I’m always there for u ……. by dhar (episode 3)

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Recap : om accused gauri , he was feeling guilty, shivika moments
Rumya moments

Scene 1

Om is still standing in the middle of the hall . ( i know its a bit filmy but can’t help it?)
He was just thinking about gauri , he had changed and tried to become an arrogant businessman wid no feelings inside him , but still he was an artist by heart and in the deepest corner of his heart he was the same old omkara who took his decisions by heart and not by brain

He started moving towards the room to which Tej took her , he wanted to apologize to her at any cost , he was determined to take an apology from her . Om was going to enter the room , when he saw and heard something which he couldn’t even believe …. Tej Singh oberoi had tears in his eyes,Tej singh oberoi talking to a middle class girl and even sharing his personal things with her, the thought itself was a little weird . He understood that something was definitely fishy …. he decided to spy on them he stood there to listen to their talks

Scene 2
Inside the room
Gauri : Tej uncle , om is the same one na who calls u Mr oberoi instead of papa or dad , how long will u bear those insults . How long will u suffer for the fault which has been never done by u . I will never forgive that lady who spoiled 6 whole lives, how can u stand in front of her wen u know what she is doing to u , I think u should tell them about it , have u ever noticed janvi auntys condition she loves u from the core of her heart and I know that u also love and can’t betray her , then why are u bearing these insults , don’t u feel bad wen ur own son for whom u have sacrificed ur whole life is calling u Mr oberoi instead of papa, the one who should respect u is insulting u and u r bearing it all silently
Tej : gauri u know na that I can’t tell it to them no one in this whole world except u and me know this truth , and om is not at fault he is a very good boy he has been forced to hate me by me . I’m the sole reason for his hatered towards me . I know what sometimes it feels so bad when I ad Mr oberoi from his mouth that I just can’t control it. I want to hug him , tell him that I’m not a bad person and why I’m doing all these things , I feel to cry my heart out butI have no one except u who know my condition, there no shoulder or lap where I can keep my head a relieve my stress I feel so lonely . Guar i its been years since I n janvi sat together , i miss her stoo much ,I miss her lap that was the only place in the whole world which could make me stress free
Tej coundt say anything more , he was at loss of words to express his longing of love from his family
O was standing out ans listening to them , he never saw such helplessness in his father’s face , he could feel that helplessness in his words
Om silently moved away from the place , he wanted to know the reason behind his fathers behaviour
Scene 3

Shivaay was thinking on anikas matter as she used to stay tensed for him , she had become extra conscious about shivaay believing the words of that eunuch
Anika used to stay tensed for shivaay so he thought to make her day , he decided a day out with his lady love, he took a half day Frm work
he called anika
Anika : shivaay, what happend why did u call me at this tym
Shivaay : why, cant I call my wife , do I need some ones permission to talk to my wife
Anika started to blush at this cute compliment from her husband
Shivaay : anika stop blushing
He knew that his lady love was blushing to the core
Anika : how do u know that I’m blushing
Shivaay : I just know it , by the way stay ready till 7 pm I have sent a dress and we will go out for sometime, I will pick u up at 7 , will be waiting for u
Saying this he cancelled his call , he didnt give hr a chance to say some thing , he wanted to make it special for anika
Anika started blushing again , she was surprised witnessing the romantic side of shivaay , the dress had arrived along with a note the note said , ” ” anika whatever u waer u look gorgeous but I want u to wear this for me , I will be waiting for u . Urs shivaay . Anika was eagerly waiting for the for the clock to strike at 7 , she was waiting for her love ……..

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Dhar ?

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