I’m always with u….. Episode 2


Arjun tells anjana go and refresh. Daddy will be arrived soon. Anjana going to refreshing and sanjana arrange her things in the cupboard. Anju comes out and pick the dress from cupboard and ask sanju to y u scold that boy in the station? Sanju thinks and refuse to tel. But anju force her. Then sanju start that flashback……

Few months back sanju went to shopping. When she park her car in the underground one boy and girl are sitting in car. That girl filter with that boy. Sanju get tensed and went away from their. And another day sanju went to theatre the same boy came with another girl. That day sanju bring snacks from the canteen she miss her purse. She came to her sheet and watch movie with her frnds and enjoyed. When the movie was end then only sanju search her purse. She went to the canteen and ask about her purse but that manager didn’t give a proper response to her. Then the worker boy said your boy frnd pick ur purse from here. And sanju scold them how dare u gave my purse to unknown person. But that manager harshly behave with her. She starts cry and come to near of her car and schoked to see that boy stand in near of her car with her purse.

Sanju ask her purse but he introduced himself as Vishnu. But she doesn’t like to hear about him. Again she repeat I want my purse and give to me. He said okay Miss.Sanjana. she is shocked to hear her name and see him. He looks her purse and said sorry I was open ur purse and see ur driving licence college id cards at all. She ask him do u have a sense? Do u have a manners? He ask her where I purchase from. Sanju gets shock and take her purse from him hand. He said I’m always keep eyes on with u coz I like u. Sanju said get lost idiot.

Anjana ask then something something with both of u may I right? Sanju said nothing and I hate him. Anjana said hey just relax I just kidding u. Sanju gets sad and anju said sorry. Sanju said y u tel sorry to me. No formalities between us. Supraja (sanju & anju mom) calls both girls.

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  1. Nice. Just interesting

  2. Oho sanju anju nice names

  3. Going well. Keep it up…plzzzz continue

  4. Nice dr 🙂 hoping to read more, . 1 qn, r they identicl twins?

    1. S liya they’re identical twins. Anju & Sanju look like sameto same

  5. Reminds me of Alone starring Bip and KSG

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