I’m Alive because of You : ISHRA (OS)

Hiiiiii everyone………. I’m rashita…I can’t really believe that I’m writing MY OWN OS..I’m really super excited…..

So let’s quickly jump into my story…

A big multistory shopping complex is seen … A beautiful women in black saree and pink blouse with free hair and enters the mall…she even has sindoor in her maang and magalsutra in her neck..

Girl : now I’ve to buy a special dress for THE SPECIAL OCCASION [ a smile appears on her face ] hmmm…

she goes to a counter and asks something the girl sitting at the counter and she signals to go to the right .. And the girl goes in the direction as directed…

A handsome man in a black suit enters the same mall all the girls in the mall stop for a while and stare at him as he was looking soooo handsome and dashing and they were whispering something that this man is that, this man is this…..

The handsome man doesn’t even look at them… just gives a fake smile and moves in.. he got all this attention daily so he got used to these…. Even he goes in the right direction… He goes to the suits column and selects a blue suit and seeing the suit a smile appears on his lips..
(A hand touches his shoulder who shake him and his beautiful smile fades away.. A girl in white frock with small sleeves and with free hair is seen )

Girl : Raman baby no this is not u… You don’t like blue na then why did u select this????
( yes our handsome man is Raman )

Raman : yeah but…. ( before he could finish )
Girl : Come on Raman I know about u more than anyone right baby ????
Raman : ( nodded his head hesitatingly and gave a fake smile )
Girl : come baby first let us just take a look through the mall then we’ll decide what to and where to buy…
( The girl catches Raman’s hand and drags him )
Raman : If u would have been there it would have nice and I could buy the suit which I like because our both choices are the same… She doesn’t like blue so I shouldn’t buy….where are u my life ishita plz come back I’m not able to live without u… I can’t even try for that plz come back my love …but I know u can’t as u have gone very far away that u can’t come back even ( his eyes by now got drenched in water and he just said these things in his mind so no one could hear except him )
Raman just thinks…..
Raman : how’s this ishita ??
Ishita : Raman even I was about to show u this suit… Yes it’ll perfectly suit u….
( Smile appears on both their lips )
Raman : I knew it…. I knew even u will love this and even this suit matches with the saree which I gifted u yesterday..
Ishita : hmm…. (She blushes)
Raman : what happened my dear shall we go if your blushing program is over..
( She still becomes red )
Ishita : yah let’s go..
Raman : you remembered something or what??
Ishita : let’s go Raman … ( she pulls Raman and still continues to blush )
Raman : ( Raman smiles seeing at her blushing and understands and goes with her )
Fb ends…

Raman : ( inside the trail room ) why ?? Why??? Why did u leave me ishita?? I’m not even able to do which I desire.. I’m forced to do everything which this shagun likes… Plz god I know its not possible but plz plz plz plz give me my ishita back plz god I promise I won’t hurt her ever this time…
( Raman keeps crying and praying inside the trail room )

The women who first came to the mall starts selecting a dress near that trail room in which Raman was there…
Girl : excuse me how much is this ??
Customer boy : mam this is 25,000/- only mam…
Girl : ohh… ( in mind : if Raman would have been here he would have bought it because I liked it…. He never bothers about the price… Don’t know if he’s still continuing this practice…)
Girl : oh thank you..
( she leaves from there without taking the dress )
She passes through THAT TRAIL ROOM and stops and thinks..
Girl : why am I thinking about him now when he broke your trust you’re mad ishita… Stupid just forget it he’s just you’re past now u have two of them who love u one is your …….. (She tells something )
( yes this pretty women is ishita )

