I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 16

Ragini carcasses her face and blushes reminding how sanskar kissed her. …suddenly she hears screaming sound of Tarun,,she came out from restroom, worrydly

But wen she sees San is spinning him, she laughed loudly, ,San who heared her laugh, ,left him and eyes her romantically. …

Tarun went from there in order to escape from sanskar, ,,…

Ragini down her head not able to meet his eyes,, ,San sees her and started to move… .suddenly they hear the voice

Come soon sanskar….tarun called him.. .

He jerked and came to sense and went down, Ragini also follows him.. .

In dinning
Ap::hw r u feeling now? ?Asks to ragini

San::y Wat happened, worriedly

Ragini ::nothing,, just headache

San feels bad, becaz he only knows the reason for her headache. ..
Ap::but beta from evening I didn’t c u, ,Wat happened
San face fell by hearing it “”in mind it means rag was crying from evening, becaz of me, he cursed himself””

Ragini who sees dull face of sanskar, says By eyeing him, ha ma I had headache from evening, but sanskar gave wonderful medicine to me,, now headache gone.. She blushes reminding his kiss

San widened his eyes and smiles..

Tarun ::i also have headache, can u give that medicine to me.. .
Rag who listens this, ,rushes to kitchen in order to burst her laugh. ..

San coughed badly of Tarun words.. .

San :ill give u
Tarun ::wat is this sanku, whatever I’m asking,you r telling afterwards, he pout.. .

San in mind how to make this duffer understand. ..He smiles

Tarun ::atleast can u come with me for bike ride after dinner

San ::in mind how to make him understand
Tarun::shakes him, bit angrily no need. U better dnt come
San::k come v will go
Tarun smiles

They had dinner,when All family members start to move to their respective rooms

Tarun dragged San out before San talks to ragini

Both Tarun and San enjoyed alot

@12.30am night

Both came home..
Tarun before going to his room says to San, c because of me only, today u and bhabhi United..
San::scartically yes because of u oly v departed today itself
Tarun? ::pouts, ,I dont know this much happened in your life and I dnt know today oly bhabhi confessed her love to u ,if I knew it before itself,, I’ll never ask u for a bike ride. ..

San ::kk I simply Said ,dnt get emotional my frd he teases him
Tarun hits him and San hugs him
Both went to their respective rooms

In ragsan room
San opens the door, he thought Ragini will be slept, but to his shock, she is standing near the window. ..

San::ragini u didn’t sleep till yet
Ragini who hears his voice, immediately turns and hugs him. ..

Both were hugging
Rag::u know sanskar in two extremes v can’t able to sleep, one when v r very happy and one when v r so sad,, and now I’m. She blushes
San :very happy. ..
Rag :nods her head. .
San::to tease Her, it means, u r not able to sleep today, so do u want medicine
Rag :who reminded their past incident blushes and tightens her grip (still they r hugging)

After sometime rag breaks the hug
Rag::now give me
San ::wat
Rag:my bangle
San::smiles and take the bangle from the cupboard and forwards to her
Rag::angrily turns
San::wat happened now
Rag::u r unromantic sanskar
San::no no I’m romantic guy
Rag””::who told see I’m asking you bangle and u r giving it to me
San ::then I’m doing correct only na
Rag:hits her forehead, really u don’t know
San nodded his head as noo
Rag::u have to make me wear, my dear unromantic husband. ..

San immediately pulled her by holding her bare waist, she falls on his chest.. .
Both have intense eye lock

San holds her hand and make her to wear the bangle
Ragini is seeing him with full love..

San::dont See Me, like this, I’m very innocent guy, he acts like he is scared
Ragini came to sense, push him and starts to beat him
Rag is chasing him, San is running all over the room, ,both were smiling happily. …

Suddenly San stops running, ,Ragini who came behind him hits on his back ,,

San came towards Ragini. .Ragini looks at his Eyes and lost

San cupped her face,and rubbed her lips with his finger.. .
Rag breathe heavily

He holds her both hands and put around his neck.. .,he holds her waist,, ,,both sees each other… …
San pulled her more by putting pressure on her waist.. .

And kissed on her lips with full love. .

Ragini clutched his shirt.. ..

Both break their kiss when they are not able to breath. …..
Rag hugged him inability to meet his intense gaze. …

San smiled and passes his hand sensouly on her bare back… And kissed her from shoulder to neck. ..Ragini tries to go but sanskar holds her and carried her in his arms and they consummate their marriage

All r asking to not end the ff,, so I’m thinking whether to end it or not,, if any idea came into my mind,, I’ll not end this ff,,, or else I’ll end it.. ..

So plz wait for few days until an idea comes to my mind

Hope u like this part

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