Hi friends ur friend DIVYA AND PRIYA is back..

Scene 1

After thier work sanskar and laksh come to home .just next to him laksh is also coming.Suddently laksh slip and fall down by seeing this sanskar rp and sujatha rush towards him and sujatha rp shows fake care towards laksh?.Then sujatha slaps sanskar? and questions him angrily why u dont hold laksh when he was falling.Sanskar became very sad how is mother slap him for the simple thing☹☹.Then he rush towards his room with full sad and anger?.

Thn screen shifte to swara’s billionere mansion?.Swara is shown having her fav chocolete in living area,thn she hears her phone is ringing.So she run towards her room and saw her dad’s call and she became very happy?.She pick the call and talk to her dad and ask about his health.Thn Shekar tell her about her marraige alliance.Swara became numb?by hearing the word marraige.Then her dad said that l have sent u the top buisness persons image to yr what’s app profile.Thn swara tell what l want to marry.Thn Shekar tell this is the correct time fr marraige choose any one u want l will not force u, l want yr happiness and cut the call.

Then swara was in confused state then she hear that her mobile is beeping then she saw the images which was sent by her dad but she was not satisfy with the photos.At last she saw our hero sanskar’s photo then she became flate by seeing such a handsome guy????.It ❤ at first sight for her.Then she call her dad with very much happy? and tell her dad that she was impress by the guy whoose pic u have sent at last then Shekar checkd and tell that he was rp’s son name is sanskar and he was very humble and handsome?.Then swara with her eagerness ask her dad when is her marraige with sanskar.Then Shekar tell itna jaldi he shaadi ke liye?(so much fast for marraige)with teasing tone.then swara tell dad to stop with full of shyness☺ her face became tomato becoz blush?.then shekar tell tat he was kidding and he will talk to sanskar’s parents about this matter and swara tell ok with full happy?.

Screen shifts to sanskar’s room where he was crying?with full of sadness in his face.. near window he hears someone is calling his name.when he saw it was his bff arnav.He ask him why he has came here then arnav tell that he has came to here to take u to the place where u can forget all ur sorrows then sanskar asks can he forget all his sorrows arnav says yeah! Thn sansker tells that he will come.????

Let c how sanskar forget his sorrows

PRECAP : RAGSAN UNISON! [email protected]@

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  1. Hey dear ur ff is amazing Can u plz tell tge pairs!!!!!!!

  2. Mica

    aaahh swara love at first sight ? ….

  3. Superb episode dear keep rocking……poor Sanky…..hope he soon gets his all happiness……

  4. Mind blowing

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  6. Apurva Desai

    If this rag…………………. San.. Ff I don’t read

  7. waiting for ur ff long time. now only u post it. plz post daily

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