She’s still standing in front of the trail room she just turns and starts walking.. Raman comes out … He doesn’t see ishita… Ishita continues to go….
Suddenly she looks back as her purse fell down… She bends down… Raman starts walking towards ishita by looking at his mobile he doesn’t notice her and just stops near her…. Ishita gets up and was about to look at Raman when 2 arms from back catch her around her waist… Ishita turns back … Raman was still standing there now he looks up and sees ishita’s back…
Ishita : you naughty… Mumma got very scared you shouldn’t do that na beta..
( a small girl with soft and white skin is seen in a blue frock is seen )
Small girl : sorry mumma…
Ishita : ohhh so when did my ruhi learn to tell sorry .???
( yes the small girl is our ruhi )
Ruhi : hmm mumma….
(Another girl yells … Ruuuuuhhhhiiiii come here )
Ruhi : mumma my friend is also here I’m going to roam with her … Can I ???
Ishita : accha ok go but come back soon
Ruhi : ok mamma bye… Love u…
(Ruhi kisses ishita on her cheek and runs away)
Meanwhile Raman was seeing and listening their convo and was shocked and was in tears… Ishita felt the presence of raman and turned back… She was hell shocked to see Raman…
Raman : Ishita….
Ishita : Raman….
Both had an eyelock and were lost in each other… Raman slowly moved towards her… He came and put his hands on her shoulders and caught her..he was shocked happy sad angry everything at the same time…..still ishita was just staring him with tears in her eyes…she didn’t move an inch or didn’t even spell a word…
Raman : (happily) ishita.. Ishita .. You’re alive .. Ishita you’re alive… (Smiles happily) and hugs her very tightly…
Ishita doesn’t even move she just stands there with tears….
Raman : ( breaks the hug ) ishita you’re alive… ( he notices sindoor and magalsutra but doesn’t mind it ) if you were alive why did u leave me ishita???

Ishita was speechless…no word was coming out of her mouth…
Raman : ishita I couldn’t live without u ishita … (He was still catching her shoulders )
Ishita : leave me Raman.. (Angrily)
(Raman knew she would react like this)
Raman : I know .. I know you’re angry on me but I’m sorry ishita plz forgive me.. You want to beat me punish me do anything but plz plz plz don’t leave me ishita I’ll die without u…
(Now also ishita didn’t speak a word)
Ruhi came running …
Ruhi : mumma I’m back.. Shall we go ??
(Ishita was facing Raman and ruhi was back of her… She quickly wiped off her tears and signalled Raman not to speak anything…ishita turned back… Raman was still crying..)
Ishita : haan ruhi we’ll go…
Ruhi : mumma who’s this uncle ???
Ishita : He’s… He’s … My friend … Yes childhood friend…
Ruhi : ohh hi uncle I’m ruhi…what’s your name????
(Raman just gave a hesitating look at ruhi and turned his face to ishita…he saw ishita still weeping…he just went away not even looking back…ishita wipes her tears and looks at ruhi)
Ruhi : Mumma were u crying??? And who’s that friend of yours who doesn’t know to respect others…
Ishita : no ruhi…you shouldn’t tell like that
Ruhi : ok mumma … Now tell me why were u crying????
Ishita : no beta… I was not crying…
Ruhi : I know mumma u were crying…your eyes are red like tomato sauce…Now why are lying to me.. Tell the truth mumma..
Ishita : oh so my jaasoos beti back to action…??
Ruhi : don’t divert the topic mumma.. Oh u were crying because u met your childhood friend???
Ishita : hmm yes…now come let’s go…
Both ishru leave the mall..

