I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 17


Both were lying on bed and holding each other. ..

San was carcasseing her hair.. .

Ragini ::shall I ask you something
San::huskily, ,u again want medicine
Ragini ::hits him,, both smiles.. .
U don’t know, who am I?? ?,my name,? ?then which made u to wait for me for past 1 year,,

San::looks at her,,,even I don’t know answer for this question, ,wen I first saw u in mall, at that time itself my hearts “u r only mine”,,and wen I see you very next day in Railway Station,, my hearts confirms it,, and when I got ur bangle, it’s symbol of our love,, ,

Ragini looks at him and asks then how did u accept to marry me, ,when you dnt know that the girl is me…

San kissed on her forehead and says, do u know how much pain I had at that moment, ,wen shekar uncle ask me to get marry her daughter, ,I mean u,,

I want to say noo but seeing his condition in hospital(he had heart attack) ,I can’t able to reject.. .

A layer of tears formed in his eyes, ,,Ragini sees this and immediately hugs him and says sorry

San:do u know, how much I love you Ragini
Rag::break the hug ,i know
San::confusedly how?
Rag::blushes and shows love bite marks on her neck and shoulders
San::blushes and hugs her.. ..

San was getting ready for office

Ragini ::sanskar, can you put leave today
San::y ragu, u said I’m a unromantic guy, now Wat happen
Rag::hits him on his shoulder, ,,see I want to go to temple And I want to marry u again
San: widened Wat?? ?

Rag came close to him and hold his hand, ,looking into his eyes.. .i will say but u have to take it lightly…

Before Ragini says..
San::i know Ragini, wen v got married, u don’t like me and like that marriage which has happened between us, his face fell..

Rag::sees it and say yes sanskar but u know how much I love you now…

Before San replies,,,ragini holds his collar and kissed on his lips passionately


Both changed garlands in front of Durga Devi idol
San tied mangalsutra again on her neck and put someone in her hairline.. .

Both of them eyes are welled up.. .

Rag bent to touch his legs but sanskar holds her and hugs her tightly.. ..

Ragini shouts I m only yours sanskar
San tighten his grip on her


GUYS a new idea popped into my mind I’ll give a outline if you like it… Just tell me I will continue this ff or else This episode is a end of I’m only yours

Sanskar’S death
Raglak engagement
Ragsan married again
Sanskar anger towards Ragini
Truth out
Ragsan union

Guys tell me whether u like it

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    Please continue dear..update was awesome……

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    Superb dear???, I love it and your idea is great, if you need any I’m always here to help you?

    1. AMkideewani

      Any ideas*

  3. awesome but don’t seperate RAGSAN

  4. superb continue dear

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    No death yar
    Don’t sperate

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  7. Nice plz continue

  8. awesome dr

  9. Awesome

  10. Awesome plz continue

  11. Amazing dr but sanskar’s death is scaring me thanks for continuing this ff

  12. Superb continue dear but before sanky’s death drama should give us ragsan moments

  13. Awesome sissy

  14. nice post soon

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    nice idea, do continue but still sanskar’s death is scary. update soon

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