” I’m Always With YOU… ” An OS by Moon…

The dark clouds crowded over each other just to see how black the day can be…. The cold breeze were Volant everywhere…. The leaves were dancing while some were separating from their family as it’s autumn… and there, below a large and wide leafed tree of banyan, sat Anika with tearful eyes… but somewhere she was smiling too… her eyes were fixed at the entrance of the court where black men where running for their lives.. a smile crept over her face coz she understood what was going on inside…and soon, she saw Shivaay coming out dragged by the police men… he was wild as ever!!.. Shivaay was roaring struggling to get freed so that he could kill HIM…. The police’s couldn’t hold him for long.. the constables took HIM airily to the jeep….. Anika was so mesmerized by Shivaay’s reaction… how can somebody love this much? Tears of anger were flowing down from Shivaay’s eyes… HE was taken to the central jail with jeep but Shivaay couldn’t control himself seeing HIM going just eat roti and curry… Shivaay ran behind the jeep kicking aside all the police but he couldn’t catch HIM…. Shivaay fell on his kneel crying.. A lone tears escaped from Anika’s eyes…. She stood and sat next to Shivaay… his fist were so tight that his nail stabbed into his palm making blood to ooze badly..

“ Anikaaa..hh… “ Shivaay whispered between his sob… Anika held his shoulder sympathetically but didn’t know how to console him… he took the paper from his pocket and looked the words which was killing him like anything…

“ Anika I’m… I’m sorry! “ Shivaay shut his eyes with regret.. Anika couldn’t handle the view.. she soon hugged Shivaay but Shivaay didn’t reciprocate it… Shivaay felt a hand over his shoulder and arced his face to see Om standing with Gauri.. they sat on their knees with tearful eyes.. Om’s eyes said what he wished to say…Shivaay was dying after each passing seconds.. Gauri’s face had become red due to continuous cry and Om’s eyes were bleary with tears.. Shivaay opened his closed fist to see the ring Anika gave him…

“ the day when you’ll love me, wear it… “

Shivaay wore the ring and kissed it looking down.. Anika understood what Shivaay meant with his actions… A smile rubbed aside all her sadness…. She moved forward and kissed Shivaay forehead lovingly…. Shivaay closed his eyes feeling the cold breeze of Anika.. Nobody talked but their emotions talked more than words…. Anika stood and caressed Om’s hair who was leaning down with sorrows… Shivaay opened his eyes angrily but again went into sorrows.. He didn’t know what he could do.. lot many questions were running over his mind!.. Shivaay stood up and took his car for a drive… Om tried to follow him but Gauri stopped him sensing that Shivaay needed bit space… Shivaay started the car and accelerated it highly but didn’t move… Anika understood why he was waiting.. she opened the door and sat next to Shivaay… the rain finally fell down separating from their clouds and they were killed by the glass of car!.. Shivika sat inside silently listening to the drip of rain drops.. Anika saw Shivaay still at his position.. he rested his head over the wheeler and cried sniffing!.. Anika caressed Shivaay’s hair emotionally.. any of her pacifies could stop Shivaay from his sob… he rubbed his face with enough attitude ,and drove the car as speed as possible..

Shivaay went to those places which were quite special to both Shivika.. the rain was still doing it’s best.. Shivaay  went to the park where Anika proposed him first… Anika didn’t say anything but followed Shivaay…


“ look, it’s been years I’m behind you! If you..you don’t love me then… then I’ll get married to someone else..” Anika said complaining…

“Ok then… go marry someone else…. I don’t care whether you marry or don’t.. “ Shivaay turned opposite to Anika hiding a smirk…

“ how mean!!!.. 5 years, I was following you… wherever you go, I was there and.. and I sacrificed my favorite Aloo puri for you, just bcoz you don’t love it… this is… this’s too much… “ Anika was so angry…

“ look, I didn’t tell you to leave your Favorite stuffs… it was your wish.. and neither I told you to follow me wherever I go… everything was your choice.. “ Shivaay folded his hands hiding a smile..

“ I know you love me… it’s just your attitude and ego which’s stopping you from confessing it.. but let me remind you one thing Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, If I marry, then it will be only with you… I don’t care you’re arrogant and stone minded… but I always love you… “


Shivaay closed his eyes standing on the top of the peak….


