I’m Incomplete without U (Part-1)

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The episode start with
Avni thinking something.. and she fall asleep.
Someone disguise as nurse enters in the corridor of Neil’s ward. Some guards which are appointed had some chat and two of among three leaves..
The lady takes out an injection and inject in the guard’s body..
The guard fall unconscious on the ground..
She opens the door without making any sound..
Avni was sleeping on the couch and Neil was sleeping on the bed…
The lady takes out another injection..
He is about to inject it to Neil..
A: Neill..(and her dream break)
Neil wake up hearing her voice..
N: what happened avni(worriedly)
A: actually that dream..and tell the whole dream..
N: relax lady don.. I’m perfectly fine.. so relax and (avni cuts)
A: you take rest…
Neil try to speak something but avni’s stare make him quite.. he nods in ok and sleeps whereas avni sits besides him..
Next morning
It’s 6 a.m.?
Neil wakes up (he is used to of waking up at 6).. And find avni sitting.
N:gm lady don(smiles)
A:gm(looks little worried)
N: you look worried.. Any problem..
N: you didn’t all sleep whole night ?..
N: but why??
Without answering avni left the ward..
N: avni… Avni…
Neil thinks what happened to her ..
Shewta and Prakash come to hospital..
D: we’ll discharge him today.. plz complete the formalities..
P:ok doctor..
Prakash leave to finish formalities
S: tillu..
N: ji mom
S:plz comes to Khanna mansions na.. it will be easys for me to take cares of you..
N: mom not again.. Plz I’ll manage..
S: but tillu..
N: mom…
Shewta become upset..
Avni and DD come..
S: see na avni puttar he is not listening to me..
N: mom stop complaining..
S: tillu..
Hearing tillu DD and avni smiles
N: mom..(and makes what Wala face)
A: aunty don’t worry… I’m here to solve your problem…
S: how??
A: I’m going to stay with tillu at top tillu’s house ?..
N: what (shocked)??
A: yes tillu..
Neil is about to speak something but shewta so speaks
S: but Neela ji???
Neela comes from back..
Neela: I don’t have any problem shewta ji.. What about you??
S: I’m okz neela ji. But society.. What they will say about avni and Neil’s relations
A:I really don’t care about society.. Neil’s health and safety is my priority right now aunty ji..
Neil’s smiles hearing her (aae dil h mushkil instrumental plays)
A: aunty ji don’t worry I’ll take care of tillu very well..
N: don’t call be that..
A: what (teasingly)
N:tthhaatt word (irritatedly)
A: which word??
N: that tillu..
A: ok tillu (teasingly)..

Precape: avneil cute nok jhok ????

Author’s note: hope you all like my writing and today’s episode.. plz keep commenting and showering your love.. thank you ??

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