I’m always with u….. Episode 3


Both the girls are come down. Ashok (father of sanju & anju) come to the home. He looks sanju & anju angrily. He went to refresh and come to the dinning table. Arjun comes and wish him gud evng dad. Stil he is in angry. Sanju arjun supraja and anju looks each other. Arjun ask what hpn dad? Ashok said to him I’m in angry. I’ll talk to u later. Again he asked to him. Anju & sanju tries to get close to him. He gets up and went to sofa. All are follows him. Sanju ask wat hpn dad. He angrily looks and ask u didn’t know y I’m angry?

Anju tells really I dnt knw dad. He said coz of u. Sanju & anju said sry pa. He refuse to accept they apology. Supraja ask wat hpn? What’s going here? Ashok tell to her, I’m in office I got cal from sanju and she said anju is on the way dad, shall we pick up her from the station? And I said okay sanju but I have small meeting I’ll be join with u in within a 20 minutes. Both of u waiting for me at the station. Sanju said okay. I went to station. I was waiting for 2 hrs. When arjun called me then only I know they reached the home. I call her numbers still now no one reply to my call.

Sanju anju & arjun lokks each other& smiles. Sanju & anju hugs him and say sry dad plz… Ashok smiles and ask abt her exams, travels at all. Anju said everything is fine daddy. Then ashok present the gift to both the girls. Anju went her room and pick the gifts and distribute to supraja ashok arjun and she ask where is charu?
(charu arjun’s wife. Her name is charulatha). Arjun said she went to temple & anju handover the gift to arjun. Supraja calls sanju and ask her to bring the flowers from the market. She said k ma I’ll. Anju tells her she also come with her.sanju tells her but we can’t get car to there. Anju said I’m also not like car come we can get the two Wheeler. Both the girls are reach the market. Anju said u may go, I’ll wait here amd come fast. Sanju said okay to her and be careful, anju smiles. Sanju get inside of the market. Anju playing games in her mobile. Somebody calls her, she looks him and thinks, and realised. Anju looks him smiles, vishnu gets happy and said sanju its u I cant believe this. Can u come with me? Just take small cup of coffee. Anju nodes him. He take one rose from the shop and in front of anju he bend and gives a rose to her. She smiles loudly. He gets confused.

He looks her and get shocked to see same as same girl came out from the market. Anju introduced herself as twins of sanju. Sanju looks him and gets shock. She scolds him, and asked to anju r u ok? Anju smiles and said “sanju he is such a romantic romeo. He just think me as u and…” smiles loudly. Vishnu looks sanju and try to speak her. She insult him and hold the flowers and ask anju to move from here right now. Vishnu follows them. Anju said to sanju hey romeo will follows us. Sanju turns and sees him vishnu smiles and said I like u. She turns her face and told anju to just shut up and go fast. Anju nods and smiles…

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  1. Wow nice. As usual proposals. But little bit interesting. Not bad. All the best. Keep writing. Y u changed the title pic?

  2. Alone characters totally into it anju sanju charulatha but Nice story…
    Just keep longer updates dear..

    1. Thanq farah for ur kind support. I’ll try to make more interesting in the story.

  3. Sanju teeki mirchi na ha ha ha hey that poster is in ok bhangaram movie na

    1. S u r right hayathi. Somebody think my story is ff of punarvivah that’s y I was change the title card. I was create a new title card for my story I’ll upload that in upcoming episodes. Thanq so much for ur continues support dr

  4. One of the best movie yaar hey poster was too gud dont change it dr……

    1. K Hayathi. Thanq so much for ur support my dr

  5. Nice epi..waiting for next part..update soon..take care ?..
    R u from Tamil Nadu or Kerala?..
    By the way Nice wallpaper of O Kadhal Kanmani…?

    1. I’m from tamilnadu ma. Trichy

  6. Hi vaishu dear, very nice episode…interesting story…vishnu will get tough time with these identical twin sisters…keep it up..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanq ma

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