“ why don’t you understand Anika, I don’t love you!!…. I JUST don’t… Go from here.. GO!!!.. “ Shivaay shouted at the top of his voice..

“ Shivaay, why are you doing this? Wh..why are you avoiding me? I.. I can’t live without you Shivaay!… please.. I’ll come with you.. “ Anika said with cracked voice..

“ Anika, it’s.. it’s dangerous.. go home!… I don’t want to put you in danger.. “ Shivaay stepped back keeping a distance from her…

“ Shivaay, wherever you go, I’ll be there with you… “


The rain was getting low but Shivaay’s eyes were still raining down… Anika stood next to him gazing the wide sky with dark clouds back grounded… Anika looked Shivaay whose eyes were still fixed straight.. Shivaay walked back in mid, he fell down with trembling legs.. Anika ran to him and helped to get up but she couldn’t….Shivaay took the paper from his pocket and straightened it to read!..


“ Anikaaaa!!!… Anika, open your eyes… Anika please…. No, No, No, No, NoOOh!!… stay with me.. Stay with me..Stay with me… don’t go Anika, please DON’T… I can’t do this.. I can’t do this without you.. AnikaaaAA…… “ Shivaay pulled her more close to his chest shaking her..

“ Shi..vaaah…yy.. aap abhi bhi…hhhh.. bhi mujh..mujhse p….pyaar nehi k..karthe?


Shivaay was hesitant to open the paper… but realizing the fact, he opened it and the first line goes…


Shivaay crimped the paper and threw it away…. He stood up and walked aimlessly and finally reached the lag end of the peak… he felt the cold breeze resulting his hair to dance according.. Anika entwined her fingers with his and stood next to him…

“ wherever you go, I’ll be there with you Shivaay… “

He recollected her words….

“ and wherever you are, I am there… I couldn’t confess my love to you when you were with me!.. Now, I am coming to you Anikaa, where you live… coz you are my life and love.. “ Shivaay said and took his first step forward to death…….


Anika always loved Shivaay but he always pretended to be unnoticed… he hid his love just to make Anika angry… One day Shivaay was troubled and Anika rose to help him as SHE COULDN’T LET HIM GO ALONE… but Shivaay resisted with her opinion… but Anika followed him without his knowledge and she was killed while saving Shivaay…. It was the moment when Anika lost her life while the very moment Shivaay confessed his love!.. the story showcases a fictional Anika who’s still with Shivaay even after her death… Shivaay wanted to kill the murderer of Anika and he was decreed to hung… and finally Shivaay wants to live his rest life with Anika without hiding his love and moves to death..


Hey folks…. Did you all love it? It’s a simple OS.. hope you all loved it..

This was my first attempt on an OS.. do bang on the like boxes and dislikes are also welcome!

Don’t forget to drop our valuable comments…

This is Moonlight_luver bidding a safe and happy farewell…

Take care and have a nice day..


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  1. Prajkta

    Beautiful ❤❤

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Prajktaaa… Thanks a lot for commenting my friend…. Hope you loved the OS… Take care..

  2. Hiiii moon… its luvely n congrats fr u first attempt in os… always u will get my support…

  3. I love the way u describe thing.It was realy a heart touching os.It was painful at the end.The emotions were depictured very well.

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Sukeer!! So happy to see your comment… I never thought that you would read the OS.. I’m so happy to receive your support… Keep loving Buddy…
      Hey Hemaaa…. Glad to know you loved the part…. Yeah, it really was quite emotional… Thank you for all the words my friend… Keep reading my dosth……

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely emotional and pain full update…

  5. Niriha

    Awesome heart touching os dear..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Nikkii!!… Thank you for always commenting to my works dear!.. it really makes me happy!!..
      Hey Nirihaa…. must say, you both are my protein shakes… you guys would always comment on time… that’s a really soft mind.. Thank you my buddies… Take care friends and again Thanks for the comment..
      hope you guys loved it…

  6. beautiful story ????❤❤ I want to request you to please write your stories on wattpad also

