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Hi thnkx fr lvly response here many twists that u can’t believe
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Scene 1

Swaragini gets super hell shocked
Evry1 gets super tensed + shocked can ragini sing a love song

Kavya:plan is succeding I know she vil say and vil cry and if she vil say no then I vil win

Ragini cmz on stage:
Baadloon ki tarah hi to tu ne mujh PE saya Kia hy( raglak reminces when Laksh cleaned blood from her neck when Kaveri attacked her)
Barishoon ki tarah hi tu tuny khoshiyun se bhigaya hy
(both reminces when Laksh asked ragini for again marriage and he hugged her their romantic moments)
Andhiyuoon ki tarah hi to tune hosh ko udaya hy
( both reminces the moments when betrayed ragini and married kavya)
A tear escaped from ragini’s eye left 1
Lucy cmz running to stage arnav throws a mic 2wrdz him
Lucy: mera mukadar swaara hy yun nya swaera Jo laaya hy tu
Ragini looks at Lucy surprisingly
Lucy: there sang hi bitaney hain mujhko mere saare janam re
Ragini:sanam re
Lucy: sanam re (after ragini in low voice)
Ragini: sanam re( sanam re)
Ragini: tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re (karam re)
Karam re( karam re)
Lucy:Tera mujh PE karam hua re
Lucy: sanam re (ragini: sanam re)
Sanam re (sanam re)
Ragini: tu mera Sanam hua re
Karam re (Lucy: karam re)
Karam re (karam re)
Lucy: tera mukh PE karam hua reee
Ragini hunnoounhhuo……(Lucy: mera sanam re meara hua re tera karam re mujh le hua re mera sanam re mera hua tera karam re mujh PE hua reeaee
Suddenly they hear a loud clapping and praising voices

Laksh runs goes to bar and offer drinks kavya is busing in praising her clothes ragini sees him
Laksh drunk ragini has tears in her eyes ragini gets kiddnaped she sees kidnapper and gets shocked
Ragini : any1’s nature can’t be changed
Kiddnaper holds her from shoulder
Kiddnaper: of course it can’t be changed

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  1. I just guess sayad sanskar as he earlier also did it…. BT plz wo na ho

  2. Yeyyyyyy….acha hai….by the way is the kidnapper Laksh?? ND please write a little longer episodes.

  3. Whoa!!!… Thanks Keira for a super epi..i juz loved d song scene..eagerly waitig to see(read) the kidnapping track

  4. very nice but make some long …

  5. Very interesting dear

  6. laksh s d kidnapper……

  7. Who is that

  8. Think u guyz fr such lvly cmntz and u r v.gd at guessing

  9. kavya cud also be??

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