I’m backkkkkk Mr.

Hi KEIRA here sm of u may know me I strt from current track after leap of 4 years and smthmgz I want to clear before ragini ‘s again ap has given her 2 ring one to wear in index finger this ring cvrs her whole index finger and has a chain at the left edge and the chain endz at the right edge of second finger which luccky wore her. And in sucide note ragini haas also write that if she has to choose bw her life and her Lucy she vil choose Lucy and vil lv Lucy after death.and when shekhar met with accident. He was saved and this is their cnvo
S:haa beta
R:u wnt me to move on shekhar nods in yesthen u hv to promise 1 thing that u vil do as I say
Sgekhaar promises her
She first of all u vil frgv swara shekhar tries to speak but ragini says I’m not cmplte yet if u vil not frgv her then I vil always vil live with the guilt that she got broken bcz of me. And she vil live I’m mm and vil be back soon I’m going us fr my studies and SM wrk and if u vil breaak I vil sucide and she starts praising swara how she helped evry1 and she forced hr to go and and,and……

After leap in US
A girl is sad hown wearing jeans and shoulder seleves top but face not shown she talking with manaamger
Manager: mam we vil get 98% profit if our main company vil be in India and I hv dn ur wrk
Girl: gd. Now prepare things we HV to leave fr India tomorrow.
Manamger: OK mam
Hi: gd
Now the girl is seen stoping car near a big mansion. Cmng out of car and saying finally I reached home. And goes 2wrdz her throws her bag on bed and goes in balcony her face is shown she is our ragini
Ragini: tomorrow’s sun vil cm wth destruction fr kavya and Laksh

Ragini entering mm

How was it shud I cntnue

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