I’m only yours RAGSAN EPISODE 13

Flashback starts,,1 year before

In college. ..

Tarun:::im feeling sad
San::y Wat happened
Tarun:today is the last Day of our college,, dnt u feel bad??
San::yeah but v have to move on,,
Tarun::i know but I’ll miss our coll girls
San beats him, stupid it means u didn’t feel for me
Tarun::he makes puppy face and tells v will be in touch only na,,
But I want to tell this u successfully wasted ur college life
San::confusedly I’m not like u, ,u know na Im first in our class
Tarun:exactly u r not like me.. See I have many girl frds
san::scarstically Wat to do?? I didn’t c my soul mate till yet
San::when u see a girl, ur heart should say that, she is urs.. Till yet I didn’t c that type of girl
Tarun? :::omg my sanku, this much romantic by saying he pulled his cheek
San again beats him by saying dnt tease me idiot, I’ll definitely get a girl,…
Tarun::kk cum v will go now.. .

@shopping mall
Both were doing shopping
San:sadly today is our last shopping together
tarun::i have a idea, v both will look my father’s company after results
San::then who will look after my father’s company which is in Mumbai
Tarun: yeah u r correct
San::but v can do the business together by partnership
Tarun:wats an idea?
Both hugs each other

After few minutes
They were in mall
Tarun:wen Is ur train
San:tmrw @9.0 clock
Tarun:”k I’ll drop u
After their talk, San goes to counter to pay the bill, he collides with the girl.. .all her stuff fall from her hand.. San immediately bent down and pick all the things of hers and forwards to her by saying I’m sry
But wen he sees her he was lost in her beauty, his heart says she is yours.. ..

The girl took the things from him and says it’s k. ….

She went off.. .He was frozen at there itself,
Tarun came and shakes him
Tarun:wat happened
San::that girl that girl.. ..
By saying this he ran, he ran all over the mall but couldn’t find the girl..
Tarun who was following San gets tired,. .
Tarun::wat happen sanku
San::i I have seen her
San:my soul mate
Tarun widened his eyes and asks really
San :but I missed her, a layer of tears formed in his eyes
Tarun sees that and says day wry v will search her..

Whole night they searched that girl in the nearby places around the mall

San:i want to c her Tarun…
Tarun:dnt wry, u go to Mumbai now, today onwards my duty is to search that girl sry sry my bhabhi(guys Tarun is in Calcutta only)
But San was not ready to go after Tarun so much of effort. .he nods his head

@Railway Station
San was sadly sitting in the bench
One small girl comes to her and asks to buy Mickey Mouse
San::sry beta I dnt want
Girl::plz Bhaiya just 10 rupees
San:k give and smiles
Girl thank him and went
Tarun came with water bottle and give it to him And sees him
Tarun:plz b happy I’ll b with u
San:smiles and put the mask in his face.. .
San sees one girl in the crowd and thought
That the girl is his girl.. .
San::tarun see that girl by saying he ran towards the girl and pulled the girl by holding her wrist. ..but to his shock the girl is not his girl
Girl::dont u hav manners
San:sry sry mam

At that mean time,, his train starts to move.. .
Tarun:wat is this sank?? ?ur train is moving come fast
San runs to get into the train.. .
One girl see him, and forwards her hand to help him to get into the train..
san was numb to see her. ..yes it’s her girl..
He smiles and run fast and holds her hand. ..but train is going fast by the force she unknowly left his hand so he can’t get into it.. Train moves faster.. .the girl looks at him with pout and says sry Micky mouse (guys he is wearing that mask?)

Sanskar feels something in his hand and wen he sees it he was shocked to c bangle in his hand, ,he cries and at the same time he hold it tightly and says I’ll get u dear, I got a hope now.. ..

Flashback ends

Tarun ::do u know bhabhi?This one year how he was? ?he was searching her like mad,, ,

Even though I told him to forget her but he hesitates me and finally he got his love

Ragini ::his love?? ?
Tarun ::yes becaz that girl is my Ragini bhabhi

Ragini was shocked. ..

Tarun continues by saying 15 days before he called me

Again flashback
San::dude within 10days I’m getting married
U have to cum
Tarun::shocking Wat u forget her??
San::how I’ll forget her,, she is my love,,
Tarun::then how will you marry another girl
San::i got her,, do u know who is she?? She is shekar uncle daughter? ?today oly I have seen her,, our marriage was fixed bez shekar uncle wants me as his son in law, ,he blushes

Tarun::omg ,shekar uncle daughter, u mean ur papa’s frd
San yes
Tarun::so u will happy now,wen r u gng to propose her
San::i can’t express my happiness in words,im planning to propose her after wedding.,again blushed
Tarun::i want to come there now itself and want to c ur blushing face and teases
San::fake angrily I’ll kill u, come to marriage he ends the call
Fb ends

Ragini was numb she don’t know, how to react
Tarun “::nw tell me how u reacted web he proposed u??? Before that Sanky told u did ur studies here oly then y u came to Calcutta

Ragini ::her throat was choked ,she turns back in order to hide her tears and says I came for my cousin marriage in cracking voice by saying this she went to her room

Tarun::calls her bhabhi bhabhi but she went without turning back. ..
Tarun in mind Wat happened to bhaBhi

Ragini goes to her room and locked herself and cries

Hope u people like this part. ..

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