I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 15

Ragini was still crying by hugging his sanskar. ….San was numb, ,he not even reciprocate the hug

Rag breaks the hug.. .san came to sense
Rag::i know sanskar whatever u said few minutes before is lie,, u cannot live without me. ..
She fall in his legs and asks will u accept this Ragini? ??who always give a pain instead of ur love?? ?she cries.. ..
San holds her by putting his hands in her shoulder and cries..
San::who told you will give pain to me? ??
U r my love,, my soul mate,, my happiness revolves around you, wen I see your smiling face only, my day will became complete,, he cries and asked her to smile.. ..

Rag::she again hugged him and cries, this time sanskar also reciprocate the hug. ..

Both were crying like a small kid

Rag::i hurted u alot sanskar she cries

San break the hug and wipes her tears,plz ragu never say like that,, I did all the things to c happy face of urs.. .becax my hearts aches when I c u like this. …

Immediately ragini wiped her tears,, and says no I Wnt cry hereafter, even though she says like this but continuously tears are coming from her eyes. …

San who doesn’t see her like this, ,immediately hugged her,ragini closed her eyes ,,San sees her and placed a kisses all over her face.. .He kissed her in all the places of her face wen he came to kiss in her lips, ,he got sense… And he moved. …

Ragini opened her eyes when she doesn’t feel his hot breath in her face.. .

She immediately hugged him wen she sees guilt in his eyes. …

Rag::smiles do u know when I’ll get happiness? ??
San was silent

Rag ::breaks the hug and looked down and says when I owened by u.. .she blushes

Sanskar was on cloud nine, ,he placed her finger on her chin and make her to see his eyes..

Both have a deep eyelock…which itself shows how much they love each other

Sanskar goes towards her, ,,he placed her hand on her bare waist.. .
Ragini shivered by his touch, she clutches her Saree tightly.. .

Ragsan were so close,, ,,sanskar moves to kiss her in her lips,, when he Is about to kiss her,, ,

Door knockkkkk

Both get departed, ,both were blushing,, sanskar cannot able to trust Wat had happened between them,, both were again looking at each other and lost

Again door knock

San::i will open the door
Rag::nods her head by smiling.. .and immediately goes to restroom

San opens the door

Tarun:how much time u will take to open the door ,all r waiting for u for dinner, ,come fast,Wat happen y u came hurriedly from there., atleast now tell me Wat was bhabis expression wen u proposed

San smiled and carried him and spins him…

Tarun ::scared plz leave me leave me I won’t ask u hereafter

Precap,, ::::may b last episode

Tmrw I’ll update the next part, ,,I mean the last part.. Thank u for ur support. ..definitely I’ll cum with another ragsan fff

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