  7. Mona_2005

    Mind blowing and superb
    Incredibly emotional
    Keep writing like this and keep bringing smile on our face
    All the best for ur exams
    And it’s ok if you are late as studies come first
    I already had an account and had already written a story , that day some problem was there so couldn’t login
    It’s ok Didi if you don’t post on Wattpad
    ( I read ur reply )
    Love love
    Take care

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Nikitaa… Thank you so much for the comment my dear.. Yaar, I… I don’t wish to post the story on Wattpad.. Nikki, I’m not disheartening you but trust me Nikki, My exams are gonna start, so Wattpad could distract me from my studies.. Forgive me my friend… and again Thank you!!
      Hloo Monaa… Thank YOU for the comment my sis!..
      don’t think I’m repeating the lines but when I text the reply, each of your imaginary faces come front of me… Did I make you smile? that would be the greatest appreciation I ever got!!!…. Thank you Mona..
      Yeah, EXAMS!.. hufff… don’t understand why these exams are made!. Studies do come first! true indeed..
      Oh kk… I understand ( login problem )… and thanks for understanding me sissy..
      you too, take care
      bless you!

  8. ItsmePrabha

    this is way beyond beautiful…emotional hai par bohoth hi meaningful bhi…Do write such OS buddy..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Prabhaaa…. Yaar, I couldn’t reply to your previous reply… I know, I mustn’t say this but sorry buddy.. you are replying using your valuable time and I couldn’t reply…. I know you’ll forgive your friend, won’t you? And thanks a LOT for the comment Prabha… Soon another OS will hit your eyes… Achha, tell me how’s your mother? and your cousin brother who recently was transferred to a Dad!! and our cute little sissy!!.. how’s everyone? you family is my family!.. So tell my regards to them OK? bhool gayi tho ek jhaamp pe divaar pe sattaadenge hum thujhe.. well, I talk with my buddies this way.. hope it’s fine!..
      Take care buddy!

      1. ItsmePrabha

        Arrey yaar buddy..i know you will be busy with your studies so, no problem if you couldn’t reply sometimes..i know you would be reading our comments and that’s far enough for us.. Amma is doing good.. yaa and my cousin bro and his bacchi are super fine.. and they are having so much fun..everyone are awesome over here..hope your family is doing good too…yes buddy in friendship there’s no yours and mine..jo tera hai woh mera hia and joh mera hai woh tera.. so my fam is your’s and vice versa..i already showed your comment to my annayya..hahaha.. even i talk like that with my friends.. they ask for some respect and then i say respect gayi bhaad mein..so it’s super fine..you too take care buddy..

      2. Moonlight_luver

        Hey, I didn’t think that you will read the reply… ok, ok.. am so happy that you read my reply.. Yeah, everyone’s fine here.. Except my Dad… well, he had a heart attack last week.. actually, this is 2nd one… don’t understand why God’s again checking us… Ok, shake it off.. yep, in friendship, everything belongs to each other… Annayya? means brother? ok.. that’s a new word.. Oh, so did they mocked me or something? even I’ve an own brother… Yaar, respect tho hona chahiye… I respect your brother for that open mind…OK! So, say him that, there’s another sister in kerala rather than you…
        Ok buddy… hope our cute little sissy is having fun!..
        Take care buddy..

  9. Ufffff, you pulled the hell out of me…..
    What a fantastic story…. ?????
    I was just holding my tears…
    Just loved it… Go on and I am expecting more from u…..

  10. Very emotional and heart touching OS

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Sheetal… Thanks a lot for all the words my friend… Thank you!!..
      God, did I made you cry? Yaar, thanks for each of the words…
      New works are gaining moderation… keep waiting dear!…
      Hai Shaliniii…..
      Thank you for commenting dear… Yeah, it indeed was emotional!…
      Take care both of you..

  11. That was nice dear.I loved it keep writing
    sorry 4 not commemting on yr ff that too was good
    all the best for ur exams

    1. Moonlight_luver

      HAI Sree…. Thanks a lot for commenting buddy!..
      it’s ok.. even I misses to reply.. keep reading my friend..
      Yaar, don’t remember me about exams.. it’s so damn nightmare….
      and thanks for wishing me.. Take care!!

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