I’m Incomplete without U (Chapter 8)

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The episode start with the smiling face of avneil and riyali. Neil was standing near the box then avni then riya and then Ali.
A: riya come I want to talk to you.
Riyali leave from there..
Avneil were standing near the box.
Avni hears something
A:Neil would you hear some beeping sound.
N;yes avni.
A:you check here I’ll check there.
Avni go other side whereas Neil check that area.
Avni comes back to Neil .
A: I Didi found anything. Do you?
Avneil together see that box.
N:we have to make all clear this venue
Avneil gets everyone out of the venue
A: manager sir, will you please check that all the staff and geust are here.
That waiter comes and say ma’am Deepu is not here.
N:ok I’ll check
A:Neil but..
N:avni(and rest he says with his eyes that I’ll be back)
Neil goes inside and start searching for Deepu.
N:deepu… Deepu ….
A suddenly booom …
The venue is in capture of fire ?
Avni and riyali: Neeeeiiiilllll…
Avni rushes to the venue. Everyone tries to stop her but no one has the power to stop her from meeting and saving her hero.
Avni enters the venue… Avni moves ahead.. A pillar which is burning is going to fall on her but suddenly a
Avvnniii… ( It’s none other than Neil’s voice)
Avni moves aside and the pillar fall…
A:Neil..(rushes toward him)
Neil’s head was bleeding and a decorative pillows was on Neil. Avni remove that pillar with some difficulty.
Avni holds Neil’s face and keep it in her lap
Neil smiles.. seeing avni’s concern.
A:Neil (cuts)
N:I’m fine avni .
Avni makes Neil stand and come out .
Neil’s hand and his head has injury.
Ambulance is waiting.. avneil is been to hospital..
Avni informs Khanna family and neela.
Khanna family arrives.
S:(to avni) tillu
A:(consoling her) aunty ji. He is fine. You need not to take tension till I’m with Neil
S:yes beta. I’m relieved as I knows you are with mys tillu.
P:thank you beta ji.
A: Uncle ji. It’s ok… No need to thank me. He is my(stops)
Doctor arrives.
P: doctor shahb. Mera beta..
D:he is fine … It’s little bit weak and injured.. But we need him to keep in observation. So we’ll discharge him tomorrow..
Avni, shewta and Prakash is relieved.
S:puttar you goes home ..
A:ok aunty.. and calls out DD .
DD: ma’am.
A: security should be tight. No one should enter in Neil’s room without proper checking. And the staff who will enter must’ve id card. Ok
DD:yes ma’am..
Shewta see this and smiles seeing avni’s concern for Neil..
Neil’s ward.
N:no mom..
S:but tillu.
N:mom I’ll not come to live with you in your house. I’ll live in mine.
S: but tillu how I’ll take care of yours. You know na bebe is also unwell so I have to be with her..
N:mom I know. But believe me I’ll manage..
S: tillu…
N:mom please..
And leave from there..shewta was lil bit worried sitting on the bench out side the ward of Neil
Avni enters and see shewta worried.
A: aunty is everything ok with Neil na. He is fine (sound worried)
S:he is fine but(and tells whole story)
Avni shaking her head aunty just bura Mt lagaega pr aapka beta na kiske nahi sunta h..
Shewta smiles a bit and say your right beta..but don’t knows what to do??
A: aunty just not to worry I’m here na.. and you go home.. bebe is alone in here with your tillu..
S:ok beta.. and thank you..
A:bete bhi khate h n thank you bhi .. that’s not fair..
Shewta smiles and leave from there..
In Neil’s ward a sound come like something has fallen.
Avni rushes to Neil’s room. The medicine tray was there on the floor..
A: yeh kaise hua..
N: actually I was trying to get that glass of water but..
A:ha tm to ho hi bahut strong. Sb kasm khud hi kr skte ho..
N: ok sorry na and please phle mujhe paani de do then lad lena ..
A: nahi.. take it by your self..
Neil know that she is not going to give him water so he act to cough.. avni gives him water and adjust his bed..
He drinks water and smiles
A: Kya hua? Why are you smiling??
N:how easy is to trick you na..
Avni understand that Neil acted and takes the cushion and hit him..
N:ahh!!I’m injured avni..
A:o really..
They both smiles..
A:ok sleep and yes if you want any thing call me I’m here tonight..and ya don’t try to act extra smart and do your work by your own..
N:ok lady don..
Neil rest and avni sit next to him.. he gazes her (aae dil h mushkil instrumental plays)
Neil fall asleep.. avni think something…

Precape:avni shocking decision..??

Author’s note: hope you liked my writing.. please do comments..?

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  1. Hey plssss do update the next part soon. I am very excited. …

  2. Sweetgirl7

    ayye laddo mujhe samajh aa gaya ki avni kya shocking decesion le rahi hai..coz when she stopped saying na when the doc sequence came,i understood..and i won’t reveal to anyone..please do post soon..

  3. It’s always seem beautiful to read your episode. The way you think to express your concept in storyline which is mind blowing. Avni’s caring concern towards Neil that you show in your episode with a beautiful manner. Your good concept makes a huge impact on reader’s mind. Just carry on with your concept. Good luck???

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