I’m always there for u ……. by dhar (episode 6)

Hi peeps it’s dhar back with another epi of I’m always there for you

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Recap: om and gauris frndshp……. Svetlana’s entry….. Gauris reaction….. Tej emotional


The heirs of the oberoi clan were waiting for Tejs answer . Tej couldn’t​ speak a word , he was overcome with emotions to say a word
Witnessing tejs plight , gauri started to speak . She was cut in between by om
Om: gauri u don’t say anything, i want to know the truth by him
Tej was compelled to say the truth which he was hiding inside him since 14 yrs , he couldn’t hide it anymore

Tej: janvi do you remember, when shivaay and om were playing in the garden and they were nearly shot by someone, but the bullet didn’t hurt him ……….
Janvi interfered in between and said

It didn’t hurt them because u came in between and took both the bullets on it chest and u slipped into coma for nearly a week , doctors said that only a miracle could save u .
Tej: and miracle did happen , i had my sons to take care of me , i remember what u told me when i was in coma shivomru used to sit beside me everyday and never left me alone
Janvi : but u didn’t respond, only one incident made u come back to us , when these three said that they hate u for not talking to u , u couldn’t bear their hatred towards u
Tej nodded his head

Om : he couldn’t bear our hatered then but now he has a habit to bear our hatered
Gauri : u can’t judge him before u hear the full truth …. She screamed at him
Tej stopped her
Tej : when i came back , i searched for the culprit as they tried to harm my sons . When I was investigating i found out that this woman was behind all the drama . She was the core of all the problems. She knew a secret which was known only to me and our dad . I never told the truth to anyone not even shakti or shivomru as i didn’t want them to bear the weight of that truth , i knew that omkara and rudra will be protected by shivaay , and he would take all the weight on himself and he would end up living a miserable life like me . I didn’t want any of my children to bear the consequences of the mistake that was done by someone else.
Svetlana: tej just stop it , if u say a word more then i will leak that news in media and ur family would have to bear it’s results

To this statement of Svetlana
Shivomrupri shouted no one can blackmail tej Singh oberoi
Tej : she’s been doing this for many many years . Im the great tej Singh oberoi in front of all but no one knows that I’m also a human being who has feelings and emotions. Svetlana u can’t threaten me any more i have gathered up enough proofs against the charges that u were going to put on us . I took me many years but i have done it . I succeeded in knowing her past .
Svetlana knew that her plan was going for a toss , so she started moving out to plan something else to destroy them . She went from there unnoticed by any one as all were busy in tejs revealation .
Tej : dad had told me the truth the day when I joined the company.
Tej started to narrate the incident

A young tej and his father are shown
Their conversation is going on
Tej : Papa u called me , shakti told that u wanted to speak something.
Prithviraj (pr) : yess , actually i wanted to tell u a truth which may hurt our family, I want u to conceal it till u can , the land on which our company is standing belongs to someone else. I had brought it from them but the papers here show that whenever they want they can take our whole money and this deal is done for 4 generations , i think that it’s a fake one but i cant do anything, that’s why i want u to join the business for our family. Know​that u r not interested in buisness but u have to sacrifice ur dreams , i believe that u can take care of our buisness without troubling our family members

I have great hopes from u that u will protect our family from this fake deal . I want u to cancel this deal any how , this secret should not be known by anyone cause if it comes out then we will be bankrupt
Fb ends
Everyone had tears in their eyes , cause tej had sacrificed all his dreams his life , everything for his family
Dadi went towards tej and caressed his cheek
Dadi : forgive me tej , I’m not a good mother , i couldn’t understand ur problems . I knew that my son couldn’t be so stone hearted. I’m sorry tej
She was soooo proud of her son that day that her pride could be seen in her eyes .
Tej had longed to see such a pride in his mother’s eyes
Janvi went towards tej and gave him a tight hug , assuring him that she is always there for him
Janvi and tej longed for each others arms . It had been ages since they hugged each other.
Their love started to shower from their eyes .

Everyone saw a different version of tej Singh oberoi that day .
Shivaay went towards him and gave him a tight hug , he was the favorite of all , he remincide all his moments with his bade Papa . He couldn’t control himself and gave him a tight hug .
Tej hugged him back as he received a hug from his first son after decades
Rudra and prinku went towards them and hugged him . They felt so safe in their father’ s arms . They had longed for such kind of affection from tej . Pinky apologised for her mistakes . Rudra being rudra gave a cute kiss to his father and went towards his room smiling and jumping like a 5 yr old . Tej touched​the region where where he received a peck from his naughtiest son . He smiled and went to his room . He expected om to say something or do something but seeing oms reaction, he felt dejected. He went to gauri and thanked her for the bottom of his heart for giving him back the family he longed for .

They had a chat and tej went to his study as he wanted to spend some time alone
Tej was sitting on his easy chair remisincing all his moments with om .
Om reached his study , he was standing on the door witnessing his father relaxing.
He went in after a battle between his heart and mind , being an artist he listened to his heart
Tej saw his first born looking towards him with love in his eyes . He longed to see a glint of respect in oms eyes and here he was standing in front of him with his eyes showering love for him . Tej saw a thin layer of emotions forming in his son’s eyes .

I’ll stop here , plzz do comment , actually I’m feeling a little dejected due to some family issues. I hope u like this episode

With love
Dhar ?

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