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Scene 1
In Hall

Kavya gets angry and tears the paper into several pieces and throws them into air the papers fall on evry1. Evry1 gets shocked. There was a pin drop silence in Hall fr 2 mins
Lucy: (in low voice) God frgv me fr marrying this witch/kavya
Due to silence it was no tough that his voice can’t reach kavya and ragini’s ears. Ragini unknowingly smiles a little. Kavya fumes listening to it.
Kavya(shouts): RAGINIIII now papers r no more how vil u get the property no 1 can get it it’s impossible to win from kavaya
Ragini: kavya kavya kavya when ragini is here then y this family hv to get afraid from u and first of all I vil clear all ur misunderstandings. I’m cmng after to much time in this company so obviously they vil choose u over me and I knew that karan works fr u that’s y I gave him fake papers bcuz I knew he vil not copy them and this vil happen that’s y. Karan ur fired and no argues GET LOSTTTTT. Original papers r wth me I don’t think that I HV to show another cuz u hv saw that
Kavya fumes in anger
Ragini: kavya clean ur room cuz that vil be my room now. And u and ur respective husband/Laksh should sleep in servents room. And 1 more thing servents r on the leave of 4 months and u vil do all wrk okay or else there’s the door and it’s open 2
Kavya: I vil leave this house

Ragini: OK get lost
Kavya: (in mind)she is letting me gooo. I can’t leave this house 2 I got an idea
Kavya: sory ragini I vil do wtevr u wnt plz frgv me I hv dn v.bad. she goes to ap and asks frgvness
Ragini: plz stop ur drama and clean my room now get lost
Evry1 was hell shocked seeing ragini”s behavior. Laksh weeps silently and curses hiself fr such a change in ragini
Before going to room kavya intentionally puts water on floor when ragini walks she slips In mean time Laksh holds her they hv a painful eyelock ragini can see the pain and lv towardz and burning desire fr her frgvness in his eyes
Laksh cam see the pain hidden lv and revenge fr kavya
Suddenly voice cmz and both cm to sense

Kavya: look swara ur sister has only steeped inside the house and started doing magic on my husband but I know my husband he lvs me he vil never betray me.
Laksh:which lv r u talking about. I HATE U from core of my heart(laksh shouts)
Ragini: sm1 has right that parents always do right fr their children oh stop ragini and yeah kavya whichagic r u talking about water magic evry1 gets confused u throw water and now blaming me gd. I don’t wnt to stood to ur level and slap u but I think Smtimes we hv to do the wrk we don’t want and ragini gives her right 6 slaps across her face . now get lost
OK now u all Go and take rest I hv arranged ur meds and no need to worry. Swara runs hugs her tightly and starts crying

Swara: ragini u met me after so long and not even shedding a tear
Ragini cups swaras face aNd says the persons who hv a stone walled heart doesn’t hv tears she takes evry1’s bLessings
Ragini: today evening I hv planned a party so take rest and 1more thing it’s fr the beginning of kavya’s destruction. No excuses

party n turn

Credit to: KEIRA

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