I’m nothing without u !!! (OS)

Hii guyss I knew its pretty late to update but I’m busy in my exams….tomorrow is English paper so somewhat relief and bored too that’s y I’m writing this OS as I told till exams get over only OS…….so here u all go……


A couple’s back was shown they both were sitting to the edge of a hill side and watching the mesmerizing sunset…..she was leaning her head to his shoulder while he wrapped his hand around her…..they were calmly sitting no disturbance…..after 15 min she took her head and said,
“Ranveer what if they caught us? I really won’t be able to live without u ? ” Ranveer with a smile cupped her face and said, “ They won’t Ishani ! U know true love never gets defeated…..we love each other that’s it ! It doesn’t mean if are parents don’t like each other I’m her with u…cause I love u !!! ” she had a cute smile while she also cupped his face he was excepting a kiss from her while she cutely turned his face and kissed his cheeks……he saw her with a cute anger and said in a cute angry voice, “ Its not fair u always come near me and make me to fall for u but u never fall for me any time…!! ” looking at his cute anger she said in fun making tone, “ U always used to say na that everything is fair in love and more and this is toh love !?? Am I right ?? ” He had a smile again and said , “ Yah only love which means just Ishveer ” she cutely hugged him…..he too hugged her back….after sometime they went to resort as it was night……they both left towards their respective room…..


There were few henchmen on the counter and asking for some personal information….the manager refused to give while they started to bit the manager hardly….they made him fall down on the floor and was about to punch him when a hand at his shoulder stopped him……its was Ranveer when that henchman turned his face Ranveer was shocked to his peak…..he immediately started to run towards lshani’s room……he knocked it when Ishani opened the door within a fraction of second he pulled her and started to run…….Ishani was confused….but she ran with him….they both came to the backside of the resort they both stopped while both were breathing heavily while after sometime Ishani asked, “ What’s the matter Ranveer ?? ” Ranveer with a feared face, “ They came ! ” Ishani was also shocked she without thinking anything she hugged him tightly he too responded same to her…… while those henchmen came and found that they were lost in their sense they all covered them after sometime one of the henchmen came and parted both of them away……while by now ishveer know what’s gonna happen next…….they both were holding their hands till they were able to……..four pair of henchmen took Ranveer with them with safety as they know Ranveer right arm is weak due to last time shoot by the Parekhs as this was another time where Ranveer and Ishani ran from there house as their family don’t like each other………


Ishani was now locked in her room only food and water was given to her no outside world for her….she was just thinking about Ranveer and cry out loud……..then she heard that the door is being open she wiped her tears and sat quietly it was her maid who took care of her she came and asked, “ Dear u want something ?? ” Ishani was thinking while she got an ideas of calling Ranveer she shook her
head as yes and said ,“I want to talk with my best friend Priya can u call her ??? ” the maid shook her head and went to call her….while


Ranveer was 24/7 under his uncle’s gaze…..he was just sitting near the balcony and was watching the rain outside which makes him remind about Ishani who used to play in rain….he got a smile on his face and suddenly a tear flowed through his eyes thinking about their situation……some officers came so uncle went with them and asked everyone to have an eye on Ranveer…….Ranveer got a chance he closed the door and breaks the window and sees if his uncle has went or not making sure he is not there he suddenly throw a rope made up of bedsheets and he slides down from it without anyone’s notice…..he went to the back of the house and escaped from the house and was walking somewhere…….


