I’m backkkkkk Mr.(2)

Hi thnkx fr response here we go
Scene 1
At airport
Manager all thingz r ready.
Ragini: gd and hv u called kavya
Manager: yes mam
Rqgini:u take care of evrythng here I vil manage there
Manager: OK mam
The flight takes off and after 1 day it landz in Kolkata airport (I live in Pakistan so I don’t know India much)
There ragini’s frnd arnav cmz
Ragini goes and hugs him tightly
Arnav: so u r back my tigress
Ragini: yes
Arnav: cm I vil drop u home
Ragini: no needs. Did u hv my car.
Arnav: actually shekhar uncle said he vil choose car as u should remember Indian style 2 but I said that I know u vil be tired and I know which car u want from ur car factory
Ragini: u again started I don’t hv a factory I just hv 12 cars. Which 1 u bought
Arnav: the most fast Ferrari long and has no roof ur favourite. Here it is

Scene 2
At mm
Suddenly a fast pink long Ferrari car cmz and turns and all the dust flies
Kavya: mam nixa has cm let’s go Lucy
Laksh: how many times I should tell u not to call me Lucy only bhai can call me he has the right. How can all as animals I’m not cmng
Kavya drags him.
A lady cmz out of car wearing big blue goggles with pink flowery top and mini jacked with mini pants which ends 6 inches above her knees. Jacket and pant is of blue colour
Kavya bcmz shocked and says no no this is not possible this nixa not ragini
Of course its our ragini with a bag of purple colour
Evry1 is hell shocked a grin cmz on ragini’s face
Ragini: hi Mrs kavya laksh
Kavya:(still confused a little) kavya laksh maheshwari
Ragini: plz don’t make a fun of maheshwari name naming it with ur self and after then removes the goggles
Ragini: low voice I’m ragini fr my family but I’m nixa in my business okay
Kavya: u BL**dyyy
Laksh: mind ur tongue kavya
Nixa\ragini: no need to interfere Mr. And 1 more thing ragini died in her sucide attempt I’m nixa okay so call me nixa, nixa mehra the new boss of ur property, this house,even ur clothes r mine
Nixa: totally possible.KARANNN
Karan (personal assistant of nixa): yes mam
Nixa: give me the copy of documents which I gave
Karan: mam sorry I didn’t copy those documents these r original and gives a file to ragini
Karan: sorry mam
Nixa: kavya here take these papers this can who is wrong and who is true
Kavya reads that and gets shocked. Nixa smiles
Kavya gets angry and tears the papers into several pieces leaving evry1 shocked


Guyz nixa is ragini and blast is not bomb blast

How was it plz at least 10 cmntz or else I vil stop

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  1. Awesome….. Update one more part today.. N pls make aarav as ragini’s pair or some new entry.. N wanna see laksh jealousy

  2. It nice try to write at least 2 parts of this ff I wanna know what happens next

  3. Continue it and it a a different story

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  7. Yaiii love you nixa.?✌

    1. ND keira i am giving you a short idea of Kolkata. Its known as the city of joy. It also famous for its rasgolla’s…yummm? ok and there’s dumdum airport over here. There two famous bridges that is Howrah bridge and Vidyasagar Bridge. You will get all sorts of people here and ya at night this city becomes like a sleeping beuty but at day time it changes into a tigress with rage. Hope i could help you by giving you some idea about Kolkata?

      1. Thnk u sooo much kavya thnk u so much

      2. You are most welcomed keira

  8. wow u r pakistan u will watch indian serials it is there in ur tv channel
    but really happy for u continue it is nice

  9. wow u r pakistan u will watch indian serials it is there in ur tv channel
    but really happy for u continue it is nice awesome yaar

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