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Hi guyz thnkx fr a wndrful response actually I can’t upd8 long but I can try to upd8 twice so plz frgv me. My grandfather’s operation held last week soon…
And 1 more thing lucy is laksh
Scene 1
In party
Ragini cmz to bar and drags laksh to her room as only it was opened. Kavya sees them

Kavya: work done.
Scene 2
In ragini’s room
Ragini: LAKSHHH r u mad y did u drink and closes the door. R u out of ur senses and ur mahan wife she is busy in praising herself. Don’t she has any sense and I can’t sanskar or swara 2 or else kavya vil do smthng
Lucy pins her to a wall:_ do u think its my 1st time no my dear wifey
Ragini: I’m not ur wife kavya is ur wife
Lucy: but u stole my heart. U know wt I hv tried many times to suicide but then I thought with out ur frgvness I vil not die so i its at least my 59th time. Ragini gets surprised and shocked like sm1 is killing. I LV U RAGINIII I LV U. Kavya cmz near their door and listens it
Kavya: 45℅ plan has worked I know ur weakness ragini wait and watch.

Lucy: ragini if u don’t frgv me I vil suicide and takes knife from table
Ragini: laksh leave the knife laksh I said leave the knife plz lalsh I beg u leave it . lalsh makes her stand and says I should beg u fr frgvness and wt r u doing I married that BL**dy kavya betraying u u betrayed ur lvly sis fr me u went against any1 fr me but wt I did its not I should kill myself I know this vil be a short punish but I can’t die everyday sory. Ragini snatches knife from his hand and her finger gets cutted and starts bleeding but she ignored it and said to lucy r u alright r u mad wt were u doing u think that I can frgv u after taking ur life never undrstnd. Othrside kavya was listening evrythng she locks the door and says let lvbirdz enjoy there r many thngz left to be done by me and smirks. And she went.

Laksh: but ur hand is bleeding let me check she jerks her hand and says this pain doesn’t bothers me than the pain u gave ur self fr hurting me.
Ragini: laksh I..ih.I..m I frgv u fr evrythng u did now plz don’t harm ur self plz
Laksh: but so easily I did.. She puts her hand on his mouth and says enough now I should go and starts walking suddenly laksh pulls her back and sits in Indian on floor with ragini in his lap
Ragini: laksh leave me
Laksh: sshhhhh u frgv me na she nods in yes then let’s plat truth or dare
Ragini: no
Laksh:plz and makes a pout face
Ragini: OK OK only 1 time and plz change ur expressions
Laksh:ok now sit please
They sit laksh takes a bottle from table and revolves it.the bottle mouth comes to Ragini.
Ragini sees him with shocking expressions
Laksh:truth or dare
Ragini: truth

Laksh: tell me if you still love me
Ragini:ah..ah ..am nam…yeah (cuz he is drunk so he vil not remember ragini thinks)
Laksh moves closer more closer and then pins her to a wall hardly.
Ragini: laksh what are you doing.he doesn’t response. Laksh I’m asking you what are you doing. laksh watches her lips and kisses her softly she tries to speak buuutttt…he shows all his lv in kiss then ragini 2 takes part. She pushes him a little and suddenly laksh fall on her. She understand he is now not in senses she makes her lie on bed removes his coat socks and shoes. Then tries open door but in vain then undrstndz. Ragini then goes and sleeps on couch without blanket.
Party gets over evry1 gets tired and goes to their room suddenly ragini’s room’s window open and we can see kavya she cmz and put a tissue on ragini’s mouth

Ragini gets kiddnaped,property goes on kavya’s name, a unbelievable ragini’s secret of property, ragini drinks poison

How ff pic, I searched from Google and posted here

Credit to: KEIRA

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  5. Noooooooo,,,,this cant happen….property cant go back to that witch kavya’s name….plzzz change it….let Ragini take her revenge not drink poison….let Ragini take away Kavya and Laksh’s life source and destroy there life. Please Ragini cant fall soo weak…please let her fight back like no other women and win this game. Please Keira its an earnest request from me.

    1. Kavya kavya kavya plz hv Patience see cmng episodes and I also want strong ragini but she vil drink poison I’m not sure but maybe I vil cut poison track let’s see

    2. Guyz hv patience I myself wntd to write another epi but was busy thnkx fr such lvly response

  6. Interesting precap and eagerly waiting for next part

  7. Y Ragini is drinking poison???

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  10. One more if possible..but its a request..please don mk ragini’s character turn so weak dt c drinks poison..nooo..plzz..n yes let laksh suffer a bit more n more..dn love will increase

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