I’m always with u….. Episode 9


Charu comes their but Nithin stops her and says Anju cals u. Nithin comes to see sanju and sanju cries and tries to hurt herself. He stops him and ask y do u try to do this. Sanju cries badly and said I want to meet anju he gets her into car parking and cals anju, informs her about sanju. She rushes to there. Sanju sees anju and hugs her cries badly. Anju gets scared and ask wat hpn? Vishnu comes and said everything anju slaps him and scolds him and said get away right now. But vishnu refused and said how he loves her and ask wat is the reason she avoids him. Sanju loudly said just shut up. All are turns sanju side.

Sanju said u r a womaniser, u r rough, rude, u r a rowdy, u never understand wat I fel I hate u I never loves u get lost. Vishnu gets high temp and tells everything, wat hapn til now, and he nil down and said I love u sanju, I dnt got affection from my mom and dad coz they are no more. When I was 4yrs old they passed away in one car accident. When i see u first time I was followed u and knw everything about u, I saw ur affectionate character so I was felt u with me means I got everything in the world.

Still u dnt get closer to that Akhil coz of y? Akhil is not correct person for u, u told me I’m womaniser but the real fact is Akhil is that. On that day u and Akhil went to temple I and Nithin also on the way to temple for meet u, at the same time we saw Akhil and one girl went to the discotheque. U never believe me see the proof and now Akhil went to meet the same girl at hotel Park avenue room no 369. Anju & Nithin helped me to get u in my life. Arjun comes there and holds Vishnu’s shirt and push him down and beat him badly. Nithin and anju try to stops him. Ashok, Supraja and Charu arrived there and stops him. Anju tels everything to the family.

They admit Vishnu into the hospital and went to the hotel, they get stun to see Akhil with some other girl. Arjun gets angry and pulls him in to Akhil’s home and display the Akhil’s real face into his family and cancel the marriage proposal. Sanju badly affected by the incident and she fel guilty.

Ashok family gets sad. They postpone anju engagement. Sanju ask apology to anju cries badly, she dnt talk with everyone. Weeks rolled on. Vishnu discharge from the hospital. Nithin and family arrived at Ashok’s home. Ashok and arjun greets them and said supraja and charu are went to temple, and cals anju and said prepare tea and snacks for all she nodes and went to kitchen. Vikram said sorry for sanju’s stage, arjun went to cal sanju into sanju room. Sanju refuse to meet them, and arjun say they thinks u as bad so plz come & meet them she nodes and went to washroom. She refresh herself and comes down, at the same time supraja and charu come from temple. They sees and greets them. Sanju also greets them and went to kitchen and take tea for all. Anju and sanju comes out they give tea to all. They speak generally. Anju ask Nithin y do u dnt tel abt Akhil? He said we need proof against him that’s y I dnt tel u and one more thing u knw y vishnu behave like to rude?

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  1. Oh now i am feeling so cool yaar…… sanju engagement got cancelled yeahhhhhhhhh

  2. Hoo sad vishnu. Its get something interesting. Y vishnu did like that plz upload fast plz……

  3. Yeah akki tho aruna ke bareme galat soch raha hoga haina

  4. Hi, nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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