I’m always with u…..Episode 7

Anju cuts Nithin cal. Charu comes and cals sanju, anju opens the door and ask y do u shout like this? Charu said one handsome guy came to our home. he tels wants to meet sanju. Dad talk with him mom make a tea for him. Anju thinks that boy is vishnu. Sanju comes and charu sends her down. Anju gets happy. Anju and charu follows her. There one unknown boy is arrived. Anju gets shocked to see him. Ashok introduce he is Akhil, he is the person who going to get marry our sanju.

Sanju looks him and servers tea and snacks to him. He said hi to her, she replied. Anju stands confused. Ashok intro anju arjun charu to Akhil. Akhil said I’m very straightforward person uncle I like ur daughter. May I talk with her? Ashok thinks and grant the permission. Suddenly Akhil said thanq uncle let’s go sanjana. Sanju looks her parents, they signs go. Anju interfere and said I’m also come with u. Akhil said no to her. Sanju looks her sadly. Akhil get her into the luxury hotel. Sanju gets nervous, Akhil holds her hand suddenly she removes her hand and get two steps back. Akhil sees her and said u r my fiance, y do u behave like this. She replies yes u said right but stil now we are just a know who we are, I have a lot of things to share then only we can take our relationship with next level. He comes closer to her and said I love u. I decided u r my life partner. I love u so much, I love ur attitude, I love ur way of the answer, I love ur homely look. She looks him and smiles. Vishnu sees them and hear their conversation get shocked & stunned with the teardrop eyes. They get into the hotel, spend some time. Sanju mobile was ring,the screen shows anju name and photo she attend her cal and said I’ll be back in 30 mins. They leave the hotel. Akhil drop her in the home, she said thanx and open the car door Akhil holds her and ask do u like me? Will u marry me? She looks his eyes and starts speak anju comes their and open the car door.

Akhil gets irritated and looks anju angrily. Anju also look him angrily. Sanju said bye to him. When she enter the house Ashok asked her do u like him? He is ok for u or otherwise…… Sanju said ok dad. Anju gets shock she follow her and y do u like Akhil and y not vishnu? Sanju turns and ask what did u say? Anju repeat the question. Sanju said Akhil fel my feelings he gave a freedom for my decision and opinion, but he not. Anju try to understand vishnu forcibly hugs me and kiss my hand he never fel wat a felt, u know him just in a week but I know him since of a month and finally he is an womanizer. Anju try to clarify the vishnu side but she doesn’t lesion her. Anju gets angry and close the door angrily.

Vishnu calls anju and said I saw ur sister with someone and tel the ful conversation. Anju said she accept to marry him and….. but vishnu cut the cal and switch off the mobile. Anju gets tensed and cal Nithin and said everything. Nithin said ok I’ll meet vishnu and do one thing tmrw u and sanju come to the temple we will make a meeting and clarifies everything to her ok, she nodes and cut the cal.

Sanju felt something went wrong with her, anju words are repeat into her mind and think y anju was supported him she was slept with that thinking. In the morning anju wakes up and find sanju was not the room. She gets refresh comes down, sees charu & ask about sanju. Charu said she went to temple with Akhil, anju ask wat? Y do u allow her? Supraja said they not went any party they just went to the temple. She starts the car and try to follow them, cals Nithin and inform about sanju and Akhil. Anju reach the temple and see sanju stands their lonely. Sanju smiles to see anju and ask what she is doing here. Anju said nothing and ask abt Akhil. Sanju said she gets an important cal from the office so he dropped me in the temple and went to the office. Anju gets happy and hugs her.

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