I’m Incomplete without U (Chapter 10)

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The episode start with avni coming with car to the hospital
A:(to DD) tmhre sir ready h ..
DD:yes ma’am just a min sir will come Prakash Uncle is completing the formalities..
Shewta, Prakash n Neil comes to avni and DD ..
P: avni puttar are you sure that you are going to live with Neil..
A: Yes Uncle ji I’m 100% sure..
N:papa let it be she is stubborn and she do what she wants to..
Avni stare him in anger ?

Neil goes to avni and says sry jhasi ki rani. (Smiles)
Prakash ask them to leave.
Avni holds Neil’s hand (aae dil h mushkil plays) and make him sit on passenger seat and drive to Neil’s house ?..

At Neil’s room
A: Neil.. I want to say something..

N:yes jhasi ki rani..
A:you will not leave from here without informing me.. ok
N:yes ma’am (and gives a cute smile)
Avni smiles back and think something..
A: wait not just by informing me you will not leave without me anywhere..
N:and you think I’ll follow what you will say..

N:and you think that you will save me.. ?
A: Mr Neil Khanna if you remember I’m being your saviour since we meet at very first time..
Fb starts
Neil was standing near a ox which was tied near the police training center. Neil was waiting for the car and meanwhile he is teasing the ox. Ox was in anger and trying to free himself from the rope. Suddenly Neil’s phn rings and it shows mom..
S: tillu todays car will not comes sorry beta..

N:it’s ok mom..
Shewta cuts the call.. Neil start checking his phn meanwhile the ox manage to free himself from the rope and run towards Neil suddenly Neil turns back and found the ox’s leg in the air which was about to hit his chest but before it could happen he was pulled by someone and fall in a pit..

N:shit man..
Girl:o freak !!
Girl’s hair was on her face she removes the hair and it was avni ..
N: thanks Miss???
A:avni..And your welcome Mr Neil Khanna..

N:(hell shocked in mind) how she know my name..
A: don’t be shocked Mr Neil Khanna it’s written on your batch.. and I used my Lil brain…
N:(in mind) is she a mind reader also??
A:no I’m not I told na I used my brain..
She leaves… Then she turns…
A: vaise Mr Neil Khanna I think you can also use your Lil brain otherwise it will be wasted ?
Neil was angry ? and before he could rply avni leaves..
N: I hate this girl. How rudely she spoke to me… ??

Fb ends
A: so ACP Neil Khanna do it remember it..
N:yes how could I forget it.. how rudely you talked to me..
A:(teasingly) yes I was right you should use your Lil brain..
N: I always use it … N ya without using my brain I’m ACP ?
A:you become smart because of my company..?
N:I was topper of my school and girls like you was crazy behind me but I didn’t pay attention to them..
Neil try to get up and lost his balance..
A: Neil… And holds him… (Aae dil h mushkil plays)
They have an eye lock..

A: can’t you say that I’m want to go somewhere.. Mr perfect I’m here to take care of you. Ok so you can oder me …
N:ok jhasi ki rani… N can you plz pass me my medicine.
A:(gives him his medicine) here it is..
N: thanks..

A:go and sleep ..
N:but avni how will you manage in sofa ..
A: it’s quite difficult but I’ll..
N:you sleep on bed I’ll manage..
A:no need u sleep on the bed you need rest…
A: Neil..

N:I have an idea… Let’s sleep on floor..
They puts the mattress on floor… While putting mattress their hand ✋ come in contact ?..
Then they slept peacefully on the floor…

Precape:riyali engagement announcement ??

Author’s note: hope you enjoyed my writing ? and do comments ?

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