Ishru reach a big bungalow….
Ruhi runs inside..while ishita collets the shopping bags and goes inside…
She reaches the verandah… She notices abhishek coming and smiles…
Abhishek : ishita..
Ishita : abhi..
Abhi bends down on knees and takes a rose out…ishu smiles..
Abhi : I..I.. Lo..lov…I love u ishita..
Ishita : aww….
Abhi : (smiles)
Ishita : come on man its enough….you had much of practice now..go and propose her..how many days will u do this practice with your sis..??? (Winks at abhishek and smiles)
Abhi : yaar dhi why did u interrupt in between my flow of practice got disturbed…(keeps a pout face)
(Ishita is elder sister of abhishek)
Ishita : aww.. Mera bhai … My bro the ACP abhishek is blushing.. (Ishita teases him )accha…leave it u know I bought a beautiful dress for your dream girl and tell her to wear it on your engagement.. Ok?? Hello where are u lost??? Are u listening to me???
Abhi : what?? Haan yes I’m listening dhi..just thinking that still I didn’t propose her and you’re doing our ENGAGEMENT SHOPPING??? I mean seriously dhi???
Ishita : yah yah and stop this seriously wala word how many times u use it every day??? Is it a mantra (spell) or what??
Abhi : lo..fir shuru ho gayi.. (See..again she started)
Ruhi comes outside to the verandah…
Ruhi : mamu chalo na mujhe ice cream kaani… (Mamu means mother’s brother..) (Let’s go out I want to eat ice cream)
Ishita : ok u guys go meanwhile I’ll make some yummy snacks ready..
Ruhi : yaaaayyyyy…come mamu let’s go..
Abhi : haan bye dhi..
Ruhi : bye mumma..
Ishita : bye bye..
She goes inside..
Ruhi and abhishek go and eat ice cream and ruhi tells about ishita that she was crying in the mall seeing that so called childhood friend.. Abhi thinks he need to talk to her..

Raman reaches bhalla mansion..
Its night 10:30…
Raman was in his room lying on his bed and crying…..
Raman : ishita I’m really sorry.. Plz come back ishita I can’t live without u….now I know that you’re alive now its more difficult for me..plz ishita my life come back…(his phone rings)…he picks the call wiping his tears..
Raman : hello..(in a sad tone)
Caller : hey Raman baby slept ha?? I can’t imagine baby our marriage is the next month….
Raman : (thinking : hah shit this girl will never leave me alone) shagun is this the time to call??? I’m feeling sleepy..
Shagun : oh ok bye gud night luv u baby..
Raman : (without even saying bye he cuts the call and throws his phone away)
(Crying) she only told me that u left the world… But you’re alive and you have moved on so easily ishita… How could you??? How did u forget me?? Our love our marriage is it for nothing??? Can’t believe this….that u..u married someone else and u have your own daughter also.. If u can move on I can also… Shagun will die for me.. I’ll be with her..at least she’s getting her love…(he cries very bitterly)

At ishita’s house…
Ishita was lying on the bed near ruhi and patting her chest and carassing her hair..
Ishita : what should I do ??? Should I tell the truth to Raman??? How will he react?? I’m sorry Raman I’m not understanding what to do…(she too cries very bitterly and sleeps)
(Both sleep in the same position looking at the night sky and both slowly close their eyes thinking about each other)

Next morning…
Raman gets ready but still he’s sad..
He moved to the hall…
Toshi(Raman’s mom) : oo Raman come and have your breakfast ..
Raman : no mom…I..I..I’m having an important meeting today so got to go soon…
Saying this he leaves…
Toshi : It’s weird Raman looks soo tensed I’ll talk to him when he comes back…

Ishita also gets ready but still she’s sad..
Ruhi and abhishek come and …
Ruhi & Abhi : booooowwwwwww….
Ishita : (she got very scared ) ayyyoooo murugan..(oh my god) u people scared me she starts beating abhi..she’s small u also….
Abhi : aaaa…ooouuuccchhh.. Dhi leave me..its hurting…
Ruhi just laughs as ishita runs back of abhi in the room….at last they stop…
Ruhi : mumma I’ve to go to school..mamu plz drop me in the school
Ishita : and yes abhi I’m going out.. I’m having some work.. Ok bye abhi bye ruhi..(she kisses ruhi and takes her hand bag and leaves)
Abhi : (thinking in mind : oh no I couldn’t ask dhi y was she crying?? Leave I’ll ask her afterwards .. He leaves ruhi in her school in his car and goes to meet SOMEONE..)

