I’m always with u…..Episode 5

Anju waits in the car vishnu take her like a new born baby. Anju gets tensed and ask him wat hpn to her. He said everything she scolds him badly and warn him. She leave the mall and stops the car and sees sanju and get worried and shower the water on to her face. She gets conscious, holds anju hands and starts crying. Anju calm down her. Sanju gets fears and her hands r shakes. Anju try to convince her at the same time vishnu reach their. Sanju looks him and gets scared. Anju scold him but he tries to talk with sanju. Anju pull down him and starts the car. The reached home. She try to behave like normal. Ashok cals anju. Sanju leaves to their room. She think wat hpn in the lift she cries continuously. She went to bathroom and take a bath and comes out and gets ready. She came down and light the diyas in front of lord ramsetha prays to the god. When anju looks her sadly. Sanju try to forget that thing from her mind so she concentrate on other works.

She spend a time to make a beautiful saree. She fully involved in that work. 2 days rolled. She spend minimum time with family. Anju felt guilty. On that night anju went to sanju’s working room and said sry sanju. Sanju ask for wat anju? Anju silently looks her, sanju show to which saree she worked. Anju looks and said its soo pretty. Sanju ask really? Anju told her really its soo pretty and awesome. Sanju gets happy. Anju ask its for whom? Sanju said r u forgot tmrw our parents 45th weeding anniversary. So I was prepared for mom. Anju gets excited and said how can I forgot this? Anju ask abt dad’s gift? Sanju bring one box from the drawer and gives to anju and signs to open it. Anju open the box see there is a one watch with pearls bracelet. Both r sit and pack the gifts. In the morning all are ready and get down. When ashok comes all are loudly said happy anniversary dad & mom. Ashok and supraja gets happy.

Arjun and charu give their gift and sanju & anju gives their gifts to them. They are finish there breakfast. Ashok & arjun gets ready to went office. Sanju went for her cals. Charu supraja cals anju to temple but she refused. Anju went to the park. She just think abt sanju. When Nithin cals her. Anju runs towards him, hugs him. He said I love you anju. Anju replies me too. Anju ask him wat hpn y do cal me urgently everything alright?

Nithin ask when will u marry me? Anju silently looks him. Nithin told her, my parents are get ready to talk with ur parents, they want to make our marriage as soon as possible. They felt want to see our marriage quickly. Anju said within a month I’ll tel plz try to understand the situation. Nithin said ok. They went to ice cream shop. Nithin ask abt sanju then anju tels everything to him. Anju and Nithin plan meet vishnu. They leave from the ice cream parlour.

Nithin sees sanju and hides. Sanju sees anju and calls her mobile anju looks around she tries to find nithin and picks her cal sanju cross the road and calls behind from anju. Anju try to manage her and realise the situation and said she felt bore so just come to the shop. They leave that place Nithin cals her and say bye to her.
Anju felt very happy. Both are reached their home. Nithin cals her, anju cuts the cal coz all are in the same place. Supraja prepare tea for all. Arjun ask sanju abt her calss and when her course is complete. Sanju replied him within a week and said good. Supraja wear the saree which presented by sanju. Arjun looks her and said mom u r look like very pretty, ashok said wow my Angel u r awesome, anju charu & sanju looks her and tel their comments. Supraja gets shy and smiles. All are loudly say Oooooooooo. Supraja leave that place and Ashok follows her. Anju again gets cal from Nithin, she txt him little bit busy coz all r with me, y wat hpn? Nithin replies day aftr tmrw we will meet vishnu @ 11:30 am in the park. She ask how its possible? Then he said its possible u must come ok. She said ok.

Anju went to her room sanju did some designs on her notebook. Sanju looks anju and ask r u felt bore? She nodes. Sanju give some books and said read this its all are interesting. Anju reads the book and slept. Sanju finish her work and see anju and smiles. Take that book from her hand and switch off the lights. In the mrng as usual process are done. Anju spent her time with charu and the garden.

Next day mrng she went to park to meet Nithin & Vishnu. They are already wait for her. Anju greets him and ask y do u did that? How dare u? Nithin calm down her and start to explain about Vishnu…

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  3. Hi vaishu dear, it’s going really well. Loving this story very much. .keep it up …eagerly waiting for the next episode. ..curious to know about vishnu and sanju…love you loads, take care dear

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