I’m always with u…..Episode 6

Nithin said to vishnu tel wat do u think. Vishnu said to her he loves sanju since 8 months. When I was with my uncle’s daughter Aradhana, she sees me at first time. That day Aradhana in drunken stage she proposed to me. I don’t reply to her coz of sanju. Sanju looks like a slam dog. But I was stuck into her eyes. I was fall in love with her at my first sight. Another day I went to theatre, I was sit in the corner sheet one unknown girl sit near to me that day also sanju misunderstood me. I see her in canteen she missed her clutch bag I pick that from shop and try to clear all my misunderstood. But she refused to hear wat I trying to say. And I follow her. In the mall I was trying to say the same thing again & again & again she refused to hear wat I was trying to say. I felt bad then only forcibly hugs her and said Sorry.

Nithin say if I was in the same situation mean really I’ll went another level. Anju said shut up idiot and silently smiles. Anju gives 1 idea to him. Vishnu say ok I’ll meet u at Sunday. Nithin also said the same thing. Anju said ok but plz dnt spoil our plan ok. Boys are nodes.

Anju calls sanju to the ice cream parlour. Sanju says I’ll be in 30 mins and cut her cal. Anju waits for her. She reached the place and get nervous to sit. Anju say hey he is my frnd Nithin. Anju introduce Nithin and gives order. Sanju fell uncomfortable. Nithin causally talk with her and anju tels everything about Nithin. Sanju shocked to hear about their relationship. Sanju ask r u mad? Dad never accept this. Anju casually said u don’t wry I’ll tale care of that. Sanju looks them confusedly. Nithin try to make her comfortable. Sanju keeps distance from him and ask her to shall we move. Anju nodes and they leave. Nithin send off them. Sanju gets confused. When they reached home some persons are waiting for them.

Ashok introduce both of them to the new persons. Supraja takes sanju and makes her to ready. Charu kidding her and help her to get ready. Sanju looks charu and sign her wat? She said they are came for you, they going to fix ur marriage. Anju gets shocked. Sanju also. Sanju ask wat is the need for it now? Supraja explains her its our duty, u both r our precious thing, we want safely bind ur life its the most important part of ur life. So plz come and talk with them. Sanju nodes and follows her. Anju try to stops her but charu gets anju also. Sanju greets all of them. They all are like sanju and said we will come Sunday with our son Akhil. Ashok and supraja gets happy and said its our pleasure. Anju think omg wat’s going on here? Wat to do now? She calls nithin and tels everything. Charu calls anju angrily anju gets tensed. Charu ask abt nithin she looks sanju. Anju tels everything in the tension. Charu laugh and hugs her and said ur choice is good. Anju beat charu & sanju in the pillow. They are get a pillow fight and tiered. Sanju went change her dress. Charu went to take a tea for all. Anju cal nithin and ask wat hpn. Nithin said vishnu dnt pick my cal, when he pick my cal and I’ll cal u ok I love u bye take care. Anju replied me too and cut the call.

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  1. Y sanju is so stressd out. I lyk vishnu nw, luks lyk he realy luvs sanju 😉

  2. What sanju marriage no it cant be happen….

  3. Hi vaishu, nice epi. Good going. .plzzzz continue and post the next episode soon, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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