I’m always with u….. Episode 4

Anju and sanju reached the home. Sanju handover the flowers to her mom, and anju meet charu with the excitement. Charu and anju hugs, charu ask about her college last day. Sanju also join with them. Charu anju plan to went to shopping. Sanju said we went the new shopping mall there’s lots of new shops are arrived. Charu said I want to get a permission from ur brother and looks sad. Anju cheer up her and went to got permission from arjun. They all are happy.

Sanju anju & charu are wear the same model dress with unique colors. Supraja said u all are look very pretty and give amount for purchase. Suddenly charu lay down unconsciously. All are get worried and calls arjun. Arjun comes and see her and tells charu look at me. Ashok also came behind to him and make a cal to the doctor. Arjun takes charu into him room and calls her name repeatedly. Anju bring water and shower into charu face. Charu opens her eyes slowly, her eyes are so tired. Sanju bring juice for her. Charu drinks that juice and doctor also come. Doctor checks her and comes out from the room and tells its just normal think dnt wry abt her. She takes a fasting that’s y she fell down, no problem make her to take rest. Arjun comes to him room and ask her to y do u have fasting? Its not well for health. She look at him and lay on to his shoulder and said for u. He looks and his her.

Sanju anju supraja and ashok all are get inside and tease them. Sanju said our program has been cancelled. We all are go some other day, coz its too late. Supraja make a dinner and anju helps her. Sanju calls her and tell ur mobile is ringing. She come to her room and attend the call. Sanju takes dinner for charu to her room. Arjun takes that plate from her and said I’ll take care u may go and take dinner. Sanju smiles and leave that room. Supraja search ashok and sanju said dad was in the garden & I’ll get him. Sanju went to ask him to come for dinner he follows her. Sanju went to her room for anju. Anju refused to take dinner. Sanju ask y wat hpn? Anju tell something that time ashok call them. Then they leave the room. Anju said she is not wel so she refuse the dinner. Ashok & supraja worried and checks her temperature, ashok ask her to may I cal the doctor? She thinks and said dnt wry dad I’m alright. I felt back pain coz of travel. Ashok asked her to take some fruits and 1 cup of milk. She nodes.

Arjun returns the plats to the servant. All are get in to there room. Sanju & Anju in the same room. Sanju ask her to she is everything alright or anything else? Anju said nothing sanju my friend called me for her marriage, I have deep thinking about her that solve. Sanju ask really & looks her doubtfully. Anju causally replied yes sanju okay gud nit. Sanju replied sweet dreams. In the morning anju wakes up and get a bath. Then sanju wakes up said gud mrng to anju. Anju replied happy mrng. Sanju went to bath. Anju get a café for her. Both of them spent such a beautiful time with their childhood memories. Charu comes to their room and cal them for breakfast. They went to finish their breakfast. Sanju gets ready for her class and anju stops her and tels take a leave for today. Coz today Friday u may continue ur classes in Monday onwards. She checks the time its show 10 am, she said okay. What is a plan? They spend a long time in the garden and went to the shopping mall. Anju park the car and enter into the mall. Anju smiles

sanju ask y do u smile now? She signals her as look there. Sanju gets angry and walk fast anju try to stops her but she can’t. She say hi to vishnu sanju bends her hand and scold her. Vishnu smiles and follow them. Sanju and anju went to out of sight. He start to search them. Sanju and anju went the game show shops. They buy the tickets vishnu catch them secretly and enter into the same shop. Vishnu saw anju playing the car race and went their cal her and she looks him angrily. He said hi I’m vishnu I followed ur sister. Anju shocked to hear this and ask him how can u identify myself? Sanju never play the games she just watch how others play the games but u play the games so I identify u and ask her name. She introduced herself. Sanju cals anju mobile, anju ask him to leave and attend the cal and ask where r u sanju? She said I’m in the game shop where u went? Anju smiles and said I got headache so I came out from the game room now I’m in thr cafe shop and ask where r u?

Sanju said I went to buy clothes, clutches & accessories for us ok u will wait in the cafe shop I’ll come. Anju said ok come fast. Sanju cuts the cal and come to the lift and get into the lift. Lift open from another floor she shocked to see vishnu enter into the lift. She try to leave the lift vishnu stand in near of the door. Lift get close and move. Vishnu holds her hand and said plz listen to me. Sanju free her hand from him and try to slaps him. He holds her and kiss her hand. And forcibly hugs her tightly. She fell down unconsciously. He gets scared when her phone rings he attend the cal and tels anju to I’ll take her to the parking area.?…Anju gets confused and waiting for them

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