Priya came and was consoling Ishani that everything is fine…..when her eyes cornered to that maid who was staring at them…..she was thinking and suddenly jerked her always and shouted at her,
What hell is going on your mind ??? Do u know how much ur dad loves u ??? And u r crying for that bullshit boy……u r really mad !!!! ” Ishani was shocked by that and that maid was sure that Priya is on their side not on Ishani she smiled and looked the room….Priya getting room lock went to Ishani and sat near her where Ishani was sad she said, “ Sorry lshu but if I won’t do that then that maid would have been sent be back again I’m sorry ” Ishani was okay now….she asked her, “ Priya can u give me ur phone ?? ” Priya was knowing y she was asking without any second thought she gave her cell…..Ishani saw her with a thank full look she failed Ranveer no. where he was not picking up….Ranveer cut the call as thinking it would be any hench man ??? she gain called him but again he cut…..Ishani was worried while Priya asked Ishani to message him…..sh did and type- RANVEER I HOPE U R OKAY…AND I TOLD U LETS TRY TO MAKE OUR PARENT READY FOR OUR MARRIAGE BUT U REFUSED TELLING THAT TGEY WILL NEVER ACCEPT NOW SEE OURSELVES…..RANVEER I WANT TO SEE U ONCE PLEASE I BEG TO U !!!! she clicked the sent button where Ranveer saw the message and was happy a smile crept upon his face….he called her…..and she picked it up….Priya giving a privacy went outside the room and go near the maid and said, “ Would u mind to give me ur phone ?? ” maid was looking her with and not okay look where Priya said, “ Actually need to call uncle and ask him that can I take Ishu out as u know she loves rain and may forget that idiotic person if she comes out of the room…” as the maid heard how bad mouthing was done by Priya to Ishani when she was crying…..with okay look she gave her phone……Priya called Harshad uncle he picks up the call, “ Hello ? Who is this ? ” Priya thinking that same reason with a made up story tells, “ Uncle I’m Priya Ishani’s friend actually uncle I want to take ishu outside for sometime can I ?? ” Harsh ad in instant tone, “ No Priya u know already Ishani has ran with that boy two time if u take her again means?? ” Priya, “ No no no uncle actually u toh know that Ishu love rain and if she will go out she will feel okay…and if u keep her inside her room locked she will only think about Ranveer that’s y I’m asking so in this way she may forget him ??? ” Harshad still not convince but tells okay…..


Ishu had picked up that call but both were silent they both wanted to cry in each others embrace but it was there fate……suddenly Priya opens the door and goes and hugs Ishu tightly Ishu was shocked……where Ranveer heard Priya saying something he starts to pay heed to her she says, Ishu ask RV to come at ur fav. spot ur dad gave me permission to take u out but only for sometime ” Ishu heard and smile whole hearted and hugged her tight “ Thank u soo much Piyu “…“ No need ” was a simple answer from…..Ranveer cut the call and messaged her-
She reads and both left for the hill side


Ranveer was looking to the cliff Ishani came was happy like anything she and with full force hugged him from his back and kept her hands on his chest….Ranveer smiles and turns to see lshani’s face she had tears of happiness….he wiped them and they both hugged each other as tight as they can and both cried that shows how much they missed each other Priya was watching it from far and had a sad smile, “ Its is truth that pyaar ka dushman zamana hota hai par inke pyaar ke dushman unke apne hai ” she thinks something and made two calls…..

At that time Ishveer breaks the hug and wipes each others tears….after that Ishu asked, “ You never used to cry this much what happen to u ??? Y u crying this much Ranveer ??? Is everything fine ! ” Ranveer didn’t replied it seemed to fishy for Ishu she took his hand and put it on her head , “ Is anything wrong tell me ?? ” Ranveer saw her his eyes were red so were hers he replied, “ I can’t live without u !! And our family will never understand our love…..” Ishu know what he meant she slapped him hard, “ Are u mad ?? How can u think to leave me alone ??? If u want to die then….LET US DIE TOGETHER……” Ranveer saw her with shocked and said, “ No are u mad ?? Y the hell u need to die ?? ” Ishu with and fade smile, “ I asked u same…” they both share an eye lock which said they were ready for next step……they holds each other hands tight move towards the cliff suddenly heard a voice …STOP THERE…..they saw it was Harshad and Ranveer’s uncle both were there…..they both came to them for the first time not to separate them but to make them one…..they had seen and heard all their talks as Priya called them….the asked sorry and said, “ Its ur life Beta sorry to interfere our enmity in between to make ur life like an hell……u both know well we can’t be together so we have decided to leave u both for ur relationship…. be happy for ever” telling it they both went Ishu and Ranveer was still not able to digest…..where from far Priya showed her thumb to Ishu as best of luck she smiled to her where Ishu gave her a teary smile…..Priya without telling or answering went always same like an angel who come to unite love birds Ishveer saw eachother they both hugged again and this time she didn’t make him to fall for her without any word she kissed him…….they both shared a lip lock…..after they parted away their lips and hugged again Ishu rested her head on his chest and asks him , “ Why were u ready to die ?? ” It was just a single reply from him

