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Scene 1
In evening
Evry1 is scene wearing beautiful dresses(search beautiful short dresses red brown velvet click on images) swara is wearing image 31’s dress suddenly lights go off and light goes on stairs and shows ragini wearing image no 7’s dress with 7 inches high twisted sandal heel with straight hair puff at top with a bacom and red stone eating of course looking gorgeous. Laksh wearing white office shirt black blazer with a dark mairoon jeans and sanskar wearing white tight shirt with mairoon pant and blazer of course looking h*t and dashing(I’m a big fan of him)
Nixa: who turned the light beam on me
Arnav: me
Nixa: how can I frgt only u can do this
Arnav: yes sweetie cutie pie

Sanskar goes and places hand on lucy’s shoulder
Lucy: bhai sweetie cutie pie
Suddenly swara goes and hugs arnav tightly shocking sanlak
Lucy: my God
Sanky: how dare he
Even arnav hugs him back
Sanky: I vil kill him
Arnav: let me take nixa down
Swara: winks sure(its a secret y swara winked)
Nixa: I’m cmng
Arnav: no sweetie
Nixa: no no no no
Arnav picks him in arms and cmz down the stairs he eyes laksh and moves eyes away and takes ragini to stage
Laksh tightens in fist in anger: bhai he is over now he steps forward
Laksh reaches near arnav: vil u plz keep her down

Nixa: y I’m cmng down
Laksh: how and puts a hand on his own waist
Ragini jumps frwrd from arnav arms
Laksh: wow
Arnav: I knew that she vil do sm gymnastics cmng down from stairs that’s y I carried her but wtever nature can’t be changed
Laksh: when did u learned gymnastics
Nixa: when u left me( she said looking straight into his eyes without shedding a tear)
Laksh: ra….gg…rag…ragini(she doesn’t response) ragini(again) ragini
Arnav: cutie he is calling u
Nixa: who
Arnav: laksh
Nixa: oofffooo I thought sm1 calling ragini and ragini died 4 years before I’m nixa
Laksh: nixa I’m sory
Nixa: fr at
Laksh: (confused) wt I did in past

Nixa: wt u did
Laksh: I married kavya betraying u( still confused)
Nixa: u did that with ragini laksh nods and she is dead I’m nixa
And she went
Laksh: smtimes I feel confused due to her
Kavya cmz on stage
Hello evry1 as we all r called by ragini so I want ragini to sing a song which narrates a memorable bad or gd part of her life and a special work she is doing with sm1 and gives him her warning or smthng will u appreciate all guests shouts yes and requests nixa
While all mm and gm members gets tensed
Nixa:( in mind) this kavya wants me to loose and say no to evry1 she eyes kavya and kavya smirks now wait and watch
Kavya: in mind now u vil not accept it and I vil call u a loser
Laksh: in mind I vil kill this kavya God plz frgv me fr marrying her and plz settle evrythng plzzzz
Swara: in mind y this stupid senseless kavya wants evry1 to suffer God help us and give strength to ragini cuz I know she vil not accept it and vil cry
Sanky in mind: God if it was in hand I would hv killed kavya long ago help us ragini plz don’t cry

Nixa: sure kavya so sweet of u
Evry1 gets super hell shocked

Song and ragini crys

Credit to: KEIRA

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