Next morning
M&J: packs their clothes in a luggage and maya is wearing a black top and sweats jumpsuit with cutouts on the sweats with black velvet heels
James wears black sweats with red t-shirt and red jordans they go down to the hall as nimmi is also ready wearing black jeans with blue wedges and blue tank
They start leaving to shanty sadan with 2 cars one with james driving and one with maya driving and they reach shanty sadan everyone stares around the car that is luxury and james give everyone their plane ticket

Shanti: Plane? I thought we were going by train…..
Maya: why would we go by a train? Ok nvm just get in the cars the plane boards off in 2 hours and 45 min
James car there is preeti,raghav,sarla,nandu and amit,pari in a SUV car
Mayas car is also a SUV there is shanty,kushalya,nimmi,riya,preeti,shivam
Maya plays a loud song LUV by tory lanez
Shivam tells maya to turn down the song but she is busy driving and on her phone
Nimmi: di? Plz turn down the song im having a headache
M:ok…..i have aspirins in the back… shivam can u give it….
Kushalya:shivam is older then u say it with res[pect
M: let me remind u that u r coming bcuz of nimmi….. and I only treat her as family….. and shivam Is not my brother…..ummm riya give my purse from the back and take out the pills in the white container and give it to james we r switching cars ….. im driving his car….
Riya gives the white container to james as soon as he gets inside the car and sees the song on a high volume and everyone annoyed and turns it off
Nimmi and rahghav switch cars nimmi goes with maya and raghav goes with james….
As soon as maya enters the car sarla and pari r shocked and says ur driving?
M: no…. im breaking the car… being sarcastic
Amit: can we go?

M: yea tell ur mum and theif to shut up!!oh I mean pari…. Maya puts loud music and drives the car in very speed 127mph
Everyone in maya’s car r scared especially sarla
James sees her going in a very speed and calls maya
J: Baby….. plz slow down ur pregnant u can get into a accident
They all reach the airport the guy tell james the privte jet is ready we will park ur car in our garage till u come back from London…..
James and maya gives the car keys to the manager and they park and they go inside everyone is shocked and says “PRIVATE JET?”
J&M: why? What happened
Saral and Amit: u own ur own plane?
M&J: obvisly….. they board the plane everyone is shocked how big it and Maya sits in the back and they have a romantic talk
M: baby?
J: yea…. Wht happened
M: remember when u said u don’t act weird when ur drunk…..well see this and she shows the video from last night

James is shocked and maya runs from there as james tries to get her phone and delete the video
Everyone is shocked how they r romancing in front of them and doing shamlesss
Maya bumps into pari and pari spills red wine on her clothes
M: u stupid illiterate fool!! Look wht u have done….. this jumpsuit cost more than ur house and maya starts pressuring stress against her
J: baby cool down….. I will buy the same jumpsuit for u…..
P: jumpsuit? Laughing
M: if u were smart u would know wht it is and the cost
Everyone is shocked and says leave it james said he will buy u the same thing
M: u don’t get it….. and leaves in anger and goes to the bathroom and locks it as james keeps knocking on the door……
J: plz open up….. did u take ur pregnancy pills? Its just a stain
Maya opens the door and says my step mother gave it to me the one who raised me as her own daughter the one who sacraficed her life for me and did everything to give me a good life even if I wasn’t her real daughter……and starts crying
Kaushalya and Shivam hears this and cries
James hugs maya and says forget about that look at the bright side ur becoming a mom u will be doing all this for our child and he or she will respect u like u respect ur mom
Maya: step mom but she is a real mom to me
J: did u take ur pregnancy pills?
M: no……
J: Then take it….in a happy mood and they hug
Maya goes to take her pills and sees her bag opened and a gift inside a gold diamond bracelet with a charm shaped in a heart written M&J…. maya cries and smiles looking at james
Shivam and riya look at each other and says let her be riya says
Shivam told riya wht happened in the bathroom between maya and james
S: I think james is a right guy for maya
R: she is pregnant and she is being cared so much by james we shouldn’t fight about the early pregnancy without getting married….
They r still in the plane and its night
They reach London and they get their cars james goes with maya in their red ferarri and the drivers take 2 black SUV cars to pick the family up and drop them off at james and mayas house in london Maya and /james go alone
James is driving the car and is going speed as the suv drivers r following dem Kaushalya and the shivastav family except for sarla’s family is worried for maya and the baby…..
Then they see maya is driving the car and James is laughing so is maya
They reach the mansion james and maya goes into the house and tells the servents to show their room on the first floor and they go up to their room they change into their swimming clothes maya wears a black bikini and james wears his swimming black short and no shirt bare chest
They go out in their back and gets in the Jacuzzi where james has kept an surprise for maya….. everyone is shocked wht they r wearing
Shanti: oiii keyah wearing ( hey… what r u wearing) I think
M: we r going to the Jacuzzi….. obvi……tomorrow wake up at 7am in the morning for the marriage
J: we r cpming back later……
After 1 hour in the jacuzzi they go back to their room and may calls nimmi and preeti to the ballroom where the dress and etc r down and there is a wedding dress nimmi and peetis memerised and likes it ….

Next morning
Maya is wearing a long white crystaled dress and white velvet heels
James is wearing a black and white suit and is memerised of maya while walking down the entrance her friends and nimmi is her bridesmaid wearing a red long crystaled dress
They get the circumstances done and then they kiss and they leave the wedding is done they go home everyone is tired but james and maya r happy and changes to their clothes
James and maya tells everyone there is a new fashion show and im in it…… it’s the same project that was happening in india has been moved here…….
Shivam,Riya,Preeti,Nimmi,Amit gets backstage passes for the show
Pari says where is my backstage passes?
M: oh u don’t know anything bout fashion….. and there is some guy models that u be hovering around and they r my friends and james friends so….. that’s why u don’t get one……

PRECAP: Maya walks down the ramp with james for the credit and the main model and maya faints and james catches her and tries to wake her up but she is unconsionses….. they take her to the hospital….. reporters come and askes james a lot of question one most question that hurt him “ isn’t she pregnant”? “did the baby….. die”? james is worried…….

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