I’m huge fan of twinj. It is my first os I will read all ur fanfictions ,ia etc. After reading them I thought to write a story. Pls forgive me if I have written any mistakes n pls imagine siddanth as kunj it’s a huge request. Enough of my bakbak n my name is dolly??.

A boy is riding a bike he is riding his bike very fastly as he as some important work the boy reaches a clg he is none other than our hero kunj.
now a class is shown where students are njoying suddenly lecturer comes and says
Lecturer : students he is our new student kunj sarna he is new to our city l hope u will accept him as ur frnd.
Lecturer (to kunj ): I hope so u will also feel comfortable n mingle with them.
kunj: thankyou madam.
he goes n sits beside a boy.
boy: hey bro I’m yuvraj luthra u can call me uvu (by forwarding his hand)
Kunj:hii I’m kunj sarna (they shake their hands).
After completing class
all students leave class except kunj n uv n then a voice of a girl comes frm back
girl : hi uv
Both kunj n uvu turns back kunj was mesmerized by seeing
Girl : uv mahi called u n ur nt lifting her phne
Uv: s I was in class so my phne was in silent btw twinkle he is kunj (s she is none other den our cute n sweet twinkle) he is new to our clg
tw:hi I’m twinkle taneja
K: hi I’m kunj sarna
tw : uv mahi (uv’s gf)is waiting fr u
uv: k dear I have to meet her else she will be angry on me bye see u tomorrow
k & tw: bye uv
Tw : k see u tomorrow bye

In clg
Mahi n tw r going den suddenly a boy teases tw first she ignores him bt he den teases her n tries to touch her now her anger was on peak
yes tw beats him n goes frm there mahi tries to stop her by all in vain
mahi goes to uv n kunj
uv :wt happen princess u seems to be worried
mahi narrates whole story to them whole story n they gets worried n trio goes to search from her

kunj was searching fr tw on road as mahi n uv r searching fr her in clg kunj was seeing fr her here n there den his eyes suddenly falls on a girl who is sitting under a tree n crying
Kunj went to her n got shocked as she is tw
Kunj Sat beside tw.
k:tw r u crying
Tw:clears her face n says no
K:dnt lie to me as I can see u. Tell me wt happened.
Tw: nothing
k:u r crying fr clg incident
tw:s … i dnt know what ever had I done is right or wrong in anger I slapped him .
kunj thinks :hw innocent she is

k: no tw wt ever u done was right if any other girl
will be in ur place den she will also do the same
Kunj consoles tw n takes her to clg

uv n mahi are tensed fr tw then tw comes there both hugs her tightly after breaking the hug both started to scold tw
M:tw ye tumne kya kiya aise koi bina bataye chala jata hain kya..
uv :s tw this is not fair ek bar bhi hame batana zarrori nahi samja
tw:I’m so sry
both don’t reply to her n says they are still angry on her
She holds her ears n says I’m sry abtho maaf kar do
By seeing this both melts n says it’s ok
Kunj sees this n smiles
K:fr wt
Uv:fr bringing tw
K:no sry no tq in friendship
all shares a group hug
Now day by day k&tw r becoming closer firstly they became best frnds n started to feel free each other btnever expressed as they thought they will loose their friendship . Both r becomed dependent on each other if one will not come then fr other it is the worsst day.

One day both k &tw went for a walk after sometime tw sawn a ice cream on the otherside of the road
Tw:I want ice cream will u pls bring it fr me
K:okay u wait here I will go n bring it
After buying ice cream when he was crossing the road a truck was cming towards kunj tw got scared n started shouting his name bt kunj did not noticed her
When truck is about to hit him tw went n dragged him a side
Tw :have u gone mad can’t u see the truck behind u
k: I’m sry
Tw:wt sry ah can’t u see n walk after shouting also u r nt listening to me (her anger was on peak )
K:trying to console her bt
Tw :u stupid if dnt have intrest in ur life den atleast think abt ur parents
she is nt at all stopping

By listening to this kunj was on cloud infinity
tw :still nt in her senses she shouts on kunj fr being so careless
tw:it’s k but WHATT
K:s tw I LUV u so much frm core of the heart but never expressed as I have fear of loosing ur frndship. I dnt know hw n when I fell in luv with u btI know only dat I luv u .I have became completely habitual to u without u I can’t imagine my life without u I can’t live without u I love u tw love u soon much . I will love u till my last breathe.
by hearing dis tw have tears in her eyes
Tw :hugged him tightly n said I love u too kunj

By listening to this kunj was full happy after they broke the hug
k:so miss twinkle taneja r u ready to become Mrs twinkle kunj sarna
tw nods her head n shied

Both married eo n lived happily

I hope so I have nt bored u people if I have wrote any mistakes pls forgive me
plss type ur comments whether it is positive or negative

Credit to: Dolly

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