Phew !!!! Its done…..please do comment……

and a Note for my whatsapp friends I’m sorry but actually due to some reason I’ve deleted my account and whatsapp too and as I’m in 10th I’m not allowed to use my cell…..so sorry but I won’t be chatting with u guys till 5 months….till my Final exams get over…..so please guys do wish me BEST OF LUCK…..I need it

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  1. silent reader

    good luck
    very nice

    1. Sparkels

      Hey silent reader thanks a lot for ur comment and wishes too……and happy that u liked it

  2. Hi bachcha first of all I want to tell you that all the best for your exams ? and your os was fantastic it seems like a play to me I liked it very much and pls be in touch with this and ya one thing you did right to your WhatsApp I think you know what I am saying to you. You know i was going to give this advice to you it is better for your studies and you but pls don’t forget us? and come back soon love you byee missing you so much ?

    1. Sparkels

      Hey Di first of all thanks for ur well wishes…..and for ur lovely comment too…..and yah I know what u mean…….andtthat’s only the main reason I deleted it…… as I don’t wanna become a reason for someone’s sadness…….and another is because I not able to study well due this shitty app……so I uninstalled it whenever i will feel that now its time to chat I’ll surely come…..and How can I forgot u all ???? U r joking Di I can’t ??!!! As u all are my one of the family…..which we called ISHVEER FAMILY…….♥and me too miss u all send my missing in our group

      1. And ya one thing if you are in fb then you can contact me their my full name is neelam bhagat ok byeee?

      2. Sparkels

        No Di I’m not my mom only allow me use whatsapp no any other social site……..sorry

      3. Ok dear its ok I can understand

      4. Sparkels

        And Di I’m fine……when I saw ur comment in Nandu’s FF I was confused…. ‘:)

      5. Y were you confused ?

      6. Sorry wrong emogi?

  3. Hi di…hope u remember me…i m reading all ur works..bt i cant comment due to my situation…bt as it is ur examination i wish u ALL THE BEST…BEST OF LUCK… n MY BEST WISHES….hope u ll visit this site atleast..coz i m gonna post a OS again…n i ll b waiting for my di’s comment

    1. Sparkels

      Thank u so much Roha……and yah I said I’m not commenting I use to visit this page daily yaar……I’m waiting for ur OS

  4. Hi dhruva how r u?we really miss u dear and all the best for ur exams ur os was marvelous tc love u and come soon

    1. Sparkels

      Thanks Navi Di……I’m happy that u liked it…..and me too miss u a lot. …and thanks for ur well wishes !!!

  5. Great OS…….best of luck for ur xams sissy…..GOD bless u always…….stay safe & b healthy

    1. Sparkels

      Thank u bro……for the comment. And for well wishes too

  6. Duva

    Good luck…loved it ….going to miss u so badly

    1. Sparkels

      Thank u Duva …….for comment as well as for wishes to…..and I’m also gonna miss u a lot

  7. Julina

    Woowwwww… it’s just an amazing thought… very nice… I lovedddd it…. the way u explain is awsm…. no words dr… ALL THE VERY BEST…. Hope u get very good marks in all… love u dr…

    1. Sparkels

      Hey don’t tell like that……I’ll be flying !!! I just type it as I was bored but ur all comments…..shit man I’m so happy….and thanks Di for u comment as well as wishes and love u too Di

  8. Nandana

    Nice one dear and all the best for ur exams dear and u r in 10 that means u r my di can I call u di ?

    1. Sparkels

      Oh I’m so sorry dear…..as when I came I was the youngest that’s y I thought u as my Di…..as I use to tell as Di only….. ‘:) and yah u can call me Di……..and thank u so much for ur comment…..and u too best of luck 🙂

  9. all the best fir your exams…
    and this was outstanding dear really feeling so much happy to read this OS.. yes there was true ashiqi amazing update.. love my ishveer so much… very cute pie priya very lovely friend..

    1. Sparkels

      Thank u sana Di……and sorry I was not able to reply u…..u asked my name ?? My name is Dhruva……and thanks for the comment as well as wishes… and yah happy that u liked Priya’s character…..:)

  10. It’s very nice dear

  11. Nandana

    THANK U DI ???

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