it’s not like that
Ap::kk I can understand
Pari::y u people going. .Nw u both need rest na she teased
Adharsh interrupted and says if u want to take leave also, it’s k sanskar I’ll manage office
Both giggled
Ragini and sanskar feels embarrassed. .and silently left the place


Ragini was silently sitting on the rock.. She was silently sobbing. .Sanskar is not able to c hIs love in this stats

He went and sat beside her and holds her hand

Sanskar:::ragini he concenrly calls her name and she looked into his eyes.. He continues “ragini, lawyer said only 6mnths v have to b together after that definitely v ll get mutual divorce :so no worries in this ”
Can’t u bare my friendship for 6mnths
I promise u I’ll definitely give your life back which u r craving .plz I can’t c u like this
Ragini :dont you want to hear my story.. Y I didn’t accept our relationship
Sanskar was silent. .he dnt know what to tell
Ragini:she continues by saying I already have someone in my life
Sanskar was shocked. .His heart pained. His throat chocked and his eyes became moist..he looked down in order to hide his tears
Ragini:yes I loved my Laksh. My childhood friend. ….i like him from my childhood. .v did schooling college everything together. .everyone use to think that v r lovers…i too started to love him I dnt know when it happened. .i loved him.. I also proposed him but he rejected my proposal by saying this is infatuation.. How can I prove its love only sanskar she cried alot… .sansKar patted her shoulder. ..he left me sanskar her throat chocked. I love him sanskar I can’t give his place to anyone.. .he is not understanding my love
Y he didn’t love me sanskar? Am I not worth for his love??
Sankskar heart pained more and more. .its like some one stabbing him

He can’t able to c his love in this broken state.. .His eyes became red..
He cupped raginis face and asks her “do u trust me”
She immediately nodded her head.. .
Sanskar “:i promise you I’ll not only give your divorce and also gives your(his heart pained) La laksh to u..
And forward his hand to her and says and u have to promise u shouldn’t cry hereafter
Ragini ::but how it will happen
Before that sanskar cutted her sentence and says trust ur Friend
Ragini: immediately placed her hand in his
Both smiles wiping there tears

Precap::ragsan bond

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