Raman reaches a big industry..
It was IR INDUSTRIES..(ishra industries)
it was Raman’s office..
He looks at the name and smiles and then go inside this was his daily routine..
He goes to his cabinet and sits in his chair ..He asks his P.A. to come..
She comes in and tells someone has come to meet u …
Raman : (He yells and tells) there are many meetings today I can’t meet anyone just get lost.. (He thinks how he is behaving) sorry actually I was a bit disturbed plz send in who has come..what man how r u shouting…ifshe was there she would have given u nicely.. (A smile appears but fades away)

A lady in saree is seen only her legs are seen…Raman looks up and gets shocked to see her…
Raman : ishita…
He gets up excitedly and comes to her and was about to hug her but he moves back and turns his face away … All his happiness changes to anger…
Raman : you?? Why did u come here??
Ishita : why can’t I come here??
(He again notices her sindoor and magalsutra and turns his face away still angrily)
Ishita : Raman.. I just came here to tell u something…
Raman : and I don’t want to listen so plz go away…
(Raman tries to go back but she catches his hand and he stops)
Ishita : but its really important plz listen to me after that do whatever u want..
(Raman stands and becomes ready to listen to her)
Ishita : Raman I want u to meet my ruhi’s dad..
(Raman becomes hell shocked)
Raman : what ??? No I don’t want to …(thinking in mind : ruhi’s dad means is he her husband??)
Ishita : plz Raman ..
Raman : you can’t force anyone against their wish…(angrily)
Ishita : plz plz plz plz Raman…
Raman : ok (agrees hesitatingly)
(Ishita closes Raman’s eyes and takes him somewhere)
Raman : what are u doing Ishita ?? (He laughs forgetting his anger)
(She reaches some place and stops)
Raman : ishita where r we??
(Ishita slowly opens his eyes)
(Raman gets shocked as he is made to stand in front of a mirror and he realises that he’s in his washroom of his cabin)
Raman : ishita…this ???
Ishita : yes my ravan kumar…
Raman : really ishita ????????????????
(Ishita nods)
Raman hugs ishita verrrrrryyyyyyy tightly and cries very bitterly…ishita hugs her Raman back tightly and she too cries very badly
Raman : (in crying voice he says breaking the hug) really Ishita??? I’m ruhi’s dad??? (Ishita nods) ( Raman again hugs her and cries) I’m soo happy Ishita..
(He remembers something)(breaks the hug and moves back) but Ishita..!!!

(Ishita gets shocked)
Ishita : what happened Raman???
Raman : then…
Ishita : then??????
Raman : then for whom are u putting this sindoor and magalsutra for????
Ishita : (gets angry) for whom u thought??? Oh seeing this only u left me in the mall….????
Raman : (nods looking down)
Ishita : I put this sindoor and magalsutra for my husband???
Raman : (sadly and with anger) yeah I know … (He starts leaving from there..Ishita catches his hand .. Raman looks back confused)
Raman : what ?? What r u doing I’m not your husband to romance in washroom…
Ishita becomes angry and starts leaving…she reaches out side of the washroom and stops…
Raman : (comes out)what happened did I say anything wrong ???
(He becomes angry on Ishita as he thinks Ishita really married someone else and that day)
Ishita : Raman you don’t have your brain..(Raman looks away) I put these things for my ruhi…I’ve to show her that I’m married.. She’s big enough to understand such things….
Raman : What???
Ishita : yes Raman I put these things in the name of my husband and that’s only u and no one can take your place
(Raman’s heart gets filled with lots of happiness and he didn’t know what to do so he lifts ishita and turns around)
Ishita : Raman.. What r u doing?? I’ll fall down … Leave me Raman…
(After some time he puts her down and hugs her and cries … She hugs him back and she also cries)
Raman : I’m sorry Ishita I was wrong.. Sooooooo sorry….Ishita..
Ishita : Raman… (Sobbing)
Raman : you know how these 7 YEARS were for me… Just equal to hell…
Ishita : for me also Raman… Can’t live without u Raman….
Raman : I love u Ishita…
Ishita : (happily crying) love u too my Raman… (Still they were in each others arms they just couldn’t leave each other)
(At last they break the hug)
Raman : but Ishita I don’t understand one thing ….
Ishita : what??
(His phone rings)
Ishita : hmm was just waiting for this..
Raman : (smiles) imp call Ishita …plz..
Ishita : haan ok ok I’m used to it..
(Ishita laughs.. And Raman goes aside to talk )
Ishita : our love na is incomplete without these phone calls..(she laughs)

