I’m always there for u ……. by dhar (episode 5)

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Let’s rock
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Recap : shivikas date and confession…… Om apologizes to gauri

At night
Om was smiling all to himself and thinking about gauri. He knew that this girl is different from other people.
His pool of thoughts were disturbed by his baby bro rudra
Rudra: o Tu kya soch rha hai ….. Gauri di k bare meh soch rha hai Na , he had a smirk on his face
Om was too lost to notice the smirking rudra he said haaa usi k baare meh soch rha hu
When he knew what he said, he bit his tongue,
But it was too late
Rudra: ohhhhhhh …… Haye Mai toh lut gya , barbad ho gya. Mera ab kya hoga , mera dusra Bhai bhi paraya dhan ho gya
Om laughed at his baby bro s antics
They both heard a knock on the door
Gauri was standing on the door
Gauri: can I come in
Om: yes absolutely, u can come in
Om signalled rudra to go out of the room, at first rudra thought to tease him but he remembered that it’s been a while when om behaved like his old cheerful o so he left without teasing him
After rudra left
Gauri: omkara i know that you have not alleged me intentionally and om i have seen that u regret for ur behaviour so i accept ur frndshp…. So frnds
Om was on the top of the world he nodded his head and smiled
They shook their hands and smiled at each other , their silence told many things.
Their night was spent smiling all to themselves thinking about each other

Next morning
Svetlana entered the mansion and started her old blabbering
At that moment gauri came down,as she saw Svetlana she started breathing heavily
Om and tej noticed it and went towards her and held her hand to support her. One hand to support her as a friend and other as a father figure for her
Svetlana: who are u and why are u both holding her hand
By hearing from svtlana gauris grip on their hands became tight
She slowly left oms hand and hugged tej tightly she started sobbing on his chest while tej was consoling her
Tej : gauri u are the most strongest girl i have ever met , u can’t lose so easily u have to face ur fear
Gauri gathered up all her courage and made herself ready to face Svetlana
Gauri : ms Svetlana do u remember me
Svetlana: no i don’t know u
Gauri : u should remember me, don’t u remember a small girl 6 yr old from Bareilly whose parents were murdered by u
Svetlana: oh so you are gauri kumari sharma right u have come back to take revenge from me
Gauri: I’m not like u , i have not destroyed​two whole families. My family members were killed by u and tej uncles family is living a life which is worst than death. It is because of u that tej uncle is suffering
Tej tried to stop her as he didn’t want the truth to come out
He held her hand
Gauri: not today tej uncle not today, don’t u feel bad when ur mom regrets for have given birth to a son like u at that moment when she should be proud for ur act , ur wife is longingly waiting for ur love which u have never let out and concealed in ur heart ,ur son doesn’t call u a father for a mistake that u didn’t do,he doesn’t call u a father for protecting the family, this pinky aunty thinks that u r behind shivaays property but no one knows that other than u no one cares more for shivaay. Tej uncle u have beard a lot . How can you live, such a life where everybody hates u no one knows about the sacrifices that u have done , u left ur dream for this family… I know that u wanted to become an​artist but for this family u gave up ur dreams ur passion everything and here everyone is alleging u due to this woman
Gauri couldn’t control her tears , she said every problem in ur life is because of me . I’m the reason for ur state , I’m sorry tej uncle I’m very sorry
Tej nodded negatively and started moving from there
But he was stopped by many hands
He turned
He saw om , rudra, shivaay and prinkus hand on his hand . He had tears and he didn’t want to show it to others . But everyone noticed that the great , emotion less tej Singh oberoi had tears

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Dhar ?

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