I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 14

Ragini was continuously crying in her room. .. She was sobbing badly, ,

After few minutes
Door knock
She immediately wiped her tears and goes to open the door

Pari :hw much time u will take to open the door rag?? ?before she complete her sentence, she noticed her eyes r red,, ,worriedly Wat happened ragu??

Rag::nothing bhabhi, she said in cracking voice
Pari ::dnt lie, tel to me
Rag ::i slept bhabhi,, I got a bad dream, that’s y I felt bad, nothing else
Pari::smiles u r seriously a kid,, Is it implies if u get the bad dream, bad things will happen
Rag ::smiles fakely
Pari :k cum down
Rag::no bhabhi I’m feeling headache,
Pari::kk take rest,,she goes

Again she closes the door and starts crying


All male persons come to the house

Pari ::one surprise for u devar ji
San:wat bhabhi
Pari::tarun has came
San::smiles widely is it true
Tarun Who comes from the stairs, hears it and says yes sanku
San::turns and c tarun, he immediately goes towards him and hugs him and starts sobbing (in mind I want to tell u wat had happened)

Tarun first smiles at his hug but wen he feels his sobbing sound, he became worried and immediately break their hug and asks Wat happened
All family members r worried too

San ::came to sense,, nothing, ,,I missed u tarun
Tarun::i thought u will beat me but to my surprise u cried he laughs and teased him and says see u spoiled my shirt too,

San::got angry and starts to beat him, he runs all over the house to escape from sanskar..

All family members smiles by seeing their bond

At last they both got tired and fall on the bed,, ,
Tarun :::k now enough of fight,,tell abt bhabhi’s expression wen u proposed
San::who is smiling till now,, became sad, his smile on his face vanishes…he says, I will tell afterwards
Tarun ::wat is dis? Do u know how much eager I’m to know Wat happened,, ??I asked bhabhi too but she didn’t give any reply,, he pouted
San who hears his statement was shocked
San:stammers wa Wat u asked her??
Tarun ::yes
San::shocked Wat u told
Tarun ::everything, I narrated all the story to her, now tell Wat was her expression wen u proposed her?? Before he completes sanskar ran from their and went to his room

He was standing in front of the closed door
In mind,, I did all the things for her happiness but Wat she will think of me now?is she thinks me am I wrong person?? No no sanskar she won’t think like that,, ,he prayed to god, ,bhagavan ji If I never get her love also,its k for me but i should never get her hatred? ?I can’t bear it,he cries

After much hesitant he knocked the door

Door was opened..

His heart ached to c ragini face which is pale and eyes are red.. .

He immediately closed the door and came towards Her

San::in cracking voice,, ,,plz Ragini dnt mistake me,, yes I loved u but wen u said, u love Laksh,,at that time itself I forgot u(his throat chocked to say that but he says for his rag becaz he doesn’t want her rag to feel for him)
And u might ask me y u didn’t tell this before becaz becaz I thought it’s not important, ,after all it’s one side love story which has no meaning. ….

Rag looked at him

I promise u ragu definitely I’ll fulfil my promise, ,and now I have no place for u in my heart, ,I moved on, ,so plz forgive me,, plz don’t take this matter seriouus, ,,I know v r not destined.. ..

Ragini who is silently hear all his conversation became angry and holds his collar and shouts, ,yes, v r not destined sanskar,, she cries yes v r not,, ,,says yes v r not that’s y u got ur love after 1yr and I married u without my will,, I started to fall for u within 5days of our marriage, and I rejected laksh which I thought it’s my love but came to know it’s my infatuation and cries badly.. ..

Sanskar was numb

In cracking voice now without ur confession I came to know that u love me,, ,it’s all because v r not destined.. .she again cries.. .

San stammers ra ra rain before he completes Ragini hugged him tightly

Pre-cap ragsan romance

Thank you for ur comments frds, ,sry I’m not able to comment you individually. .

Hope u liked this part

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