Pari and Vyom are in jail lockup on James Obreoi order and can’t be released until he tells them to…….
P: Can I make one phone call? I know my rights
Police officer says only one!!!
V: call sharmilla….
P: no!! lets call shanty she will take maya and james to task
V: fine fast
In the hotel room James is worried how will Maya react that she is 2 weeks pregnant…..
Just then shanti and sarla comes to the hotel room and sees james without his shirt and calls him shameless in hindi…
J: what? Since james doesn’t know hindi
Sarla And Shanti sees Maya in a bathrobe on the bed and james without his shirt and Maya’s clothes everywhere…..
Sarla asks James why did he put Pari in jail?
James doesn’t understand a word she is saying….. just then Maya wakes up and asks what r they doing here? In half hindi and half english
Maya: James what did the doctor say?
J: I will tell u later and tells her wht Pari and Vyom did
M: those son of a ***** muted out
Shanti tells maya it’s shameless and dangerous to the baby……
James says to his mind thank god I did not do anything….
Sarla and shanti says to maya to bail out pari
J:oh yea and vyom…… only in our words the police will bail them out

Maya goes to the bathroom to change out of the robe and wears a pink short strapless tight dress with a pink choker and pink strap heels…..
James feel uncomfortable with shanti and sarla giving him a death glare maya comes out and james goes inside to change
James wears a black jeans with a white t shirt with white vans
They decide to go and bail out pari and vyom
Nimmi also comes and says maya why did u put Vyom in jail and they tell her wht they did and Nimmi slaps vyom and throws divorce papers at his face
Just then James feels guilty and tells Maya and maya says why did u not tell me in a excited way
James is surprised and picks her up and kisses maya and maya is really happy…… maya says why did u not tell me before?
J: I thought u would think im irresponsibla and all
They tell sharmillia there are many fashion deals and offers for maya so how much for the whole house we will pay double
S: Double? In a shocked way and says deal
They sign papers and leaves
Everyone left except for nimmi and pari, vyom and maya tells them Nimmi is staying with us in this house…. So Vyom and Pari ur bags r outside so BYE!! *****
P&V is shocked and says no that’s not true and J&M shows the paper and tells them they payed double of the price of the house to sharmilli 7.5 million
P&V begging J&M&Nimmi to let them stay but they get the security
They leave
M: Nimmi we have to tell u something……imp…… im pregnant!!
N: di wow! That’s great news but u guys r not married…..
N: CAN……. Our family come?
M: anything for u…..but it’s not in a india style it’s in a church so u guys have to come to London don’t worry james already bought the tickets…..
M: but today bachelor night sooo…..u have to get ready some of my friends r coming do u have any dresses?
N: di u knw they will kill me if they see me in it or see I have it!!

M: so wht? Only u and my friends we might even invite preeti ik u guys don’t share a good sister relation anymore…
J: sorry girls to interrupt but we have to leave tomorrow morning nimmi tell ur family and make sure Maya doesn’t have more that 1 cup of liquor she is pregnant!
M: oh james don’t get any random girl pregnant tonight!! And u could get drunk not stopping u…. it’s funny to see u act so light and funny…
J: I don’t act that different
M: ok….. this time I will record it…..
At night
Maya is wearing a bright red strapless dress with black jewelries and earing and choker and black strap heels….. preeti comes wearing a sari and maya says baby! Nahhh my friends will be here wear my dress

Nimmi is wearing a blue sheer dress with nude pumps
Preeti is wearing a pink sheer dress with pink wedges
All of Maya’s friend comes and Pari comes disguised but Maya knows and decides to insult her…. All maya’s friends are happy and congrats her and says lets go to a bar
M: says club and says I have a imp announcement im pregnanat!
Everyone is so happy and they have 1 taquila shot
Pari sees this and goes to try but then maya says who r u?
Everyone stops dancing the music stop then maya pulls Paris disguise off and everyone calls her a theif and calls the police they arrest pari….
James and his friends hang out and have way too many drinks more than 5 shots and they r drunk and goes to the girls party…..
Just then maya sees james and his friends coming back really drunk they decide to take a video
James doesn’t see anyone and the lights r on and there is a camera at the corner the girls go to the other room and see the footage on the camera
J: friends Maya is so pretty….. I wonder how the baby would look like…… wait I forgot it takes 9 months
Friend1: u look handsome maya looks pretty the baby would look cute then…..wait what were we talking about?
James: my baby I want the baby to come out now
Maya: AWWW he is co cute I wanna get married now!!! Getting teary eyed and says omg im so emotional during prenenacy.
Everyone goes down to scare the boys but james acts like he is proposing maya to one of his friends
James and Maya kisses each other
Preeti feels bad for herself she got married to nandu a peon
Nimmi gets sad after vyom cheats on her
Just then the baby kicks and maya feels it…. She tell james and keeps his hand on her tummy…
They all are drunk except for preeti and nimmi and obvi maya and they sleep

PRECAP:In the morning they pack their bags and even niimmi’s family all agrees to go even pari and amit is coming wht will happen next……..

Credit to: maya ross

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