I’m backkkkkk Mr.(11)


Hi evry1 as u were missing it so here we go.
Scene 1
At 5:30 in hall
Evry1 cmz out in sleeping attires. And gets shocked
A girl of 4 and half was talking to a beautiful girl and was wrkng like robots. Suddenly ragini cmz with a hot cup of chocolate drink. She cmz in wearing a little dark blue silk top with a sweet cat on front with a damn blue pants with a high heel of blue looking cute dashing and hot with a tight high ponytail and with bacoom. Tia drink is same tasty. That beautiful girl looks up and smiles
Tia: thnx ragini
Then our ragini goes hugs the little

Rqgz : hi shona
Yes its shona not swara and she’s a kid
Shona: hi ragz
Ragz: my baby how r u?
Shona: I’m fine but ragz SIT STRAIGHT
Rqgz: cmon baby not here
Shona : no evrythng should be perfect straight neat and according to angels
Ragz:cmon my angel

Shona: OK baba and she standz straight now happy
Shona: yep
Suddenly a boy came and took ragz hand he was same age of shona and super dashing. He kissed ragz hand
Ragz puts her hand in his hair messes them
Ragz: hi Mr.flirt
Laksh was fuming with anger as he think that these r ragz childrenschildrens
Ap was on stairs cmng down
Ap: ragini beta who is he and she pointing 2wrdz shona and sanky
Ragz:maha they r..Lucy interrupted
Lucy: they r her kids
Ragz: yeahhh

Lucy gets tearyeyed but hides
Lucy in mind: I thought ragini u r still mine but u r moved on so now I vil not trouble u
Sanskar puts hand on his shoulder
Sanky teasingly: shona look everything has angle I think I should mess it up and they behind eachother mistankenly sanky drop a bottle
Rqgz: tia plz brink my fav sandwich it has been 3 dayz I hv eated it.
Tia smilingly: OK
Ragz to herself: ragini. Yaar sit and enjoy their fight after so many dayz
Evry1 was getting confused and boggled by kidz
Ragz: I know u all r getting confused but it vil solved till evening let’s all hv breakfast and laksh after breakfast cm 2 my room
Laksh gets happy from inside

So our sanky likes evrythng messy like swara and shona likes everything according to angle like sanskar
So during breakfast shona keep setting thingz sanky keeps messing thingz and they keep fighting and evry1 keeps enjoying at their pout faces.
So after breakfast raglak went 2 Ragz room
Scene 2
In ragz room
Ragz enters in room after her lucy enters. And he locks the door. Ragz gets confused.
Ragz: laksh signs These papers
Lucy: wt r these
Ragz: u vil surely get to know on time but when u vil get to know u vil be happy than any1
And laksh signs the papers
Ragz: OK let’s go
Lucy: where

Ragz: office laksh
Laksh: ohkay
Laksh was watching her toooo much intensely his eyes were red due to the pain in his heart now ragz control was she can’t see him in pain now he tried to hide his best but he can’t hide the fact from the1 who knows him better than laksh knows his self .
Lucy sat on chair and
Laksh: ragini u go I bill be there after sm time his voice was breaking cracking and showing the pain he has inside. Ragini moved 2wrdz him caressed his hair
Ragz: wt happened.

Laksh remains silent ragz again repeats but this he pulls her hardly that she sat on his lap with her head resting on his 1 arm and legs on 1 chair’s handle.
Laksh placed his hand on her cheek and said y ragini y did u married sm1 I know I hv done a big mid but don’t kill me like this y did u get married I’m sorry ragini I’m sorry. He was crying bitterly ragini cupped his face anddddd kissed him lucy first got shocked but then recipotated in kiss back that kiss started soft and warm but then became hard hungry and wild. They broke becz of lack of breath then looked straight into each others eyes ragini kissed him all over his face then said smthng which was muted. Laksh got too much shocked and happy. He twirled her and kissed her all over the face and then watched her intensely. Then their lips meet with a warmth kiss but then more passionately than before. They broke the kiss and laksh romanced her neck seductively. And then he gave a peck on her lips she pushed her and runner lucy falled on bed thinking about their romance. With his back facing the bed. And then got up and ran outside. In meantime ragini was going but lucy stopped her. Ragz: wt happened

Lucy: r u going office ragz nodz in yes shall I drop and gvz a naughty grin
Ragini hits him playfully
Ap sees this and signalz evry1 2 see and they smiles all prays fr their happiness.
Ap: let him drop u
Ragz: maaa.
Ap: plz and makes a pout face
Ragz laughs and says OK maa but 1 condition
Ap: wt
Ragz: 2ni8 is a party. Before ap could say anything ragz ran with lucy
Lucy drives car in way ragz kept laughing fr smtime and laksh kept admiring to her ragz sees him and asks him wt happened
Lucy: nothing

Ragz sees a speed car cmng 2wrdz them and shout lucy. Lucy cmz into senses and moves at that time car was going to dash in a tree but ragz applied brake due to sudden brake laksh head bumped in to stayring ( I don’t know the spell) and got injured ragz got worried she cupped his face removed blood through her hands and then opened her bag applied iodine and blowed air and did bandage but laksh was in his world admiring at her. Ragz sees him and gave a peck on his lips and asked him to change seats and she helped him in changing seats laksh kept admiring at her in way and she kept driving and noticed many times that he is admiring at her. Ragini stopped the car and helped laksh got out from there and took him in her office and helped in her personal cabin. All day laksh kept admiring at her and kept working being tensed about accident as it was planed

Kavya back , 3 secrets that super hell shocked evry1

I know guyz u were eagerly waiting fr it specially my bestie kavya. Guys I took three dayz to update in parts and today I submitted.

Guyz in how can be a person like u I’m not taking leap cuz evry1 knows that in leap a person handles her self or himself but I want mm members that ragini moved on without anyleap and i want to show strong she is and sory fr evrythng sudden in that epi. And bestie kavya I know u don’t like kavya in swaragini’s track and in ffs so I vil call u sweetie bestie cities cutie pie…. Till this kavya’s track endz in swaragini

Credit to: KEIRA

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