Meanwhile shagun is driving the car somewhere and a man is sitting beside her…
Man : come on don’t get scared I know about Raman he won’t be angry..
Shagun : are u sure ??? But how do u know Raman u didn’t even see him once..
Man : (bit his lip) hmm….I just expect that …
Shagun : that he won’t be angry ..
Man : right….you are.. (Sigh of relief)
They both reach IR INDUSTRIES and go inside nervously….

Here our Ishita recalls her past…
Fb starts…

Ishu gets ready in a bridal dress….and her face is covered with the ghunghat..
Shagun comes and happily takes her to the mandap…(ishu’s eyes were filled with tears…)
Shagun : (thinking in mind : at last this Ishita is going out my Raman’s life)
(She makes Ishita sit in the mandap beside a man…) The pandit starts chanting the mantras…
Ishita : (thinking in mind : should I do this..no its not right…I’m Raman’s wife.. We’ve been living together for 2 years what should I do.. Yes this is right)
The man takes the magalsutra to tie in Ishita’s neck that time he notices another magalsutra in Ishita’s neck and he gets up….
Man : (shouts) how can u do this.. Our marriage is today and u have already a magalsutra in your neck?????
Ishita opens her ghunghat…and gets up. Ishita : yes because I’m married to someone else and only he’s my husband and we’ve been living together for 2 years…. (All are shocked to hear her and all notice sindoor also in her maang)
Ishita : don’t think that I’m an orphan so I don’t know anything… I’m a literate…and my name is MRS.ISHITA RAMAN BHALLA…. got that…?????
Man : what???? Shagun u told me that she’s a nice girl….but…
Shagun : yeah but…
Ishita : what ???? Shagun u???
The man quickly leaves the mandap….
Ishita runs from there to her room….
Shagun became enormously happy and quickly went aside and made a phone call…

Caller : hello who’s this??
Shagun : I’m… I’m..m..u know…
Caller : oh its u I expected…
Shagun : hmm..so Raman do u know that your wife is getting married??
Raman : what????
Shagun : yes.. In 5 mins..
Raman drops the phone and runs…with great effort he reaches the venue…
The same time Ishita comes out from her room…
Ishita : I’m going back to my Raman to tell him this good news…that..that he’s going to become dad..(she smiles)
Raman Ishita come face to face…
Raman sees that she’s in bridal dress with sindoor in her maang and magalsutra in her neck… Ishita cones running to Raman…Raman pushes her back….and she falls down..
Raman : (shouts) how could u do this ishita???? How could u????
Ishita was shocked and abhi comes and helps her… By now shagun left the mandap because she got scared…
Raman hasn’t seen Abhishek before so he misunderstands Abhi to be Ishita’s husband…
Raman : who r u??? and how dare u marry her????
Ishita tries to explain him that he was her brother but Raman doesn’t listen to her and leaves from the mandap…even Ishita and abhi also leave from there…

Fb ends…

These all things happened before 7 years
{Abhi and shagun knew each other for 3 months but ishita doesn’t know this she just knew abhi loved someone…and shagun doesn’t know abhi is Ishita’s brother and abhi doesn’t know this was all shagun’s plan to separate ishra….
[ Rashita : I know its a bit confusing but I can’t help]
Shagun just lied to Raman that Ishita committed suicide so that she could get her Raman…. And she knew that Ishita wouldn’t return back after all these things so she was happy… Raman told everything to shagun what happened that day…shagun just liked Raman she felt it was love}

