I’m backkkkkk Mr.(12)


Soooooooooo sory guyz soooooo sory I know u can’t except so easily but plz soooooorrrrrryyyyyy
After office raglak came home. Everything was ready as toni8 was a party. After smtime guests started cmng then after one evry1 was present there except fr ragz then our rags stepped downstairs wearing a simple dark blue dress till her knees brown belt at waist net full seeleves with a bracelet an tops with brown boots which finished 5 inches above her feet.looking simple yet elegant.
She descends steps and arnav cmz and holds her hands and helps her cmng down laksh fumes.arnav then shows sm papers and she hugs him tightly and kisses him on cheek. Laksh tightens his fist snskar sees this and puts hand on his shoulder.then suddenly li8 went off and spot li8 falls on sanky
Bach ke Zara zara shaitaaniyaan mere oh ladies. Oh ladies
Sanky cmz and places a ball near shons feet shona turns but was about to fall
Bach ke zara zara baimaaniyaan meri oh ladies oh ladies
but in meantime sanky holds and winks
Karoon seen a zori seena zori tumhe ho na manzoor
Laksh cm and pulls ragz towards heavy wind blows and ragz loose hair flies
Mere dil ki chori dil chori dil ki choir
Sanskar cm with a heart shape balloon and swara takes it

By mega kasoor
Kya karoon oh ladies
Laksh turns her and pulls her by waist Inorder that her back faces his front

Ohhh kya karoon oh ladies
Sanky pulls shona
Ohh kya karoon oh ladies mein hoon adaat se majboor
3 of couples twirl their patners and
Kya karoon oh ladies mein aadat she majboor
Pulls them
Huzoor huzoor main noon adaat we majboor.
Swara sees kavya and shouts stop evry1 looks at her and then the direction where she is pointing and we can see kavya standing with a smirk.rags smirks back.
Rags: so miss kavya is back
Kavya: I think u have a memory loss I’m kavya laksh maheshwari
Rags: who says but I HV proof of my statement
Kavya: show us ur proof and anyways a big bussissness girl has freed
Rags: ita not us its u me and my family and that girl was me and here’s the proof ur and laksh’s divorce papers
Evry1 gets hell shocked screens freezez fr smtm. Ragz and arnav smirks
Laksh do u remember that 2day morning I told u to sign sm papers.
Laksh : but how did kavya signed
Flash back

In jail karan cmz to kavya and says mam a big businesses girl make u bailed and here r property papers sign them and property vil be again on ur name
Flashback ends
That’s how kavya signed and karan was with me since start.
Kavya’s mouth GOT opened wide a bee goes in and kavya coughs
Laksh runs towards rags lift her in arms and twirls her. Then they listen police horn kavya tries to run but arnav catches her lak leaves rag and police cm to take kavya

Sm others shocks

Guyz I’m writing love starts from crush


Sooooo soooryy guyz I was tooo much busy but whenever i vil get time i vil upd8.i wake at 5 and sleep at 3 u can imagine my situation phir bhi sooorrryy and sunehri sory yaar I couldn’t cmnt and sory to evry1 fr not replying them.I’m 9th standard soooo

Credit to: KEIRA

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