I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 19

After few minutes

San called Ragini

Ragini :yes sanskar
San::im directly going to office from airport, some pending works are there, now oly adharsh Bhaiya called me, I’ll come late
Ragini ::k sanskar
San::wait wait
Ragini ::wat

San::i love you, ,he kissed through phone
Ragini ::blushes I know it
San::scaritically Wat is this Ragini?? I know that u know it, I want reply,, hey wait wait I came to know y r u doing this.. .
Rag::confusely y
San::u want punishment na
Rag::she reminds Wat he meant, ,she blushes profusely but fake angrily says bye and cut the phone.. ..

@night 11.00pm

Knock on the main door

Ragini goes and open the door

Ragsan saw each other and smiles

Rag::go and fresh up, I’ll arrange the food in dinning And she turns to go
San::hold her wrist, ,no need ragu,i had in office canteen..
Rag, ::face fell, ,k sanskar by saying this she again goes but this time sanskar carried her in his arms..

Both had a cute eyelock

He moves to dining and made her sit in chair,,
He too sits beside her and put food in the plate and forward the plate to her

Rag::how did you know that I didn’t have my food
San::im your hubby dear,, he smiles,, and says by seeing ur face itself, ,I can read ur mind. …
Rag::o really
San ::yes really
Both smiles
San::sry Ragini I make u to wait. ..
Before he completes Ragini says, ,kk now feed me I’m hungry sanku
San::smiles and starts to feed her, both lost in each other eyes,, ,,

After they finished their dinner.. .
San::shall v move
Rag::no I can’t move,, ,carry me by saying this she elevates her hand lik a kid

San lost in her kiddish face

Rag::to tease him,, don’t stare me like this, I’m a innocent girl
San laughs loudly
Rag::wat happen,,
San::dnt u remember Wat happened wen I say this dialogue
Ragini reminds it and blushes.. .

If u blush like this, I don’t know Wat I’ll do by saying this he carries in his arms
And laid her in bed, ,he came over her and started kissing her neck.. Ragini is clutching his shirt tightly….Both goes under the blanket,, ,they consummate. ……

2years later
Ragsan house was decorated ..

All the family members are very happy and enjoying the occasion. .

All r waiting for them In downstairs. ….Both ragsan came down through the stairs along with a baby girl, ,,yes it’s naming ceremony of baby.. .

They placed the baby in toddler and named as Sara (“SA”nskar and “RA”gini)

Everyone wishes them.. Both holds their hands and smiles, ,

San in mind “I blessed to have u ragu”
Rag in mind “I blessed to have u sanskar”

Through out the day sanskar tries to talk to Ragini but she was busy ….

San in mind I’ll see you @night he smiles

@night.. .
Ragini makes to sleep baby, ,after baby slept, she carefully kept the baby in toddler. ..
And she moves to cupboard to take the dress and change ….

Sanskar who was working in laptop till yet, ,comes towards Ragini and back hugs her.. .

Rag smiles,,
San::huskily Ragini
San::he kissed on her ear.. .
Ragini jerked from his hold and turns, ,sanskar go and sleep, it’s already late, tmrw v have to go to Australia na
San::Australia? ??
Rag::u forgot, swalak marriage
San::thats on Friday oly na
Rag::tmrw oly Friday, now go and sleep..

San pouts
Rag smiles. ..san turns to go,, Ragini takes a relief but immediately he pinned her to the wall
Rag widened ::wat is this sanskar
San::smiles, ,it’s Becaz of u,,today u didn’t give a little time to ur husband and now also u r saying to go to sleep,, this is not fair,, by saying this he rubbed his cheek with hers

Ragini ::clutxhes her Saree and says leave me
San::who doesn’t take her words, ,,holds her waist and starts to kiss all over her face,,,

Rag::stammers sa ns kar leave me

San goes close to her and huskily whisper in her ears ,whenever I’m starting, u r saying this only, y dear

Ragini blushes profusely and immediately hugged him.. ………….


Ragini makes Sara ready and she is getting ready in front of the mirror. …

After both got ready, she finally see in mirror,, ,,

San came and back hugs her,, ,,San rag Sara triple people r shown in the mirror. …
San:::tightenes grips on ragini waist and says “”perfect family”””
Rag smiles.. ..

Episode ends with smiling face of ragsan

Thank u for ur support guys,, ,,,I thought to continue this ff,, but no one like sandbar’s death and raglak engagement so I dnt know Wat to do, ,,no other ideas also come into my mind… So I’m ending it.. ..

Thank u very much. ….for ur comments. ..

Hope you like this part

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