At present…
Only shagun first enters inside….
Shagun and Ishita come face to face…
Meanwhile Raman also finishes his call and comes to ishu and now only he notices shagun…
Shagun : Raman… She..Ishita???
Raman : (he knew her reaction will be like this seeing Ishita) yah but tell me one thing shagun u told me that day that my Ishita is no more…
(Ishita was shocked hearing Raman’s words…now only she understood why he was going on asking that day she was alive..)
Shagun : (sobbing) Raman I’m sorry but I lied that day…soo sorry …
Both ishra were shocked to hear her..
Shagun :(crying) I’m soo sorry Raman Ishita I destroyed your love… I..I.. felt this was right that time but Raman I loved u but that was not pure love but that I realized very late … but I’m truly genuinely sorry plz forgive me u both plz..
(Ishra understood that she realized her mistake)
Ishra : its ok…forget it past is past..
Shagun : now I’ve finally met my true love…
Ishra : really?????????
Shagun : baby come in…
Ishra were curiously waiting for that man….
Then ishita was shocked to see that man and straightly went and hugged him..
Raman and shagun both were shocked seeing her reaction…but Raman remembered he was the same man whom he saw with Ishita….
Raman : Ishita he is the same one right who was with u ( angrily )
Ishita : relax Raman he is my brother…I was trying to explain u the same thing that day also but u did not listen to me…
Abhi : yes jiju.. (Sister’s husband) dhi suffered a lot…in your absence…and as your thinking she didn’t marry any one… (Abhi narrates everything)

Raman : (sad face looking at Ishita) I’m really very sorry..I did a very big mistake plz for give me… Ishita : Ramannnnn…….its ok..I forgot everything leave it..now we’ll start a fresh with our ruhi… Raman : hmm…yes….. ( they hug and cry but this time with happy tears)

Shagun : so now everything is sorted out…. Raman this is ACP Abhishek and my one and only love…. (happily) Abhi and Shagun side hugged each other…
Ishita : Abhi so this is the one u loved?????? for whom u had been practising to propose foe one year???
Abhi : yes dhi…
Ishita : stupid you could have told me na that u loved her….
Raman : leave it na Ishita what’s over is over now come on let’s start their wedding preparations….

Shaabhi( shagun & abhi ) : yes let’s go.. ( saying this Shaabhi leave from the cabin )

Raman suddenly hugs Ishita…
Ishita : Raman what happened????
Raman : sorry Ishita I hurted you so badly plz forgive me….I’m soooo sorry….
Ishita : (breaking the hug) its ok Raman past is past leave it…..(Raman hugs her) Raman : Ishita I won’t ever hurt u or leave u and I promise u that…. I can’t live without u my
Ishita….I’M ALIVE ONLY BECAUSE OF U..( Ishita smiles and holds her Raman very tight).
Ishita : yes Raman….I love u……..
Raman : love u too Ishita ……. (Raman kisses Ishita on her forehead and Ishita smiles)

Screen freezes…….both the love birds live happily with their daughter and the story ends here…

Guys his did u all like my OS…its my first one…..I really liked it while writing it……. I had a lot of fun… Please comment below if u like my OS you can comment both negative and positive your welcomed to do so…. Please support me future also…and if I get time I’m planning to start an FF also but I’ll see whether I’m getting attention from u all and then decide….

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    1. Rashita

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  2. Rashita

    Thanks a lot zaira yes I’m a new writer this is my first attempt yes we are frnds but are u the same zaira whom I’m thinking my best friend??????????

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    Thanks nisa….thanks Ishru…thanks arun… Thank you for encouraging me… I’ll try to start a new TS OR SS because I can write only in the holidays…. And mostly can’t write an ff but will try to

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    1. Rashita

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