Hi friends ur friend DIVYA is back thank u for lovely comments…
Many ask which r d stories ur hv written so here is d list..

Hey I wrote SHE LEFT ME one shot related to ” MANGAL MUKKI ” concept in fb I got 125 likes so lovely comments due to dis many send me frnd request by appreciating my work but in telly only 12 members like it tats it bec no one accepts reality THEY LIKE ROMANCE LOVE ETC then i wrote for one comedy os next I think to write os it’s name called teenage crush its new concept where a 8th std girl crush with serial actor sanskar WHICH I HEARD IN FM..SO decide to dedicate to my crush joytii…BUT my first os only people didn’t respect my work so I stop to write it..bec if u didn’t respect my work also no prb but pupil SHD GIVE RESPECT to MANGAL MUKKI..SO I feel very bad so i stop to write..later i and my fb frnd samaira decide to write a fiction but first she agree later due to ragsan my first story I’M NOT pr*stitute BUT STILL I HV A PAST SO ONLY I RESPECT U for dis I choose ragini she didn’t agree later she elope by saying I hv school and all then she after some days I came to know she is writing with other friend so I feel very bad I thought to not to talk with her later i forget tat matter now we r friends only friends dis r all my stories I hv many stories in mind next i.m going to write for swalak and ragsan but in prostitution sanskar has 2 heroine so enjoy..then i.m writing My BESTIE SWARA +RAGINI LOVE STORY. .future I will start A GUILT STOLE MY HEART. .

So let’s begin in begin in previousepisode v saw swara d billionaire introduction and where rani changes to ragini and their emotional talks now let’s begin what’s next..

Scene 1

Evening 6.30 Ragini is reading for night session she standing in front of mirror..
Ragini pov
wow I. M so beautiful know c my lips it’s light pinkish..ur eyes ah it’s twinkle sparkling wow my cheek it’s strawberry so soft it glow like red tomoto..then my smile ah Rani mukarji’smile totally I. M chocolate Cadbury delicious so only all will flat for me ha ha ha ha she laugh like she doesn’t hv any sorrow like (but her is full of dirty emotion sorrow grief..which she cannot say which is cannot show in her she hide in her so called HEARTor DIL )
Ragini :k k ragini now u shd strongly prepare for customer..
Suddenly she hear knock at d door her beat start raising with nervously she slowly open door.she saw a man of age 55 is standing she just give a tiny smile hi come in.
He comes in she close d door…
He comes and sit on d bed ragini comes very near coming coming so near he put his hand on her left shoulder ragini just shy while turning her chin..
Men:he turn her face and say can we proceed..

Ragini:c his face with surprise hey u I hv seen somewhere. Somewhere where where ya ur My KIRAN BEDI’S small brother KARAN BEDI rite I KNOW UR very strict obi dent most handsome hunk In police department.. and u show concern for poor if u c any poor u will give ur cloth only rite in other words dhaana shura KARAN UR LIKE MY MAHA BHARAT KARANA born in dis 4G generation.very speed but network prb…I. M so lucky today I. M getting my dream boy KARANA like handsome hunk more than like him. I hope ur age is 25 rite..ragini says without any break not letting him to speak…

Men:hey u mistaken me I m not Karan I. M Kiran age 55..
Ragini:by giving light slap on his cheek Chi Naughty I know ur lieing.ur just 25 sweet vanilla like boy…but i think ur wife gives u complan ur so height like ranvir Singh…
Men :no no she will give me boost..boost is d screat of my energy..
Ragini:wow boost is ur screat of ur energy..do u know ponds white beauty is d screat of my beauty(in mind hungryness is our life)
Men:k can we proceed…?
Ragini :again she comes near and near and say ahaaaaaah
Men:what happen my rasugulla…,??
Ragini : I don’t know my head is paining so much darling..
Men:hey rasugulla apply balm or else come i will massage ur head.
Ragini:wow so sweet of u Karan bedI but after massage i will get feve…..just then she runs to sink she start vomiting vyaaaaaa again she vomits for 3 times she vomits..
Men: wat happen rasugulla
Ragini :suddenly do u hv HIV(AIDS)
Men:no no noways.
Ragini :But I hv HIV +ve
Men:no no I won’t believe u ur lieing
Ragini :ayyo y shd I lie u tat to most handsome hunk Karan bedI most girls heart fav is sharing bed with me it’s my honour rasugulla. .u only c know first I got head ache later fever then vomiting tat to 3 times..dis r d symptoms of HIV .
Rasugulla get shocks omg HIV +ve

Ragini :any ways come we can proceed now i dont won’t to miss dis chance I want to sleep with come rasugulla dis body is full Urs only come don’t waste time come sleep with me..
Men:no no I.m not going to sleep
Ragini :but I know how to make u sleep come let’s enjoy d movement u spend much money ur neglecting dis modern s*xy rasugulla come bedi. .
Men:no no prb u keep dis money I will give more and more money even i wont disturb ur gang take dis watch bracelet chain but pls leave me…

Ragini :no no u shd use me..
Men: without saying anything he open d door and run away ..
Ragini :hey Mr.rasugulla. …then
She laugh whole heartedly ha he he he…(so dis is d prank she used often..actually all girls r used completely but our brilliant ragini use 15 min to handle dis..so only great people say no money without knowledge..if knowledge is their we can earn money but if u don’t hv knowledge ur money will waste bec if we don’t know how to input Def d output will be zero..so knowledge is power…?)but friends everytime dis prank cannot be forwarded once ragini experience a worst situation..


Once ragini ready as usual a rowdy type comes as a customer without fraction he pushed to d bed without saying he comes above her he try to kiss her neck but ragini with force she trying to push him..pls leave me I won’t to half d light he says no prb I love light I want to enjoy each part..and then with force he trying harder and harder to kiss her neck and shoulder by her pleading sound hears by side room in side room her best friend(parineeta)more than tat hear her sound her pleading sound she comes to her door suddenly lights off..

Ragini says darling my route is clear god hears my prayer I will come with lighter u enjoy my each inches..
Rowdy leaves her ragini with heavy breath she slowly opens d door and in instant send parineeta inside..she comes without saying anything she jumps to him cover d sheet and etc etc….

So friends by now u can know ragini is not pr*stitute instead of her her friend is sacrifice her virginity she know everything about ragini and her belief towards so called virginity..her virginity is something precious like a water..so Ragini is pure like water where water purifies impurities…?? Her mind soul body is completely pure like a river ..but a river cannot stay in oneplace it should flow off to make other use of dis precious natural resourse…like wise everyday pari cannot save her her destiny writtens something which change her whole life….???

Friends I hv complete first line of my story I. M not pr*stitute but her past should be revealed for tat our prince angel should give entry so next part is about swasan…? If possible I will update today only still one episode is their to ragsan union…????? Keep waiting then when I reveal ragini past tat d END OF DIS FICTION. ..?

SO FRIENDS PLS Give ur precious comments otherwise I will tel to my milly
My pug she will bite u..more than she bush u..to save from her pls give ur lovely comments..tc friends I will bush uuuuuuu…????

Credit to: Divya shankar

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  2. Tamanna

    Nice…. But this chappy is all about ragini, plz try to write about swasan also…. Update next one soon…

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      Thx for if i add swasan scenes it will be lengthy so I cut d scene..thx for commenting next no updates…??

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  4. amazing
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