Hi friends ur friend DIVYA and PRIYA with a fiction.

Let’s begin..

” as u know the oldest proffesional have been portrayed in many ways through fictional literature over d centuries including the temptress the fallen women,the hooked with d heart of gold and tragic victim many writers used protistitution has main central character of their story to provide an insight to s*x and life on d game but in dis story is quite different where a girl thought as her virginity is something spl which is given by God grace ” if once we loss it” ” we cannot get it” even god cannot change it..but her destiny is written something. ..

Friends as we all know from ancient decades girls given spl place in Indian history..
One who give knowledge is a girl(saraswati) one who give money is a girl (lakshmi ) one who give food also is a girl (annapoorneshwari) one who give birth leads to dis dirty world is also girl my mother is also a girl..ur mother is also a girl. ??? Here ragini is also a girl who sacrifice her life to d field called prostitution…?

“PROSTITUTION” is a place where people crave for inner pleasure inner exhaust feeling involve in s*x hormone and outer external body..? Here the girls or women’s r used or abused not only once or ,twice, but more than millions times..they tempt or force women’s physically mentally emotionally for their inner s*xual hungryness,….? For d sake of so called money( money makes man happy)u want money I too want money our pr*stitute girls also need money for Thier craving stomach hungryness and to lead Thier life not in high range but in low range tat can full fill their basic a dramatic way…ragini is a such type girl she is so simple s*xy modern com traditional lady her beauty cannot express in words she is beauty with *****attraction***** she is ever smiling, ever dashing, ever charm, ever [email protected] ever gorgeous, ever attractive, ever loved, and lovable girl, so sweet and smart so naughty### so intelligent,, so humble ,so caring,all popular women goddess quality can c in one frame i.e ragini …so she is beauty with “PERFECTION ” and she is pure and perfect but had big past but i don’t know wheather she has dream boy or she will get her dream boy let c…Wats Thier story…

Scene 1

Ragini friends::Wow wow ragini u looking so so beautiful yar.
Ragini : ya ya I know I always look beautiful. .?so only all men fall for crave for me ask for me demand for Me bec I. M evergreen everlasting ever fair all time ever pr*stitute lady ha ha ha ha..

Rag friends :k ragini stop stop we know ur made in heaven*****k ragini ma told to u to ready bec today evening u hv one customer..
Ragini: k k i will ready ur telling like I. M new to dis field don’t worry to complete 23 customer shortly I will celebrate my silver jubli k k(friends for ragini dis is 24th customer so dis ia usuall invitation for her)
Rag friends :k ragini now v hv customers so v hv to go and ma told she has to speak something so go and talk to her now bye ragini…
Ragini :bye tc
Ragini friends : bye..

Scene 2

A big house house not big house a palace where people crave for money not for any human relation actually they didn’t knew it doesn’t need it they r money ambitious they r ambitious only to money others things r zerooo..

Sujata:sanskar Sanskar beta where r u where r u
Here sanskar sleeping in store room sleeping on d floor ( sanskar age 24 very kind hearted humble boy everyone likes sanskar for his lovable friendly character but Thier family treat him has neglected child he doesnt get any love or affectation from their parents they treated him as a slave they r not allowing to do earn money but instead they r blackmailed with emotional parents doesnt give any love but his human heart gives respect to so called parents.even tat dirty dog is so lucky atleast they care for beloved puppies.

Sujata: beta humara chora y ur late get up.
Sanskar :mom what mom tell me
Suji:sanskar laksh is going to office u also go with him and learn some business work now get ready soon.
San : mom
Suji:sanskar I. M saying get ready(sujata sending sending sanskar with laksh to follow him wheather laksh will hand over his property to others without knowing )


Suji ram having dinner laksh is coming downstairs Suji ran to him laksh aram se slowly beta (don’t worry laksh is not pregnant )
Suji:laksh mera beta y u came downstairs
Laksh:chachi I came to drink water
Suji:laksh how many times I told u not call me I. M not ur chachi I. M ur mom so called me mom..
Laksh: k chachi no no sorry mom
Suji:sanskar Sanskar where is sanskar
Sanskar :ji mom
Suji:go and bring water.
Sanskar :mom
Suji: go and bring water sanskar with big eyes ..

sanskar go and bring water and gives to laksh and Suji says sanskar to makes laksh to drinks water with ur hand..
Laksh: mom I will drink mom..
Suji:no laksh

Later he makes laksh to drink water with his hands he feel very bad but also he hide his feelings.
Laksh: k mom bye I hv to go office hv urgent meeting bye mom.
Suji:k beta tc don’t drive d car u give sanskar he will drive don’t forget to wear seat belt then skip ur lunch and snacks after reaching you call me.even if ur in meeting pls call me time to time.
Laksh:mom u always care for me I love u mom u too tc bye mom.

(DIS our laksh maheshweri her parents died in accident he is a millionaire only son of ap dp according to will his parents property goes to laksh maheshweri so sanskar parents behind dis property sanskar doesn’t like it he doesnt need laksh has no parents so he think Suji and ram has his own parents he belive them madly he doesnt know what happening in his back..hv concern about sanskar.but he want 100 percent parents love he can’t sacrifice has he doesnt won’t to loose so called parents he also behave rudely…not every time but sometimes)…
Sanskar:heart is paining their parents didn’t ask one day wheather he eat or not or not even talk with him care..not even speak good words.. i dont know y god has taking my parents love till how much days i has to suffer..?,,,

Precap:billionaire introduction,ragini and meera mom emotional talks…??,

~~~~~~~ends ~~~~~~~

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    in address bar written as part 4.. wonder where the prev part.. hehehe..
    soo.. it’s first about ragsan, rite ? i’ll waiting and read for swasan part (if you write them)
    awesome idea.. continue it Divya….

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