I’m always with u…..Episode 10

Anju looks him doubtfully, Nithin signs yes I’m the reason behind that. Yes I told vishnu to behave like that first of all he refuse to did that but forcibly I was pressure him then only he does that. U already told ur sister is too moody, she very deserved that’s y only I said him to did this. I’m sorry I dnt think its affects her alot. Anju said y do u did this stupid thing? He says I felt sanju accept him then. Anju said ok leave that, wat hpn everything alright r anything else, y I ask means u all are suddenly arrived here so only…. Nithin says coz… Sanju ask excuse them and said mom and dad cals u both they smiles and follows her.

Vasupradha signs him to start, Ashok & family looks him confusingly. Vikram tries to starts but nithin stops him and starts, ” uncle I want to say one thing if u and sanju think and then tel ur answer” sanju interferes and said no prblm ur engagement will get dnt wry. Nithin said “that’s not the prblm, plz listen wat I’m saying. I fel sanju engagement also happen in the same day, dnt wry about the bride, bride is my brother. He is not my own brother. He is very good person and such a nice person. His character is better than myself. Take ur own time and tel ur answer”. Sanju and anju are get confused and sees him. Sanju said sry to him & said I need some more time to move on my life, and I loves someone and need time to realize that and I want to expose to that person. He is non other than Vishnu. Yes I gets feeling for him.

All gets shock and stun. Anju gets freized. Nithin loudly smilies and said “I was talking about himself only” and get went out and comes with vishnu. Arjun looks sanju, she walk towards him and ask shall I marry him? Arjun smiles. Vishnu apologies to ashok and family. Arjun comes then guiltily say sorry for that incident, vishnu said I forgot that in that day itself. Anju thanx Nithin, Nithin said thanx is not enough for me, I need something special in sweet with romantically. Anju gets shy. Vishnu gets close to sanju and said I’m sorry sweetie. Sanju said I love you and I’m always with u???. Elders are happy to see their children’s happiness and young couples are very happy with their pairs.?

Happy ending

Thanq all for ur kind support.

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