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Hi evry1 fr wndrful response may be I vil cut poison track let’s see
Scene 1
Kavya puts a tissue on ragini’s mouth.
Lucy: who’s there
Kavya hides under couch. Ragini gets up and asks wt happened
Lucy: there was sm1
Ragini: no 1 is there she checks time oh God its 1 evry1 vil be sleeping party would be over I hv to call kavya to take laksh at that time kavya escapes
Scene 2

In kavya’s room
Kavya hurriedly cmz in room and hears a knock she composes herself and hurriedly opens the door
Ragini cmz in room and slaps to kavya
Kavya: now wt I did
Ragini: laksh was drinking alcohol and u were busy in praising ur self
Kavya: cuz I know u vil handle him as u lv him
Ragini slaps her again and says I handled him as if I hv leaved him my family respect would hv gone. And lies laksh her on bed and went . ragini peeps through the window to see wts happening inside. kavya cmz on a side of laksh and says ur acting was really gd
Laksh: I know

Kavya: let’s consummate our marriage
Laksh: sure
And kavya cmz on laksh. Ragini unknowingly weeps and wents running her room. Kavya sees and smirks she gets up & follows her. Ragini cmz in rooms and crys in mean time kavya jumps in balcony and sprays alcohol spray in room. after some time ragini goes under the control of alcohol. Kavya cmz and takes signature on papers.

Next morning at4 sm1 cmz and puts chloroform On ragini’s mouth. she becomes unconscious and someone takes her out of the house through balcony .when she opened her eyes she was in dark room.
A shadow comes near her.his face is Shown he is none other than laksh
Ragini:laksh you someone said right nature you can never be changed
Laksh: of course it can never be changed i kidnapped you because your life was at stake
Ragini:how my life is at stake
Laksh: kavya has taken ur sign on papers.

Ragini: wt do u want u should be happy as u got property as wts kavya is urs 2
Laksh: how
Ragini: 2morrow night with a taugnting tune
Laksh: I told u ragini 2morrow night that that alcohol was my 59th time

Property goes on kavya’s name. Ragini cmz home. In believable secert of property.
I vil post another today

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Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. confusion hi confusion h but anyway suberb ff

    1. Confusions vil be solved in upcoming episodes thnkx fr cmnt

  2. plz reveal soon n today’s was not bad

    1. Sure n thnkx

  3. Yes today next part reveal.it with long update

    1. I vil try my best

  4. So laksh doesnot love ragini it was just a plan ?

    1. No he lvz her

  5. very nice …

    1. Thnkx cute girl

  6. Nice

  7. am totally confused

    1. See NXT epi

  8. I am confused, what’s happening? Laksh loves whom?

    1. Wait n watch

  9. Superb dr

  10. Very nice dear

  11. I hope that Ragini throws out this Kavya…i mean kick out. Hope that Laksh and Ragini get together. Please update your next chapter soon. Eagerly waiting.?

  12. Ptevious episodes link plz

  13. the first prt created a confusion…if Kavya has put a tissue in Ragini’s mouth..then how come c is normal n cant realise that?? Laksh too din realise that??..this part was too confusing..and omne mr thing to knnw…Wat is Alcohol spray?? just by spraying this spray nyone cn mk a person alcoholic??!! odrewise the epi was awesum

    1. I really don’t know alchol spray exists or not just imagine it and kavya was going to put tissue on ragini’s mouth

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