I’m always there for u ……. by dhar (episode 4)

Hey its dhar back with im always there for u …Sorry for the late update ….. to compensate I’m writing a longer one

Recap: Tej and gauri ‘s convo …… shivaay plans a date for anika

Scene 1
At the parking lot of OM
It’s 7 : 15 pm and he’s still waiting for his lady love to come to him , he was a little frustrated as he’s always on time and anika being anika becomes late , she deliberately comes late as she wants him to wait for her. Anika reaches the parking lot, shivaay was desperately waiting for her but as he saw his anika approaching him in an elegant and beautiful red gown which he had gifted her , he saw his dreams coming true , he was stareing at her . Anika saw shivaay gaze , she was feeling shy as her husband was stareing at her , she snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to bring him out of his own world
Shivaay came out of his dreams and opened the door of his car for anika
They sat and he started driving , the whole journey was passed in silence

They reached their destination
Shivaay blindfolded her
Anika was holding his hand as tightly she could , due to her fear of darkness
She was feeling safe when she held his hand
Shivaay could sense the trust that anika had on him , he promised himself that he would never ever break that trust
He picked her up in his arms though he didn’t know why he did that but he felt to do it so he did it , she never expected such a move from shivaay
She grabbed his collar tightly
He put her down and made her stand properly, he removed her blind fold
She saw a beautiful dinner set up in middle of the beach where there was no one around only she and her love , her shivaay
She was mesmerized

He pulled a chair for her and then seated himself in front of her
Anika broke the silence and said , u did so much of preparations for me ??
Shivaay nodded his head , he said I did not do this for u , I did it for us
You were taking so much of stress these all days , and not taking care of urself there must be someone who takes care of u
Anika : so u accept that u care for me , aapko farak padhta has!!
Shivaay : yes , I do care for u , mujhe farak padhta hai , and do you know why?……
Anika was directly looking into his blue orbs as if she was scanning his soul and searching for an answer
Shivaay: anika I don’t know to twist and turn words like others , I just want to say that Anika I’m madly in love with u and I cant imagine my life without u , if omru are my heart then u r my heartbeat , u r my life line if there is no Anika , then there is no shivaay , without Anika shivaay does not exist. ………… he took a deep breath … Anika
I won’t say that u won’t face challenges, u will but I will b always there for u , I will not say that u will not cry , but when u cry u will find me there to cry with u …… I really LOVE U A LOTT
Anika couldn’t believe her ears she just heard the great shivaay Singh oberoi confessing to her
Anika had tears in her eyes she could hold them back she just let them flow she stood up and gave shivaay a tight hugand kissed him on his cheeks …..
Shivaay : anika I’m waiting for ur answer
Anika : I don’t kiss anyone like that……. I love you too shivaay I can’t live without u
The hug which followed couldn’t be forgotten by both of them
They were happy they had a romantic dance under the moonlight and they made their way back to home … they both sat near the pool side holding hands, talking with each other , they never knew when they slept like that

Scene 2

Om was thinking about the conversation that his father and gauri were indulged in ….. he was confused about the behaviour of his father
Sometimes he was rude and other times when he’s with gauri he’s a totally different personality
With so much of confusion in his head , he decided to confront gauri
He wanted to know about his father , he laughed at his fate ….. he had to ask some other girl about his father , he hoped that Tej would have left the room
He went to gauris room Tej was still there , om decided to at least apologize to her
He knocked, and entered
Tej: now what happend om why have u come here plzz just leave her alone
Om : Mr oberoi, I’m here to apologize to her not to allege her again , gauri I’m very sorry for my behaviour I shouldn’t have alleged u wrongly
Tej saw his old omkara back , he saw glint of that old omkara which was hidden behind this new one
Gauri: its ok for now , but I ‘ll take some time to forgive u completely, after all u tried to point on my character
She smiled a sad smile
Om : take ur own time , if u forgive me , we can be friends … I ‘ll be waiting for u
Om dint know why he said so m but after all he’s om he can’t take all his decisions by mind
He had a smile on his face as he left the room
Tej was overwhelmed to see his old omkara back , he also left for his room

Sorry guys I couldn’t add rumya here but I’ll make a longer one only for rumya next time

I hope u like it …. plzz drop ur comments

With lots of love
Dhar ?

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