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at the fashion show in london

james comes out and says thx for all coming and i hope like it….
all the fashion models comes out but at first the main model comes out wearing a dress and everyones takes pictures and claps…… shivam and amit,pretti, and nimmi claps and is fond of the song: money longer
every models comes out and poses and everyone comes out and at last maya poses and comes with james and gives credit…
maya feels dizzy and faints and james holds her….. everyone is shocked and reporters comes to the stage and takes pics and asks james what happened?
j: this is not time for question!!
shivam,nimmi,pretti,and amit comes and says to james to take her to the hospital….

at the hospital
james takes maya inside and the nurses take maya inside and doctor comes and checks maya
the doctor comes out and says mr james obroei u have to be careful and asks do u have the meds that she has been taking for pregnancy?
j: yea….. um preeti give me her bag and searches for the meds and shows the doctor…
d: ok…… mr james these r not pregnancy pills……. but the capsule is right but the pills were switched….
j: what!!!! and looks at amit because of pari
maya wakes up and james comes inside and says we will go home in few baby….
m: is everything ok? u sound mad…….
j: baby it’s nothing dont worry…… u were just weak….
m: ok? looking confused
they all leave and they come home seeing shanti,and riya, and kushalya worried for maya after seeing the news…..and pari looks happy…..
nimmi comes and pulls her and slaps her hard……..tashhhh!!!!
fb….. james tells nimmi,shivam,preeti,amit what pari did…..
maya is shocked and confused…….
m: nimmi…. why did u do that? but can someone actually tell me whats going on? james…….
james picks maya up and takes her to the bedroom and ignores her and says nothing….i will see…..stay in the room i will be back…..
in the hall sarla says hey! why did u do that….. don’t forget ur younger than her
james comes and says get out! u tried to kill my unborn baby
everyones says…..what!
james: pari switched mayas pregnancy pills with stress pills
pari: what proof u have?
j:wht did u say?
nimmi: she said what evidence do we have that she did that….
j: oh….wht proof? the security cam when i was with maya in the bathroom and u switched it here everyone looks at the phone and is shocked and shanti slaps pari…..
maya hears everything and comes down and says what? and says to pari u little byotch u tried to kill my baby what did u think i wil let u stay here never in my life….. james book her ticket by a bus to mumbai
pari: what!! im not going by a bus….
maya: well deal with it!!!!
james takes maya and says to take this meds i got new ones the doc pescribed and picks her up and takes her to the room and in the the bathroom to change….
everyone goes to their respective rooms and shanti keeps giving pari a death glare
in the bathroom
maya is crying and james is seeing this…. james says baby….. i think we should stay in london away from ur family for the baby’s sake
m: i would do anything for the baby but….. james kisses maya and stops her from talking
j: do it for me and the baby’s sake

next morning
pari still did not leave and maya sees this maya is wearing a purple neck dress and purple pump heels
maya pulls pari and drags her to the enterence door and says get out!
pari: maya listen i will do anything plz let me stay here
m: what! never in my life get out and calls the security and throws her luggage outside
james is still mad and tells the security to make sure she doesnt come inside this house
the passport manager comes and says mr james umm the shrivastav family passport has a issue they can’t leave before 9 month of renewal
maya: ok they can stay….. thank god pari left
j: sure they can stay…..but whispers to maya…. wht about sarla and amit
m: most of them can live in the outhouse and come here for dinner,lunch, and brekfeast
everyone says what is a outhouse?
m: its like a guest house in the back
e: ok…..
after 9 months
in the morning…….
riya has a med baby bump and so does maya but huge
maya starts having pain….. james says what happened?
m: the baby is kicking
j: what! let me see
the baby kicks repeatedly but maya is in lots of pain but is happy
riya’s and shivam’s room
shivam is hold riya and laying on the bed
r: it’s already 5 months of pregnancy it was so fast……..
s: yep…..we r doing good in london with maya she is not doing that much hatred
r: maya is almost close to her delivery only in 3 days!!!
s: wait how many months is she?
r: shivam!! 9 months she is having a girl…..
s: we r having a girl
r: no boy!
they keep arguing

in the hallway
nimmi is with a guy named rudra her husband ( yess she got married again)
preeti is with nandu…..nandu changed its a better looking guy
everyones is at the hallway watching a movie
maya starts having pains not kicking labour pains and screams so loud
james wakes up and says what happened baby? the baby’s kicking?
m: oww….no….oww owww…..labour i think im in labour
j: what! and picks up maya and gets in the car and kushualya and shivam….riya….and rahghav comes they r in a suv
kushualya tries to calm maya down but maya is having a hard time breathing and is in a bad pain…… james reaches the hospital and picks up maya and calls for a doc
they roll maya into the pregnancy room and tells james to put this green suit on and come
rahghav says but he is a guy he cant…. and maya is crying
r: nvm go

maya is still crying in pain james is holding mayas hand tightly then the doctors says to push harder
the nurse counts 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9….10 and tells maya to take a deep breath and push again
then everyone hears a baby crying and thats no other than maya’s baby kushualya cries and hugs shanti and raghav
everyone comes into the room after an hour and james is holding the baby and says meet aliya
everyone loves the name but shanti says its a christian name but the mom is indian
maya says im christian because i curcimstineced in the church
shanti: no the baby’s name will be decided by a priset
j&m: what?
m: ur acting like its ur baby….. it’s our baby so don’t and im treating u with respect
everyone says leave it argue later the baby will cry

precap: maya and james comes home and nimmi holds the baby and rudra is shocked seeing james and james fumes and gets angry…..

guys im half christian and half bengali and i see mere angne so…..

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